Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This is unheard of!

I know. I know. The bar is getting Bollywood OD. I promise this is the last Bollywood post of 2010! But I have to do this because of tradition. Last year I wrote a post of all the movies that had released in the year that most of us had never heard of, and I thought I should continue the tradition this year too.

Presenting, bewdas and bewdis, movies that apparently released this year, making me go "Huh?? When??"

Did you know of any of them??

A distant mirage
Aakhari decision
Admissions open
A flat
Ada...a way of life
And once again
Ashok chakra
Baru - the wonder kid
Benny and Babloo
Bhindi Baazar Inc.
Daayen ya baayen
Deewangi ne hadd kar di
Do dilon ke khel mein
Dus tola
Ek second... jo zindagi badal de
Hello! Hum Lallan bol rahe hain
Hello zindagi
Hide & seek
Idiot box
It's a man's world
Jaane bhi do yaaron
Khalbali - fun unlimited
Kis hudh tak
Krantiveer - the revolution
Life express
Kuchh kariye
Maalik ek
Mr. Bhatti on chutti
Mr Singh Mrs Mehta
Muskurake dekh zara
Na ghar ka na ghaat ka
Prem kaa game
Raat gayi baat gayi
Road to sangam
Soch lo
Thanks Maa
The waiting room
Trump card
Zindagi tere naam


Visitlife said...

Mr Singh Mrs Mehta is a very hit movie, especially in overseas. I don't know how you have not heard about it

Arun said...

Thank you, great list for Hindi movie pictionary or dumb charades! :) :)

l_0oio0_l said...

well just watched Benny and Babloo from the list.....its pretty decent movie...better than lotsa big budgets!

mythalez said...

whoa .. the names are all either in english or taken from famous song titles or sayings. Definitely reflects the trend :P

Sayesha said...

It didn't release in Singapore. :(

Oooh what a fantastic idea! I'd better not let Viv read this post!! :D

Where did you watch it???

Hahaha true! :D

Sanket said...

Great list! :)

I have heard of 'Ek Second...' :) They advertised a lot in India (very annoying ads :|). The title song was sung by none other than Adnan Sami!

Geomon said...

I heard of Apartment. never hrd of the rest :(
where did u get this list frm anyways??

Geomon said...

lolz.that's like Pokemon.
or what people almost call me the first time they hear my name :P

rt said...

see this is where u lose(actually gud for u) by not staying in India- have seen promos(torturous ones) of a couple of them repeated over and over like krantiveer(u wud definitely thunk ur head with the lead actress's style of action in promos), ek second(has manisha koirala and highly irritating title song), apartment etc..

Deepa Minajagi/Kore said...

You must have heard Rajat Kapoor's "Raat gayi baat gayi". It starts off like "Hangover"... Rajat Kapoor getting drunk in a party and next morning he doesn't remember what happened last night.

Sudeep said...

Apartment, Ek Second, Mr Singh Mrs Mehta and RGBG sune hai. If I remember the promos correctly then Raat Gayi Baat Gayi mein toh tumhari fav heroine hai yaar.. Neha Dhupia :P

Mr Singh aur Mrs Mehta ek Apartment mein takraye. Ek Second mein unki duniya badal gayi par agle hi din socha ki Raat Gayi Baat Gayi.
sorry couldn't resist :D

Baru the wonder kid ki acting karke dikhao.. this would be my trump card in the next dumb charade.

Yamini said...

I have heard most of the names.. But haven't seen any!

nits said...

lol... heard only following

Benny and Babloo
Hello! Hum Lallan bol rahe hain
Hide & seek

seen none of them... but i guess some of these movies had well known actors like chase, apartment....

Bivas said...

Have seen "Raat gayi baat gayi"...Interesting movie...very good actors...good for a one time watch...

Anonymous said...

i know.. haven't seen.. but i know half the movies :D
'cuz of my profession xD