Friday, December 17, 2010

I stand corrected

Viv - Your phone is really bad. You should change it.

Me - What?! Why?? My phone is fine!

Viv - It's not. It's really bad. You should change it.

Me - You gave me this phone!

Viv - I know. But now you should change it.

Me - Change it to what??

Viv - E71.

Me - E71?! That's worse than my Samsung. The keys are microscopic! They need to throw in a toothpick free so people can type messages.

Viv - It's a great phone. You should change to that.

Me - Why should I get the E71 of all phones?? Just because you have one... ohhh... AHA!!

Viv - Erm, what?

Me - You want an iPhone, don't you?

Viv - Err...

Me - You want to get an iPhone and you want to hand me down your E71 so you wouldn't feel bad. AHA!!!!!!

Viv - *grin*

Me - Sorry, dude. Not gonna happen.

Sheesh. I remember him comparing the E71 and iPhone, and finally picking the E71 for some reason. (Don't ask me about phones. As long as I can send/receive calls and messages, I don't care much for other features. Exasperated friends will also tell you that I am notorious for not keeping my phone near me and in the process missing 99.99% of the calls. It's true. I really don't care what/where/how my phone is.) Anyway, back to the story. So now, within a year, he wants to switch to an iPhone. Sheesh.

Cut to yesterday. I was on Facebook and someone had shared this link. Okay, do you remember the last time you had laughed so hard you had tears in your eyes? That's what happened to me when I read the stuff on the site. I read page after page after page... Inappropriately hilarious!

So when Viv walked into the room, I showed him the link.

"So. This is the phone you wanted to get, yeah?" I asked him, wiping my tears away. "You should totally get it."


Meenakshy said...


Meenakshy said...

Guess what I have that I proudly show to people... a Black


Its from eBay and you will get info also about it.. I have contibuted to some level of laughters to people because of this discovery.
Phones.. gadgets.. what are they?

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...


Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

me too phone always away person!!!!!! cant really believe what an uproar that causes from friends!!! :O bechara Viv!!!

Inder said...

iphone is a pretty good choice :o))

Geomon said...

'wank on the beach' :P

VIDYA said...

ooh missed the bronze!
Well maybe we should just invent white metal/copper medals now.

Tejal said...

heheh.. Viv is so ISSMART! <3
btw,he should totally get the iphone..and then you can post funny *auto-correct* sms stories here! Toh sab khush na! :D ;)

Yogita said...

Oh my God! That website is just awesome!I could not control my laughter and had to stop reading it at work. Fun post.

Arun said...

Telephone Exchange!

Clueless said...

Oh, man. You'll need a completely new tag for iPhone-related blog posts if/when he actually gets one! So many mishaps just waiting to happen! (I'm not sure how many of them will be "family friendly", though... most of the entries on that Damn You, Autocorrect website seem to be pretty R-rated! :P)

Ranjini said...

Its the same with me..sometimes I return calls to people after a couple of days because thats when I actually check my phone :D....usual resting place is in my purse....
The link was super hilarious....imagine the laughs you would get out of it when Viv goes for

Sudeep said...

Are those site incidents actual ya iPhone ki waat lagane ke liye banaya hai? Sach honge toh AutoCorrect feature designer ki toh boss band baj gayi hogi ab tak.

Parso I wanted to text a friend "Bring me movies" aur dictionary mode use karta hu toh likha gaya "Bring me mother". Send karne ke pehle change kiya lekin.

Sayesha said...

Hahaha I should get one of those! :P

Bechara Viv?? :O

Hehehe... fan speaking eh?


Hahaha! Bewdas have come up with all sorts of alloys so go ahead! :D

He has switched off autocorrect after reading this post! :/


:D Darn, that would have made a better title!

He switched off autocorrect after reading this post. :/

After a couple of days?? Ok you're worse than me! :P

I think actual hain. There's actually an iPhone app so you can instantly submit your typos to the site!

LOL at your movies/mother story. He should have brought Deewar and said, "Mere paas maa hai!" :P

Arun said...

This correction business can be deadly. (Not funny; fatal!)