Monday, December 27, 2010

Have a Bolly good time II

I had so much fun cracking the A-to-Z Bollywood quiz that I decided to try my hand at designing one myself. It also looks like many of you bewdas also went nuts over it. Do try the one below. It's my first and I decided to start off with something relatively simple. I think many bewdas will be able to easily crack this. If all goes well, I'll make this a regular flavour at the bar next year. I may need to ban two-time champion bewda/bewdi Sandwalker from these quizzes though. ;)

PS: Don't read the comments section if you want to try solving it first.

Movie A almost featured popular Bollywood star B but the role of the phenomenally popular character C went to D instead, reviving his career. D's close relatives E and F played mother and son in a movie G. G also featured H whose son went on to marry D's sister. H's son also starred with D in a hit movie I, which featured an iconic song J sung by ghazal maestro K. This movie was directed by a famous director L whose relative M is known for the rather liberal use of a certain set of facial muscles. M's cousin N shot into notoriety by featuring on a controversial magazine cover. N won the Filmfare Best Female Debut award for her role in the movie O even though technically her first movie was P, both directed by L. O also featured talented actor Q in a prominent role. Q, who has won the Filmfare Best Comedian award multiple times, received critical acclaim for his convincing portrayal of an old man in movie R, also directed by L. He was also part of one of the biggest Bollywood hits of all time S, directed by T and featuring U as one of the leads. U's relative V, rumoured to be headed for the altar with T, was the lead in a movie opposite talented and popular superstar W, where W sang a chartbuster X. W also acted in a very long movie Y, opposite Z. To close the loop, Z was the female lead in A.


Arun said...

Impressive, cause I can't answer it :)

So, Gold!

VM said...

Wow....felt so nice to solve it :)

A :- MunnaiBhai MBBS
B :- SRK
C :- MunnaBhai
D :- Sanjay Dutt
E :- Nargis
F :- Sunil Dutt
G :- Mother India
H :- Rajendra Kumar
I :- Naam
J :- Chitti Aayi Hai
K :- Pankaj Uddas
L :- Mahesh Bhatt
M :- Emraan Hashmi
N :- Pooja Bhatt
O :- Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin
P :- Daddy
Q :- Anupam Kher
R :- Saraansh
T :- Aditya Chopra
U :- Kajol
V :- Rani Mukherjee
W :- Aamir Khan
X :- Aati Kya Khandala
Y :- Lagaan
Z :- Gracy Singh
Only issue, rajendra kumar only produced Naam and never acted in it.

VM said...

btw..i solved it so GOLDDDD!!!

Sayesha said...

Come on, this was an easy one!! :)

Wooohooo! Someone broke Sandwalker's record!! :O
PS: The Rajendra Kumar thing was a typo, my bad. Fixed it now. Thanks! :)

Geomon said...

got L to V right. but i din't know Munna's role was offered to SRK.i wish i knew that lil' fact.
mother n son was so dutt-nargis :(
Silver :P
Kudos to VM!!!Rock On!

Sandwalker said...

Damn!! Was stuck in work and someone beat me. Anyways I had cracked it too :D

And you can drop the "/bewdi" everytime you refer to me. My name is Sreekanth and I would have used it if you hadnt asked for google id in comments which links to this old blogger id. :)

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I have to be honest - i cudnt get any answers...Sayesha, u cracked it all!

Taurus Girl said...

Bronze... :)
Good one Sayesha... wish had read the post some hrs ahead...
Keep them coming!!.. :)

Raam Pyari said...

bahin! this is a good one..solved a few of these myself...but could not get all correct!

Arun said...

Hi Sayesha,

I do appreciate the puzzle, really good, but:

"A man's got to know his limitations."



Amal Biswas said...

Oh my Gawd!!. Solved the first few steps but stuck after M, I never knew Emraan Hashmi was related to Mahesh Bhatt and Puja Bhatt!!! So poor in my bollywood knowledge. Anyway Kudos Sayesha. Have been a regular follower of the blog, though I happen to be a corner tabled Bewda.

shub said...

Bwahahaha! I'm so kicked I got parts of that right. The X, Y and Z gave it away for me :D
Aren't you proud of me?! I am :D

Well done you, for setting a quiz that even I could crack (no, I mean it as a compliment!). Shaabash bachhe! :)

shub said...

Also, this is like a kickass version of six degrees of separation.

Aislin said...

Hi. I've been a lurker here for some time but this is my first post.
I solved it too. Emran Hashmi followed by Rani Mukherjee & her wedding plans gave it away :)

Sudeep said...

sabse pehle googled for list of FF best debut female winners aur sab ke sab naams lag rahe the cover page controversy wale.. *gives up*

Ek baar aur kabhi try karunga warna kisine toh answers de hi diye honge.

Sayesha said...

L to V only? Aage peechhe nothing? :D

Ah, so we have determined the gender! :D

You couldn't get ANY??? Hawwwww! :O

#Taurus Girl,
Thanks! You got any? :)

#Raam Pyaari,
Naksht time then! :D

Hahaha! :D

Aha, so such posts make corner-table bewdas delurk! :D I gotta make this regular then. :D

You only got parts?? Shame on you man! :P

Aha, one more! This confirms the plan to make it a regular feature. :)

Hahahaha! Apni heroines cover par kya kya nahin karti hai, nahin? :P Come back soon, comments section mein bahut early answers aa gaye. :)

nishu said...

Solved all matching with VM...!!!

Sayesha said...

Cooool! Any feedback? Too easy?

nishu said...

no not easy. the first link came as Anupam kher and then there was no stopping :). but really u have created an amazing quiz. maan gaye :)

~ PragyaN ~ said...

oh! i could solve from D-K! had no clue of the movie's director so got lost :(

waise, 1st attempt... well appreciated :)

Bivas said...

Yeh Lo...Ho Gaya :D

A-Munnabhai MBBS
D-Sanju Baba
F-Sunil Dutt
G-Mother India
H-Jubilee Kumar :D
J-Chitthi Aai Hai
K-Pankaj Udhas
L-Mahesh Bhatt
M-Emraan Hashmi
N-Pooja Bhatt
O-Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin
Q-Anupam Kher
T-Adi Chopra
v-Rani Mukherjee
W-Aamir Khan
X-Aati Kya Khandaala
Y-3 guna 'Lagaan' :D
Z-Gracy Singh


Bivas said...

btw...easy thaa...solved in one attempt...
agli baar thoda aur twist daaliyo :-)

Have a great New Year!

Taurus Girl said...

@Sayesha - yeah could solve it.. E and F in movie G were the starting point for me...
Was fun solving.. waiting for the next one... :)