Sunday, December 05, 2010

It runs in the family

So the Standard Chartered marathon bib (the one that goes on the runners' back) has a space where you can write a slogan to encourage the runners behind you. Viv gave me the task of thinking of a cool slogan to put on his.

I thought and thought and after a while all I could suggest was, "Why don't you overtake me so I can see if you have a cool slogan or not?" I thought it would really encourage (or piss off) the runner behind and egg him/her to go faster (unless he/she had a really bad slogan and would prefer to stay behind Viv). Needless to say, I got a dirty look from Viv for my suggestion. That was it. It was 2 am for heaven's sake. The only part of my brain that works at such an hour is the Bollywood lobe.

So my filmi mind went on overdrive and came up with all of these slogans below, all of which got systematically rejected, of course. In the end, he went with the rather mellow "The end is near... Keep going." (I came up with the "The end is near" and I wanted to add three exclamation marks after it and leave it at that, but he added the "Keep going." and killed the drama.) Hmmmph. Booooo-ring!

So here's the list of my cool (and rejected) Bollywood slogans:

  • Bhaaaaago mohan pyaare...
  • Dauuuddd (imagine the annoying way in which Rahman sang it)
  • Bhaaaago... building mein... aag lag gayi hai! (think Asit Sen)
  • Towards the run-ji trophy
  • Mere run mein runne wali
  • Bhaag Dhanno bhaag!
  • Main tujhko bhaga laaya hoon tere ghar se!
  • Run-chhoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad
  • Bhaagte raho!
  • Chal bhaag yahan se!
  • Kyon aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwron ki tarah?
  • Duniya hai mere peechhe, lekin main tere peechhe
  • Aage aage chale hum, peechhe peechhe preet mitwa
  • Mere peechhe mere aage, haath jode duniya bhaage
  • Megha chhayi aadhi raat, bai-run ban gayi nindiya
  • Bhaag utha insaan
  • Raja ko running se pyaar ho gaya
  • Hum hain run-bhoomi ke run-veer!

Got any more?


Nidhi said...

okay...too much of lemme read the post!

Nidhi said...

how about:
1. mera peecha na tu chodega soniye!
2. run sahiba run

Nishu said...

"mere run me runne wali.."

haha..phodu ekdum.. :)

How do we know said...

i loved that run-chhoddas Chanchad..

Angelsera said...

hahaha...these wud b perfect for the Indian (I mean the one happening in India) marathon :)
wher ppl will understand (and laugh) at them :)

Arun said...

How about this slogan:

"Yell 'Gold' before reading the rest of this slogan..."

Stupidosaur said...

Your slogan could have been better used:

The (rear) end is near. Get ahead of mine!

Stupidosaur said...

Quick Run Murugan doesn't need a slogun!

(The many naunces (nonsense) and ironies would be lost to the Singaporean reader tho)

Stupidosaur said...

//Duniya hai mere peechhe, lekin main tere peechhe

technically wrong if it is a bib

But this is awesome:
//Raja ko running se pyaar ho gaya

but why am I thinking

"Altaf Raja is coming! Run!"

Stupidosaur said...

But then
//Raja ko running se pyaar ho gaya

makes me think of a bicycling event rather than running

(remember Amir Khan 'hands-free'on bicycle in that song? at least in the rehash of song video which aired on DD :P)

Stupidosaur said...

This makes sense/doesn't especially for Viv in a running marathon:

"A higher run rate to take Singapore closer to the world cup everyone!"

Of course that will change whatever the original 'cause' for the run was, if there was any :P

Stupidosaur said...

Sann Sanananana Sannanan Sannn
Jaa jaa re jaa re ja re ja re Pawan

Chhoo na sakey, koi mujhe,
Chhoo le to hai jeet jaye marathon!

Stupidosaur said...

(remove the hai over there. one word too many to fit the tune. Though it still can, with some compressing of other words)

Stupidosaur said...

Bhagoda Bhagoda Bhagoda!

(The only problem is no one would know it is meant to be spoof of Nimbooda :P)

Stupidosaur said...

Run daude maraThon duade...
Start line se hua farar

(This clearly shows I have lost it. So I better stop now)

(The thing above in bracket is definitely not for the bib :P)

Alice said...

Lol. Didn't the 'End is near' sound too sinister?

Loved these 2 -

Kyon aage peechhe dolte ho bhanwron ki tarah?
Duniya hai mere peechhe, lekin main tere peechhe

Arun said...

Well, if we had to choose, my vote goes to:

Bhaaaaago mohan pyaare...
Duniya hai mere peechhe, lekin main tere peechhe

Sudeep said...

The 3 Idiots wala naam sounds more like a swear word :P
If the jersey/tee number was 2012 then the end is near would have scared a lot many people.

I would have gone for:
RUN! 'Coz Lord you-know-who is back and is behind you.


buri nazar wale tera muh kaala :P

Btw, how was Viv's marathon?

Geomon said...

'Jann Gann Run'!!!
:P (politically incorrect)

Anonymous said...

Gr8 list Sayesha !

If I had to choose, my personal fav wud be:

"Bhaag Dhanno Bhaag...."


"I run this city !!"

Neha said...

Kya ho gaya Sayesha? Yeh kaise slogans hai? But understandable that u came up with these at 2 AM!

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! I like run sahiba run! Hope it doesn't get stuck in my head!! :O


#How do we know,
Thanks. :D

Hahaha! :D

*raises hypothetical newspaper*

Sheesh! Is it really bad if I actually like 'Quick Run Murugan doesn't need a slogun!' and 'Run daude maraThon daude'? :P

Hahaha! Yeah that was the whole point. :D


LOL @ 'If the jersey/tee number was 2012 then the end is near would have scared a lot many people.' :D

He did pretty okay - 4 hours and 51 minutes. His legs started cramping around the 34th KM mark so he had to walk the rest. :|

Oh yeah I don't want the MNS coming after me man! :P

Thanks! :)

Heyyy I am very proud of some of these, ok? :P :P