Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yours for keeps

You know your joke is really, like REALLY bad, when even Viv, the king of bad jokes, refuses to laugh at it. :|

So Mr. Wicket Keeper is in Malaysia with the team for a tournament, and when he called yesterday after the first day of the match, I said brightly, "Hi Viv, hope you're keeping well. Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Complete silence. Hmmph! :/


Sowmya said...

LOL! You are definitely a keeper! ;)

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

hahahahhh!!! Poor Viv!!! :D


mythalez said...

I actually like the joke ... the punny ones after all ... just like most of your titles are :P

Arun said...

Maybe the poor chap dropped a catch or two or missed a stumping, and so thought you were being sarcastic rather than punny?

Geomon said...

yeah, i agree wid Arun. He may have paused to think whether it was sarcasm or pun.

Sayesha said...


Poor VIV????? Hello!! I have to live with the 26374849935 bad jokes he cracks EVERY DAY and HE is POOR VIV? :/

Yeay!! Thank you! :D

#Arun and Geomon,
Naah, I know his silences. This was one definitely a "Oh my goodness what have I done to the poor girl, she's cracking worse jokes than me" silence. :|

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, maybe the guy "catch no ball"!

(you started it!)


Granger Gab said...


I thought it was a neat PJ:-)

Btw, I'm a silent spectator to your blog for years now:-)

But I have to tell you that your little tidbits in this space of yours crack me up:-) It's a nice way to start one's day with a smile - reading your blog helps me with that:-))

- Minal

Shekhar said...

Ha ha ha. Good one, as well as the title of the post.

satish said...


Bivas said...

That was quite a good one actually...
Maybe he was wondering if it was good enuff for a PJ!

Sudeep said...

Jiska kaam usi ko saaje :P

but I liked the line

rt said...

gud one! yep u r getting better at it ;)
I am sure the silence was coz Viv felt threatened! :P

Sayesha said...

LOL!! But now I have to explain to my non-Singlish speaking bewdas what the phrase means! :D

#Granger Gab,
Thank you! :)

Yeayyy a surprising number of bewdas seem to find it funny! :D


Or maybe he thought I was stealing his thunder as the PJ-Supremo? :/


Hahahaha! I agree with the threatened theory! :D