Friday, August 01, 2008

Poll position

Marhaba, bewdas!

It's time for the monthly movie poll! Errr.. except that this time it's not really a 'poll' poll.

Has there ever been a time when you watched a movie that for some twisted reason, you really really liked, but which the whole world unanimously thought was... how do I put it diplomatically... 'SHEER CRAP'? Now this movie must be so bad that it sank without a trace almost as soon as it released, and was not the kind that bombed at the box office but resurfaced at some international festival with critics raving over it. It has to be a movie which was condemned worldwide without exception, by all but yourself.

Tell us about the movie and what you liked about it so much. :)


Sumanth said...

why? AB senior looked amazing & I loved the "Aiyy" which no one else would have been able to carry off. If I am not wrong, this movie was the first one to experiment with the hero having negative shades.

chirpy-paaro said...


Though it wasn’t internationally acclaimed… but I cudnt ever find a reason as to why it flopped. Though, whosoever I talk about it, they say “It really was a nice movie”…. Then why did it flopped??

I just loved Madhavan in it... :P

chirpy-paaro said...

I claim Gold nd Silver both!!!... HAHAH

Trinaa said...

"socha na tha"... god knows y d film didnt work..i absolutely loved it!!

Neha said...

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Shashikant said...


A very well made thriller, a genre which can boast may be 10 hindi films. And not to mention, I loved the OST.

Incidentally, Rakesh Mehra's next film, Rang De Basanti, which was a massive hit, didn't work as well for me.

Shilpa said...

Meenaxi: A Tale of Two Cities!

I loved the movie, so much so that I watched it twice...yes I am one of those manics(or probably the only such maniac in the world) who likes weird movies(I liked Gajagamini as well, and oh yeah Party and Suraj ka Saatva Ghoda etc).
This movie, though not well edited, told the story of a Hyderabadi Nawab who is trying to write a novel with Tabu as his muse. I really liked the character of Tabu and the whole Hyderabadi accent thing(yeah I am a Hyderabadi). Another reason I liked this was there WAS a good story and an effort to make it more intellectual!
I also love how seriously MF takes his movies even though the world thinks they are crap.

Blue Bike said...

My pick is RGV's "Kaun"
3 characters, all did a fab job, esp Urmila. No crappy songs. Donno why it failed.

If you haven't seen it, try it on youtube.

sumgum said...

Ishq Visq...

I know....its horrible....but i liked it and i rem...i cried thru out the movie...still figuring out why...??...:(

Kanan said...

Aaj Ke Angaarey (1988) - in this one a whole bunch of kids get kidnapped by a whole bunch of bad guys. At the end, the kiddos trick the gundas and fight them off royally. I remember, this was the first time I saw Archana Puran Singh on screen. She looked so very cute. Great movie with some scary moments, or so I felt as a kid.

Loha (1987) and Gunahon Ka Faisla (1988) are the ones I vividly remember watching as a kid. Both had fantastic action sequences! The latter one has Dimple in double role and she fights the gundas. man! totally awesome movie.

And in the new ones, it would either be Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon (2003) or Baadal (2000), whichever one flopped more.

Stone said...




Rajiv - Love of my life! said...

Dil se... Shah Rukh was sincere, Manisha gorgeous and Preity was vibrant in the minuscule role that she had.. yet the movie bombed.. keep wondering why???

Boogerwormie said...

Direct dil se...
Ishq vishq...
Socha na tha...

Akshay said...

I can imagine only one film fulfilling all your criteria: "Death Proof" - all my friends hated it, it bombed at the box office but, for me, it was wild, sinful fun!

Hindi mein I liked "Trimurti" - it had big stars and yet the film went down with all hands!

Navin said...

It has to be "Pinjar"..... I still wonder how can someone (read Manoj Bajpai) be such a goddamn amazing actor.... He epitomizes the genre where nothing is actually said but everything is conveyed through eyes.......

Next has to be "Shool"....... The COP movie with a difference..... Oh I can never forget the reaction of Manoj Bajpai when Raveena (his wife) dies in the hospital..... heart-stopping..... I saw one of Manoj Bajpai's interviews where he was asked, "What's the best compliment you've received for Shool?"
He replied Amitabh Bachchan praised him saying "Jo maine 'Zanjeer' mein nahin kiya wo tumne 'Shool' mein kar dikhaya"

Lastly, I think it should be "Socha Na Tha" -- utterly refreshing in all aspects....

Radiosaurus said...

Much too much too good..talli to the power of many thousands..luv ur blog..hic hic,shaabaash,shaabaash
Name's Sanjay, write a humble little piece of my own too

Bivas said...

If its Bollywood we are talking then the latest one I can think of is Vidhu Vinod Chopra's...'Kareeb'
Movie was very well picturised...great songs...even the cameo by Shammi Kapoor was amazing...

Wanderer said...

socha na tha - brilliant movie; sank without a trace

Prats said...

Loads of them-
Dil Se- It was a good movie but it bombed at the box office

Kaun- Urmila and Manoj Bajpayee pulled an awesome act in the movie.

Aks- I really loved that movie esp for two reasons Nandita Das looked so sexy in that Sari. And I can never forget that Dialogue 'Na Koi Marta hai Na koi Marta hai aisa main nahi kehta Geeta main likha hai'

Zameen- I don't know I loved the movie the way everyone acted. though it flopped on the box office but I guess I liked it a lot because I was really moved by the Kandhar Plane Hi-Jack incident and I really wanted our leadership to kick some ass and the movie showed exactly showed what I wanted.

Sunday- I liked this movie especially for the humor & comedy sequences done by Arshad Varsi & Irfaan Khan awesome screen presence they had, even the concept was new.

Nidhi said...

Shukar hai iss bar "only one movie" wala restriction nahi rakha :)

There are a few to name...
1. Kuch Na Kaho (Abhishek and Aish were really good...and I loved the kid too!)
2. Pukar (Beautiful movie with a dash of patriotism and backdrop of love triangle)
3. Socha Na Tha (one of my favs...and I know urs too!!!) :)

Urv said...

Dimaag mein kuch nahi aa rahela hai :(

jhabru said...

finally i got the oppurtunity!

its in descending order :jhoom barabar jhoom, Salaame-E-Ishq, KANK and tashan for me!

JBJ 5 baar n tashan 3 baar dekhi hai! salaam-e-ishq ko collection me rakha hai, kya gaane hein!
KANK ka concept was thought provocative!
shahrukh khan aahaaa..

brilliant potrayal polar to his popular image.
Tashan aahh..I loved it!
Seriously dont know why? bt can watch it again!
JBJ..:))))))) euuu..achi hai!

VIDYA said...

Hehe...i always get a very strong round of booing when i say it,but mujhse dosti karoge!it's nice on a rainy afternoon wid lotsa buttered popcorn!

Sakhi said...

Damn, couldn't come up with any name! :(

Blue Bike said...

I want to add a couple more to my previous comment [ ty nidhi for pointing the absence of 1 movie restriction :) ]

Dil Se : defenitely nice movie with amazing music

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa : T'was a nice movie and many people loved it


Shool : totally agree Naveen, Manoj Bajpayee was awesome in it.

Tejal said...

I'm so glad so many ppl liked Socha na tha.. its my fav movie..cudnt understand why it dint do well :( my fav scene is the last one wen viren keeps talkin n walks aditi to the office door n finally takes off with her..awwww
newaz others are Farhan Akhtar's 'Lakshya'..
Hrithik was very gud in it..the whole i-cant-decide-wat-i-want-to-do phase is sumthin everybody goes through,
Nagesh kukunoor's 'Dor',
'Yahaan' starrin minnisha n jimmy shergill..
n there's also this movie which was critically acclaimed but its not seen by many.. 'Hazaar khwahishen aisi'.. awesome movie :)

sunshine said...

Pinjar- have watched it 4 times... it has always struck something close to the heart :)

Tejal said...

btw, Happy friendship day bhai!

anshuj said...

Chupke Se

A simple and cute heroine who suited her role, chocolaty hero. I especially liked the song " Koi to ho jiske liye, jeena ho to marna pade..." Story was also sweet and simple, the director managed to keep it unpredictable till the tanked "rolls her eyes"

satish said...

auntie number one

~anu~ said...

bhai there are a couple of them.
# Yaad rakhegi duniya - had it not been for the "new-VCR" days excitement eventually leading to watching all 'U' movies that released, we would have missed this one. It had a weak star cast but the movie was fabulous.

# Tum Bin - brilliant movie, no idea why it flopped.

# Life in a Metro - No reasons, just liked the movie a lot!

# Socha na tha - looks like everyone liked the movie, then just why did it flop :(

Navneet Dangar said...

sOchA nA tHa.......aur na hi soch pa raha hoon why it didnt run?

Swathy said...

My all time favourite movie s Socha Na Tha..
I have watched it atleast thrice a week for the whole of my last semester in college..
must be around 30 times atleast..
plus a few odd times here n there..
after that..

How can I forget "Ambika" ya "Ambalika"!!
that s just the cutest movie I ve ever watched in so much detail to date!!

Ravi said...

Bhai ko salaam!!

Apunka movie...Jaani Dushman ek anokhi kahani!

Twisted reason: Plenty. Outstanding starcast with their unbelievable expressions.
Armaan Kohli, Unintentional humour. (sarr)Dard bhare songs.

And the world unanimously thought it was SHEER CRAP!!

Its a movie which was condemned country-wide (not sure if the rest of the world was fortunate enought to have a glimpse).

But a great movie nonetheless.

Sayesha said...

General apology to all bewdas:

Sorry guys and girls, these days I take longer to reply to comments. It's nice, rainy weather and I'm having lunch at my desk in the office. Decided to reply to the comments now. :)

AB senior looked amazing? Hahaha! How??? :P :P :P

Aha! I like that movie too! Watched both the Hindi and Tamil version (with subtitles). Liked both. Madhavan was rocking. :)

Heyyyy! Socha Na Tha doesn't count! I used to think I was the only person in the world who was madly in love with the movie till I blogged about it and realised there's a whole bunch of talli bewdas falling over themselves to declare their love for the movie! :P So far, I have never met anyone who trashed it. :D

My email is right there, if you click on my profile. :) Anyway, it's so shoot your questions pronto! :)

Oooh I watched it... didn't like it too much hehehe... but then I generally don't like AB movies. :P

Aha! I think my Dad also said Meenaxi was nice. I watched a bit of Gajagamini... couldn't watch anymore. :P

#Blue Bike,
Beep! Disqualified! :P Never met anyone who dissed Kaun. It was a brilliant brilliant movie. :) Manoj Bajpai was rocking! :D

Ooooh I LOVE that movie! Shahid and Amrita... yeay! :D Who said it's horrible?? Huh huh huh?? Where's my newspaper??? :/

//whichever one flopped more.


Hehehe.... even I found Kareeb not that bad... and I loved the songs in spite of Sanjevani's baby voice which got annoying after a while. :P

But Dil Se also got raves from critics, no?

There's a movie called 'Direct dil se'???? :/

Haven't watched Trimurti.. I saw Tridev though... oye oye! Sheesh! :D

Manoj Bajpai totally rocks any movie he acts in, isn't it?? :) Anyone remember him as Ritu's boyfriend in Swabhiman? :D

Welcome welcome! Tu tu aate hi hic hic ho gaya re! :P

Cameo by SK?? Can't remember that! Kab tha??? I remember wondering about that extra long dupatta in the title of Kareeb... hahaha! Man, it was like Draupadi's wastra-haran sari! :D

See? See? Everyone loved it! No one hated it! :)

I have yet to watch Zameen and Sunday, will try and do that soon. :)

//Shukar hai iss bar "only one movie" wala restriction nahi rakha :)

Hehehehe! :P

Pukar was quite interesting I thought... dark and thought-provoking...

Yeay another Socha Na Tha fan! :D

Tere dimaag mein? Hahahaha! Waise bhi kuchh hota hai kya? :P :P :P

//jhoom barabar jhoom, Salaame-E-Ishq, KANK and tashan for me!

You're kidding me!!! If there was a prize, it would so go to you! :D

Hahahahaha! Kareena at her annoying best! Even Rani bugged the hell out of me in that movie. So did Hrithik! :P


#Blue Bike,
Disqualified again! I have never met anyone who disliked KHKN. It's one of SRK's best movies. He was so bacha and earnest and all that. :)

Socha Na Tha is one of my fav movies too! I heart Imtiaz Ali! :)I think Dor was also critically acclaimed.. Didn't Ayesha Takia win a national award or something for it?

I have heard very mixed reviews about that one... must catch it. :)

Arre... another gimmick by flower-sellers? Apun ke bar mein rozich friendship hai, kya? :P

I think I have never heard of the movie or the song. :P


Oooh Tum Bin! I LOVED that movie!!! Priyanshu.... sigh! :)

Hum sab tere saath yehi soch rahe hain... :)

Ambika? Ambalika? Aren't these characters from the Mahabharata???? :O

Sayesha said...

Sorry missed your comment... you must have commented while I was typing out the loooong reply above.

Jaani dushman???!! Hahahaha! This movie of yours was voted one of the worst ever in the bar! :D

LOL @ (sar)dard bhare geet! :P

Sanchit said...

umm gotta be...

na tum jano na hum....
bot mast thi...

nits said...

hey... first i thought my vote will go to mumbai salsa (or was it bombay salsa).... a really nice but very less known movie...

but then after reading thru other's comments... i changed my mind in favour of "KAUN"... its a lovely movie... i din't know it was a flop... how can such movies flop yaar...

Art said...

i would say main prem ki deewani hoon... though hrithik was a little irritating.. i liked Abhishek.. and I loved it whenever they said "Papa ki pari hoon main" also that girls are forever for their parents :)

Also, the movie Rahul, it was quite touching...

meetu said...

Oh cool, this is where bewdas get to embarass themselves, without necessarily being 'tun'!

I'm pretty sure i'll win this hands down -

New Umrao Jaan - i think i was in the right mood for it that day :)

No Smoking - i think, i just admire the guts! "whoosh over the head metaphors" in Hindi cinema has to be admired, no?

Anonymous said...

Rehna hai tere dil mein

How could this movie flop? Its funny though, everyone I've ever spoken to has loved this movie. So I guess it doesn't fit the poll. But still, it should be in. Its an awesome movie!

Divya said...

Fida, utter flop, but apart form the slightly long fight scene in the end, I thought it was nice!
And Bicchoo - Later came to know it was a rip off a Hollywood flick - Leon the professional, but liked it anyways!

SRK said...


I swooned when Amrita walks up to Shahid, looks all demure, and hands him some water and says "Jal?"

Not, paani, not here's some water for you... jal...

watched it twice... and my friends still call me "regressive bugger"...

Iya said...

hey am i too late??? never the less here is my pick...
Zameer - the one with Ajay and Pooja Bhatt...loved the movie and what amazing music too...

Bivas said...

//Man, it was like Draupadi's wastra-haran sari! :D
He bhagwaan!!! Kya se kya bana diya bechare ke pyaar bhare armanoon ko ;-)
Shammi 'Yahoo' Kapoor actually played the part of a con-man...lekin a very important part in the movie flow :-)

KP said...

"Yaadein" was such a nice movie :)

Somya said...

ooh...I have a long list of such movies...
*Mission Kashmir- I think Sanjay Dutt looked and acted superb in this movie and even hrithik was good n didnt ham much n songs were quite good.
*Salam e Ishq- I'd seen thiis movie twice n since then ppl have started doubting me mental capabilities but I think Akshaye Khanna was hilarious and the songs were poora paisa vasool...
*Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic(recently)...I'd loved the idea of bicycling thru the clouds and just love the happily ever after kinds...which I believe has sumthing to do wid my fixture wid fairy tales.

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... Hrithik looked good and that Kamaal Khan song was good. :)

Arre Kaun doesn't count yaar... no one has ever dissed the movie. :)

You mean there's a movie where someone is more irritating than Kareena in her pre-Jab-We-Met days??? :P

OMG! You won't believe this - my sister actually liked the new Umrao Jaan too! :P

Ah one more RHTDM fan! Join the club! :)

Fida... ah Bikram Saluja... *swoon*

LOL! I heard about the "Jal" from someone and fell off my chair laughing! :D

Hey was it Zameer or Zakhm? Awesome songs in Zakhm! Raat saari beqarari mein guzaari... Hum yahan tum yahan... :)

Hehehehe! :P Gotta catch the movie again. :)

Hahahaha! OMG, my ex-flatmate was in love with the movie. I couldn't stand it! I wanted to slap Kareena! :D

You know *I* fell asleep within the first five mins of Salam e Ishq?? Usually my threshold for Bollywood nonsense is very high, but this movie was too much... I wanted to slap Priyanka Chopra too! :D

Sanchit said...

hey even i happen to be a fan of RHTDM.. and it wasnt a flop.. it in no way classifies to be a flopp...

Preethi said...

I dont know if this one counts.. Bheja Fry..I really loved it. :)

anshuj said...

If you've not even heard of it, then it is safe to assume that this movie is gonna win this poll. It really fits the criteria.

Here's the IMDB link to the movie "Chupke Se", I suggest you go watch the movie or at least listen to the song.

I guess Rati Agnihotri has to be the only known face in the whole star cast.

By the way, have you heard of "Rules: Pyar ka superhit formula" if I had to choose another movie for this poll. Rules, it will be. It was a nice comedy, with a super-cute heroine...and Tanuja did a nice job of storytelling...I also liked the small parallel stories that were fit nicely into the main plot, songs were not bad either...but...

Navin said...

Arre! this is not fair..... You did not seem to take my entries for Pinjar and Shool....

I just saw Parzania and it is one of the most touching films I've seen..... tears just rolled down the cheeks without even a hint of intimation..... must see....

// Anyone remember him as Ritu's boyfriend in Swabhiman? :D
That was one of the best shows on Indian Television..... I adored Sunil who was not just the boy-friend of Ritu.... he later also married her.... Then the other two would be Devika(Mita Vasisht) and Tyagi(Ashutosh Rana) both again are amazing actors.....

Sakhi said...

yaad aaya, yaad aaya! ek naam yaad aaya


i liked it and it was a superflop movie!

Sakhi said...

One sugestion! please accept bloggers form other domains, like i have to post a comment from my blogspot account(which i now dont update!) because your blog would not accept comments from wordpress!

pleeeeeeeeaaaase! :)

Hetro said...

Socha Na tha....Hmm awesome movie but i guess predictable. My quirky choice of a movie which flopped and i watched (and can still watch) countless number of times is 'Hum Saath Saath Hain'....tried to reason this one out with friends but got no answer except maybe Sonali Bendre.

CodeSmith said...

Mera naam Joker (One of the greatest movies I have seen)
Dil Se (Great again)
Khosla ka Ghosla (Awesome real life comedy, skillfully blended within the tragedy of the characters.)
Andaz Apna Apna (It deserves to be running forever in the theaters man!)
Jo Jeeta wahi sikandar
Socha na tha

...and many more.

Divya said...

Fida! Fida! Not Fiza :(
Fida had an irritating Kareena, and Shahid, and Fardeen, remember?
For the record, I thought Fiza was awful! :D

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... I agree with you. :) Lekin bechara Saif never gets the girl! :/

Beep! Disqualified! Critics liked it! :P

Haha! Never heard of either one! :p

Arre! What do I do if you only pick critically acclaimed movies? :P
PS: Tyagi was rocking! :D

Ah! I had a friend who loved it. I used to say "Tera dimaag kharaab hai??" :P :P :P

//please accept bloggers form other domains

Sure!! I'll figure out how to do that and do it asap! :)

HSSH?! Hahaha! One more slap to Karishma Kapoor! Possibly her most irritating role? :D

Hey! Jo Jeeta was so not a flop!! :O

Ah!! Fida! Sorry sorry! The one where Kareena emerges from behind Fardeen in the bathroom! Yeah, I thought it was quite different. Liked the end where he just donated all the money. :)
PS: I wanted to slap Hrithik for Fiza. I only watched it for Saluja! :P

Anish said...

Ellos !

shub said...

Banaras. No, seriously. I thought Urmila's kracter was really well-defined.


Stupidosaur said...

Chupke Se.

I knew the movie I wanted to put here but could not cos I could not even remember the name.

1) Liked the pretty and talented new actress, and the goofy yet elegant character she plays in the movie. Wonder where she disappeared after that.
2) Om Puri's role as a bhai who was disgruntled because media did not give enough attention to his crimes was funny.
3) There were no villians really.
4) The plot was something I have never come across earlier.

Stupidosaur said...

O bhai I just went reading the comments. Someone already mentioned that movie! And you said you never heard of it? Haaaaaaawww!

You should come live in India, then not take any cable connection, nor any pay channels in Direct To Home broadcast service.
Instead just fit a DTH dish antenna on the terrace. So you will get to see only the 'free to air' channels. One of which is Zee Smile, which I think features this movie at least once in a month.

Stupidosaur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stupidosaur said...

Yeah swaabhiman was the only soap I ve followed I think. Not because I was 'into' it, but because thats what was on TV when I ate lunch coming back from school.

I think I will stop this multiple comments at the tail-end by this tailed being. I think it is becoming a regular and irritating feature at this bar..

anshuj said...

Did I hear Fiza?
Oh man!! what a movie, I totally ruined one of the valentines day 'coz I went with friends to watch the movie ( as if I had anything better to do at that time), anyway in retrospect movie feels hilarious.

Hrithik training like hell for what, shooting somebody with gun? And I can't suppress a chuckle whenever I think of that Saluja-Roshan showdown. Saluja meek as a rat, is prepared to leave Karisma alone just for asking. Hello, is that why you're trailing her like a car tied with rope all through the movie? And it all came from a seasoned movie critic...ah well, some people should leave that camera alone I suppose.

Urv said...

Yeh hamari tauheen hai.. :)

Soham Shah said...

1. Azzadi ki Aur: It was a movie about monkey-couple .. Awesome movie to watch .. Monkeys and other animals were talking in human voice showing emotions, anger and laugh .. Superb movie ..

2. Vishwatma : Super flop but I loved it ..

3. Aaj ke angarey: Kid movie with some scary fighting scenes ..

4. Hu tu tu: tabu, nana patekar and sunil shetty at their best .. A GUlzar movie but it flopped ..

Kanan said...

Wow @ aaj ke angarey. You still remember that? It was such a fun movie, wasn't it! I also voted for that one here.

Btw, did you know I made a post on Aazaadi Ki Aor almost a year ago? If you or anyone else for that matter know whether we can buy this one in stores in India or special order it somehow, please let me know. I contacted Door Darshan but they won't respond back. :(

Iya said...

lol..yes Zakhm... see even i dont remember the name..all i remember is that it was an awesome watch...
BTW i am coming to Singapore later this month..any tips on something i shouldnt miss...

Soham Shah said...


Well I loved aaj ke angarey .. Archna puran singh as a school teacher and other kids .. I alsmost cried when those Sikh-couple died helping those children to cross the two mountains ..

@azadi ki aur : I too am in a seach of that movie .. I need it badly .. I read ur post and I too watched it on doordarshan .. it was a ral treat to watch but i think it has vanished with time.. we wont be able to get it back .. sad part of the story, I guess..

Adorable Pancreas said...

Uh, sorry, late entry.
I loved Mast. It nearly came to blows when I said i liked it better than KKHH. God, I HATED that movie.