Wednesday, April 12, 2017

J is for journal

One of the best things I like about Xena's school is that they follow an exploration-based approach to teaching. There are no worksheets or homework to take home. There is a parent-accompanied project for each term, but it's optional. (We, of course, do not take it as optional, because it is too much fun.)

As this is the last year of preschool and the kids needs to start getting ready for a lot more writing, the K2 kids have started a journal-writing project. Every week, the kids need to write a journal entry on any topic they like. They can also paste pictures to accompany the text. 

Viv and I do not interfere much with what Xena wants to write (i.e. her ideas and the content), though we do need to help her with the process. He needs to keep correcting her hold on the pencil (she holds it as if she's about to stab the paper), while I help her to spell the words she doesn't know how to spell, but wants to include in her entry. 

Just the other day, as I saw her bent over her journal, laboriously writing her entry, it suddenly struck me that my little one has already started her blog! 

Here are a few of her journal entries. (Yes, this is basically a guest post.)

Last Thursday, my friend and I went to a very special place called The City. I wore a wig and a superhero dress. I looked funny. Hehehehe! I dressed like a surgeon too. I patted a toy stegosaurus to sleep. I dressed like a policewoman and took care of the city. I was a cook and a waitress. I served food to my mummy. There was a mini cash register. I was a mini mini mini cashier. I was a shopper too. What a fun day!!!!!!!!!!

Friday was a school holiday. My mummy had a meeting in her office so she took me along. I got many gifts from people in her office. I got a clock toy, M&Ms and biscuits. There were many people who wanted to take photos with me. There was a giant model of a T-Rex. His name was Professor T-Rex. He was wearing a funny hat. I sat in my mummy's meeting, reading my book. Everyone said that I was good. 

I had a wonderful time at Mauritius. I went to a nature park. I touched a giant tortoise. I named it Tortie. We went on a sunset cruise. I lay on a net over the water. I did dry snorkelling. Hehehe! We went to many beaches, waterfalls, a volcanic crater and a tea plantation. Mauritius is a part of Africa. I had a good time!

I went to my uncle's wedding in India. I dressed up and danced. I put mehendi on my hand. I named the bride and groom 'Bridie' and 'Groomie'. He looked handsome and she looked gorgeous. Everyone said that I was pretty too. The bride and groom were on stage for a long time. I gave them food, a drink and water. They said I saved their lives. I met a lot of cousins, aunts and uncles. We took a family photo. I can't wait to go back to INDIA!

I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. I wore funky yellow goggles. I watched a cartoon show on a TV fixed on the ceiling. At the end of the session, the dentist told me that I had been a very good patient. She even gave me an inflated glove with a smiley face on it. I have a shaky tooth. When it falls, the tooth fairy will come and give me a shiny coin. 

When my first tooth started shaking, I wrote a letter to the tooth fairy. When my tooth fell out, I put the tooth under my pillow with the letter. In the morning, guess what I saw? A shiny coin! It was super shiny!!! After all my teeth have fallen out, I would have 20 coins. That is 20 dollars!!!! I will buy something nice with it. Do you have any ideas??

When I was in India, my grandpa took me to three special places. We visited a natural history museum. I saw an elephant skeleton and a whale skeleton. The skeletons were enormous!!!! I also saw preserved snakes and other animals. I watched a show about the sun at a planetarium. We went to the science centre and the dinosaur park. I had a good time!

Last weekend, I had a dinosaur-themed party at my home. There was a big dinosaur balloon on my TV. I wore a dinosaur T-shirt. I put on a dinosaur tattoo. My grandma made dinosaur idlis and my mummy made dinosaur crackers! My mummy made a cake with dinosaurs on it! The inside was very colourful. The dinosaurs were green, yellow and pink. We had brownies and ice-cream for dessert. There were chocolate dinosaurs on top. Hooray!!! I had a good time!

I watched a movie called E.T. It was about an alien on earth. My friend said that E.T. was running to his spaceship but it was too late. The spaceship was gone! E.T. was alone and scared. A boy called Elliott took E.T. to his house. They became friends!!! E.T. was so cute!! At first Elliott's sister Gertie was scared of E.T. Then later they became friends. Elliott and his family and his friends helped E.T. stay away from bad guys. E.T. was able to go home in an enormous spaceship!!!!

I went to Gardens by the bay! There were many dinosaurs all over! I saw a stegosaurus, diplodocus, T-rex, parasaurolophus, triceratops and ankylosaurus. The diplodocus' neck was very long, as long as a supertree!!! I did many dinosaur crafts. I made a sand art bookmark and a keychain. We played many fun games but I couldn't win a prize. I went for a train ride with my mummy!!! At night there was a light show. The dinosaurs and supertrees were glowing! It was great!!!


Bubblegum.... said...

She is already better than me in blogging. :D

*Happy tears*


Charan Deep Singh said...

For her age she is writing pretty long sentences and words. Kudos

Anonymous said...

I am in awe with her spelling skills .. for her age. That is remarkable.

Dewmoondrop said...

Awesome ! She is a Brick & Mortar blogger !

I LOL when I read this para. Is it intentionally funny or slipup ?
Part before "though" and after ..
"..Viv and I do not interfere much with what Xena writes, though he needs to keep correcting her hold on the pencil (she holds it as if she's about to stab the paper), while I help her to spell the words she doesn't know how to spell, but wants to include in her entry. "

Charan Deep Singh said...

Hi Sayesha

Today wrote about j for Joy. My most favorite post in this challenge

Arun said...

Wow! What a journal! Wow!

Sayesha said...


Charan Deep,
Thanks. :)

Oh I have to help her with the spelling of the long words. She insists on using them but she doesn't know how to spell them. :)

LOL @ brick and mortar blogger! :D
PS: What I meant was that we don't interfere with what she wants to write (i.e. the ideas and content), but we help with the process. :) I've edited that part to make it clearer. Thanks for pointing it out. :)

Charan Deep,
Will check it out. :)

Hehehe thanks! :D

Sujata Ravi said...

Such a smart cookie! Love the enthusiasm in all her entries! =)

Divya said...

I came here for the daily post.Then realized today is a special day.Wish you a very happy birthday.Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Unknown said...
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Prithi Shetty said...

Don't want to derail it into a parenting thread. But to add

I feel that parental interference is a good & positive thing. Interference and the thopna both. If parents don't announce their passion and pov, then it is denial of knowledge to the kids. And in that situation, some other source will fill up that vaccum - with their agenda. (source as in media, relatives, frenemies, nemesis, neighborhood drug-dealer)

and this positive state continues, when the kid has enough freedom to question or reject that interference. And later even change its mind and agree with it or come up with some version update. that makes the difference.

you can imagine, how much fun I am at parties :D

How do we know said...

ok, belated Happy Burthday Sayesha, and that is an incredible blogger in the making. Pls pls start a blog with all this stuff!

Sayesha said...

Yes, she really does go overboard with her exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Ooh, thank you so much for remembering! :)

My sister and I were having the exact conversation yesterday. My take is that we should expose but not push. Xena has been exposed to a lot of music so she really enjoys singing and dancing, but while she was happy to go for dance lessons, she said no for music lessons and I respected that. But I do see your pov as well.

//you can imagine, how much fun I am at parties :D
Don't beat yourself up over that. You should see me when the topic of parenting comes up at parties. Now I'm wiser so I just slink away to "grab a drink" and never return lol! :P

How do we know,
Thank you so much! Yes, quite a few people have asked me to feature guest posts by her regularly. Will look into that. :)