Tuesday, April 04, 2017

C is for comments

Recently, I wrote a post, fangirling over Coke Studio Pakistan. I'm still in that zone, listening to the songs day and night. The songs just don't leave me. They are in my dreams and in my head and now also in Xena's head because they're always playing in the background. (She knows Afreen Afreen, Uddi Ja and Ala Baali by heart, but gets all shy when I try to record her crooning.)

Though I have created a playlist of my CSP favourites, once in a while, I let the autoplay function surprise me. Sometimes, the surprises are so amazing, I have to look up from my work to see who/what it was, which made that divine sound.

Once in a while, I'll also scroll down to read the comments. The top comments are almost always from an Indian, and the replies to those comments almost always lead to a mini Indo-Pak war in the comments section. Sometimes, the language and words used by both sides leave a very bad taste in the mouth. (I've been to Pakistan and had the loveliest experience there, and I do have a soft spot for the people of Pakistan, so it really bothers me to see any kind of inherent hatred between Indians and Pakistanis for no reason other than just their nationalities.)

However, in the midst of all that hatred, there are many many comments that are witty and heart-warming and sometimes both at once. Last week or so, I started compiling some of my favourite comments to be made into a post, and they just happen to nicely fit today's C post!

Enjoy! (The teesra bhai from Bangladesh really cracked me up!)


I am a indian but i love this song a lot...

You guys are so good all you're songs are amazing. Indians love Coke Studio Pakistan.. Lots of love and friendship from India

This is the reason i can never possibly hate you. Love, India.

m so glad to see all love comments from Indians that's how we should be together


I'm a proud Indian Hindu Brahmin but this master piece has a universal meaning and truth. It is being played in my home every morning after Hanuman Chalisa..,!! 

I am Indian and kattar hindhu but this song have addicted me and I get energy from it

6k unliker must be Honey Singh type listener

very often witnessed comment from indians "' i am indian BUT i love Paki songs / music "' lol as if being an indian u are forbidden to love and respect and praise any thing paki ...

bhai tum india se ho ya pakistan se kisi ko farak ni padhta...music hai...kam se kam isme toh batwara na karo!

pehle Indians phr Bangladeshi phr Brazilians phr Kenya 2 3 saal or rukjao phr Mars se Alliens bhe yaha comment karahe hunge LOL

it's sad to see our people fighting even in the comments of YouTube videos. Let's accept each other for the sake of humanity and make love, not war. :)

Bhai music ko to baksh do ....yahan to india pakistan mat khelo...

Pakistan has more prettier talented chicks than our country :( !!!

haha in Partition Quade Azam was wise, he brought all prettier girls here and Gandhi Jee was kinda simple seedha saadha banda so could not think of that :P

You have aishwarya, Katrina, Deepika, Kareena etc and most Pakistanis are crazy for them! The thing is its ghar ki murghi daal barabar... In Pakistan Mehwish, Momina, Viccaji sisters, the top actresses like Mahira Khan and Ayeza Khan, newcomers like Hania Amir, all female actresses aren't respected or loved as much by their own people as they are by people across the border. So it's like you like our actresses and singers and we like yours 

Take Rahul Gandhi and KRK, give us some of your musicians.

All are yours, bro. No division between brothers. 

only one place where indian and pakistani guys saying love you each other. we should play coke studio in both countries parliaments. it might help.

I'm a grown ass man. But why does this song bring tears to my eyes?

As a pakistani, we've to admit that Indian people are lovely and open minded except few racists, the way they've appreciated the songs and performances of pakistani artists is just unbelievable

India aur pakis tan ki larai Dekhi nahi jati...

Toh mat dekh.

kya kahe rahe ho yaar.....is gaane me ladaaii kaha se aagaii...... zara aqal mandi dikhaao....na ki apni jahaalat

Massive respect and love for the Indian people. 

Love and positive vibes! From India

Love and respect from Pakistan

hey love to India and Pakistan from aapka teesra bhai (bangladesh)

Our PM : Narendra Modi and Pakistan's PM : Nawaz Sharif should hold their bilateral talks in a coke studio. Who knows it might help

damn, you pakistanis got some fuckin talent!! (let's kill the older generations and be friends again already!!) : Indian

I have to say this I love this song even though I don't understand a word 

Divided by borders united by music #Peace #IndoPak

The British destroyed everything.

Coke Studio should replace UN. It has helped Pakistanis and Indians come close to each other, more than United Nation can ever do in it's life span

happy to see us talking so nicely! :D #peace #From_India

tnx brother respect and love from pakistan everybody from both side love each other bcz same tradition same culture just border among us

India + Pakistan = Worlds Strongest Musical Power..!! (And Strongest Cricket team as well)

ONLY PLACE where INDIAN's and PAKISTANI's are sending LOVE to each other.

Play this song (Aafreen Afreen) at the border of Pakistan and India, we will stop fighting for 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

INDIA and PAKISTAN ke jang se pehle CS9 ka Finale dekh lo sab.

lol the amount of love between indians and Pakistanis in the comments section
even if 10% of this love reaches the border it will be enough to create peace of several 100 years :)


Arun said...

No soft spot for Pakistanis with me. But I won't rain on your parade. :)

Charan Deep Singh said...
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Charan Deep Singh said...

Something is going on. While our topic on B was same, and our topic on C is really different, you will find a commonality. Communication.

I liked your compilation though it sounds like hard work to find good comments among so many vicious ones.

I have written about Chatrooms today. Have a look.


Arun said...

Per this

BEWDA = Beer Evam Whisky Drinkers Association

Anonymous said...

Hahaahhha. What a great idea for a post! LoC pe ho na ho, YouTube pe more often than not, there is sparring :P

Anonymous said...

Yeah the comments are great, I'd noted that in other desi videos, the Indian/Pakistani are always hating on each other, eg. in cricket videos it's Sachin is a loser, Inzy is fat etc. But Coke studio is just so darn good that you cant find a bad word to say about it.

Loving your daily posts btw!

Sayesha said...

Hehehe, thanks. :)

Thanks. Yes, it was quite time-consuming. :)


Hehehe, thanks! :D

Thank you! :D