Friday, December 24, 2010

Pair tuney kya kiya - results show

Wow. Usually, there's a clear winner in such polls, one that outnumbers all others considerably. This time, however, there are just too many contenders, and though we do have a clean winner, this one just got 4 out of the 30-something votes while the rest got 1-2 each.

Prem Aggan got 2 votes, though one of the voters mistakenly referred to the heroine Meghna Kothari as Neelam Kothari. Oh boy, Sameer Soni would refuse to step out of the Bigg Boss house forever, and poor Neelam Kothari would surely have fainted if she was asked to say the sleazy line that Meghna Kothari had to say, "Sooraj, mujhe woh haseen dard de do jise aaj ke baad main kisi doosre ke saath na baant sakoon." (WHAT?! You don't believe someone actually wrote a piece of dialogue like that?? Look for this scene on Youtube, it's there.)

As for my own vote, I really couldn't decide. Urmila and Himesh were quite intolerable in Karzzz but then he's intolerable with anyone. Sanju and Urmila looked pretty bad in Daud. Ajay Devgn with Aisha Takia was a bad choice in 'Sunday'. And oh, moustache or no moustache, SRK with Sridevi in Army was no-NO-NO! I recently watched 'Run' on TV (oh my goodness how crappy is that movie?!) and thought Abhishek and Bhoomika looked really funny together. Both have very fat lower lips and they ended up looking like each other.

Anyway, back to the results of this poll. Presenting, the most hopeless onscreen pairing of them all, the winner of this poll -- Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan in 'Kismat Konnection'. Voters felt that she looked like his mother, his sister, etc. etc. Basically everything except his heroine.
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V said...




read the post too!

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

yaaay! silver!!!!!!!

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

I said Neelam instead of Meghana...darn it....posted it as anonymous...didn't realize I wasn't logged on with my Google account

Arun said...

Wishing you and all bewdas a Merry Christmas!

humblog said...

didnt get to vote buti think aamir and kajol looked bad or was it my sky high expectations

Angelsera said...

I din watch Karzzzzz or I guess I cudnt comment on those pairs..but I agree Himesh with anyone seems intolerable

Geomon said...

my pair won(rotten tomatoes)
Shahid: I thank my mom and Vidya maasi for this award. (Maasi refused to show up anyways. :P)

Geomon said...
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Sayesha said...

iPod?? :O


Hahahaha! Poor Neelam!
PS: Did you look for that horrendous video on Youtube? Do it do it! :D

Thanks and same to you! :D

Hehehe... Aamir looked really bad with long hair! :/



Sudeep said...

Sameer Soni ka kya connection hai? Fardeen tha na Prem Aggan mein? Lol.. kya line hai yaar. Ought to see the video for this one.

I thought somebody would have voted for Fire ki Shabana ki jagah pe aur kisiko laate :P

Sayesha said...

Sameer Soni and Neelam Kothari yaar... bole toh dono ek item hai. :D

Haan tu Prem Aggan wala video zaroor dekhna, tere Tinku wale se better hai! :D