Thursday, December 16, 2010

Band bajaa diya

Random thoughts after watching Band Baaja Baaraat at Jade theatre with Viv and Pizzadude last night:

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  • A lot of hyped movies released recently but I did not want to watch any of them. I did not want to watch KHJJS or Break Ke Baad because I can't stand Deepika. I did not want to watch Guzaarish because I can't stand Aishwarya. I did not want to watch No Problem because I can't stand Kangana after watching her in the latest episode of Koffee with Karan. Phas Gaya Re Obama didn't release in Singapore, but I am not sure if I'd have watched it because I can't stand Neha Dhupia either. (Whoa, that's a whole load of actresses I can't stand, eh?)

  • It was a very good decision to skip all the crap and go for this movie. Viv and I had been curious about Band Baajaa Baaraat ever since we saw the trailer on TV. And they also kept showing the making of the 'Ainwain ainwain' song on TV so it was stuck in my head.

  • Before the movie, they showed the full trailer of Toonpur ka Superhero. I was never going to watch it anyway because, um, I can't stand Kajol after K3G and Fanaa, but after watching the trailer, wild horses can't drag me to the theatre for this one. There's a scene where the cartoons ask Ajay Devgan, 'Tumhaare pass kaun si gun hai?' and he quips, 'Dev-gun'. SHEESH. DABBAL SHEESH. "You dhakkan!" I wanted to scream at the screen. "You ain't got no gun anymore. You took the 'u' out, didn't you? Now you've just got 'gn'!" (Of course I can pronounce 'gn'. I live in a country where 'Ng' is a common surname.)

  • On a side note, I have to say this before I forget -- the samosas at the Indian stall on level 1 of Shaw Tower are AWESOME. (Yeah, we smuggled some in. Shhhh!)

  • I didn't like Anushka Sharma too much in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, but in Band Baaja Baaraat, I must say she totally blew me away with her acting skills. She pulled off a wide range of emotions so effortlessly. Can't believe they picked up this gem off the ramp!

  • I'd never found her very pretty either, but in this movie, she really looks very good, even though it's in the girl-next-door way.

  • One of my favourite scenes of hers was the one where Ranveer says, "Ek karod mein toh aath zero hote hain na??" And she says, "Nahin buddhu, saat." The way she laughs in that scene is so natural, it's almost as if it was a blooper and they just decided to use it because it was so good.

  • The new guy Ranveer Singh was very good too, and I especially adored the way he spoke. Binnas, anyone? He's not much of a looker, but then you never know -- if Ajay Devgn made it to the A-list, maybe there's hope for Ranveer too.

  • The dialogue was really earthy and witty. "Gueston ko dekho!" "Phati kyun padi hai teri?" "Kahin aur setting hai?" "Ya toh khul ke hanso ya hanso hi mat!" "Shitt bhi bolti hai toh lagta hai FM baj raha hai."

  • Okay, we have like three versions of the name in Bollywood now -- Ranbir, Ranvir and Ranveer. What next? Run-beer?

  • Jhataak though they were, I loved Anushka's outfits.

  • I liked the music quite a bit, especially 'Tarkeebein'.

  • The "Sir... tubelight..." touch was sheer genius.

  • The movie is getting good reviews all over. What I love the most is the fact that this simple homely tale totally band-bajaaoed all the recent big releases. It may not do well in terms of binnas, but it's really worth a watch.


Mumbai Diva said...

i know. have been wanting to watch the movie too. firstly coz it's so delhi and am missing the place. also loved the promos, especially the dialogues. will try and catch it this sat.

Angelsera said...

good to read this review...
(I actually came to ur blog to see if you had by any chance seen this movie :D and reviewed it recently!)

Sumit n me were talking abt going for it over the weekend :D

Arun said...

Nice to have a morning chuckle and tea-snort.


Arun said...

I'd never found her very pretty either, but in this movie, she really looks very good, even though it's in the girl-next-door way.

Depends on the neighborhood,no?

Anubhuti said...

I didnt like the trailer and when I read the rave reviews I thought they must be paid ones!
Now that you have liked it, I think I should not miss it :)

regarding Bach Gaye Re Obama, don't worry about Neha Dhupia, as her presence is not so bad and the movie is a winner, in the same league as TBL.

ps: I feel like doing a victory dance for posting my debut comment in the blogworld

shweta said...

Woahooo!! I njoyed da first half of the movie....nd da second half I found it a lilltle drag. But after reading ur review I am rethinking :).

V said...

binnas minz?

Hema Samudrala said...

Absolutely agree with you. Sayesha! The movie has a very simple story, it's the characters and dialogues that make it interesting :) loved the new guy....he could just be the next SRK of bollywood.
Btw, my hate list of actresses is exactly as yours! And I hadn't liked Anushka before this movie..and what's with this kangana? She was so odd in KWK!

mythalez said...

I couldn't stand anushka is Rabne .. actually couldn't stand Rabne .. so din't watch it :P

but I think I ll give this movie a try :)

Stone said...

100% with you on this.

Definitely a decent watch, and a masterpiece in front of crap like IHLS types.

Anushka really made us believe that she is Shruti Kakkar not Anushka Sharma.

Menagerie said...

Totally loved it! one of the well made movies in recent times, dhinchak but down to earth. Loved how they handled their relationship complications as well. and Ranveer was brilliant for his first movie, a complete natural. Ha, am seeing it again tonight :)

rt said...

Bhai apun ka kuch peechhle janam ka setting hai - judwa behen types ...liking ka to pata nahi lekin bollywood actresses mein hate list same to same hai...(and thats once imp criteria to be a sisaah hai na)

BTW have the same opinions as urs except the tubelight one- dint find it original at all and wasnt so great..
neways Anushka luks lovely ..
somehow this new chap reminds me of jayed khan with the innocence loooks...
and yes I love the binnnes word!

Zainab said...

hey! I'm new to your blog! Happened to stumble upon it while I was trying to google up what the FM dialogue was all about. I haven't see the movie, but I watched one of the dialogue promos and it was the one with the FM dialogue. DO you mind explaining what that meant? I'm confused.

Nice review and can't wait to watch the movie!

Angelsera said...

it was a fun movie!! I wanted to get up n dance for most of the songs ..esp when the title song came up :D
sadly dont think ppl take it well whn you block their view in the cinema

Harshi said...

I agree..I agree..I agree! Just watched it yesterday! Something just drew me to this movie (I hadn't seen a trailor nor heard any songs. Just read a bit of the story and saw some colorful photos) and I even hesitated for a few seconds at the counter, wondering if I should just pick another one, but no. I wanted to catch this and am glad I listened to that feeling. :) Anushka was charming.

Hey Sash.. :) Great post as always.. and made me laugh :). Good to see you are well, and binnes going as usual? :) Take care..

Nishu said...

xactly xactly.. that 'crore me 8 zero' scene is my fav one from the movie too..fell for anushka that very moment..

Sudeep said...

Phas Gaya Re Obama aur Guzaarish dekhni chahiye thi tumne, try karna kabhi dekhna. Don't worry Tinku Jiya jaisa reco nahi hai yeh :D

Yeh binnas kya hota hai?

Yeh wali movie dekhni thi par reh gaya, maybe will have a dekko if it is still playing here.

Sayesha said...

#Mumbai Diva,
Watched it? :)

Watched it?? :)

Watched it??? :)

//Depends on the neighborhood,no?

Sheesh! *newspaper thwack*

Welcome (officially!) to the bar! Watched it?? :) I'll try and get hold of Bach Gaye Re Obama.

Hehehe! Bollywood movies mein second half never seems to match the first half, no?

Movie dekh le yaar!


Watched it? :)

IHLS and Aisha... still reeling from the crap they were... :|

Again? Hehehe... I considered watching it again too! :P

Hahaha... hate list same to same?! :D I thought the way they linked the tubelight thing was great, cos he was "lighting ka in-charge" no? I loved that! :D

Watch the movie yaar! :)

Aha so you did! :D

OMG is that you?? Harshi the purani bewdi of the bar Harshi??? Or are you a new Harshi??? :O No, you have to be the purani Harshi!!! She always said "Hey Sash"!


Bhaiya maaf karo. Tinku ke baad tumhaare saare reco auto-send-to-trash! :D

Harshi said...

Haha.. yes yes.. purani me :-) Am so glad to find you here just as before Sash! Keep up the wonderful work. Happy holidays!