Thursday, April 06, 2017

E is for E.T.

As part of our 'space programme' at home, we have been talking about planets and stars and of course, the most exciting aspect of it all -- the possibility of aliens.

Viv and I decided that the movie E.T. will make it to our carefully curated list of stuff that Xena is allowed to watch. So one weekend, we sat down with her and watched the movie. Gosh, I couldn't remember most of it. I also kept wondering where the part was where E.T. gets his (her? its? Ok, let's stick with 'his') magical powers from the sun. And then I realised that I was confusing it with Koi Mil Gaya! Double sheesh!

Towards the end of the movie, when E.T. realises that a spaceship is on the way to pick him up, he's shown to be super excited. So excited that it makes for a comical moment in an otherwise grave scenario. Xena was very amused at his antics.

"Mama, why is E.T. so excited??"

"Because he's finally going home!"

"But why is sooooooo excited??"

"Hmmm... Imagine if we all went somewhere and you got lost, and you're all by yourself for days, and you don't know where Mama and Dada are. Wouldn't you feel scared?"

"Yes, I'll be very scared. I'll cry."

"So wouldn't you feel excited if you found out that Mama and Dada were coming to get you?"

"Yes." She nodded wisely, "But Mama..."


"You have to come in a spaceship."


Charan Deep Singh said...

Clever comeback by Xena. And after 4 letters I hit a writers'block. still few hours to go in the day. Lets see what E has for me

Charan Deep Singh said...

Me anecodotes from Engineering days...Hope you like it.

Sayesha said...

Charan Deep,
Thanks. :)