Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obsession of the month

Starting a new label at the bar -- obsession of the month. I don't know how to embed audio, so I'm embedding the video, but I couldn't care less about it. In fact, the video may ruin the song for you -- the singer kinda looks like a cross between Emraan Hashmi and Himesh Reshammiya.

Close your eyes and listen... just listen...


salingPUSA said...

My mind cannot understand any word but my heart can definitely feel the emotion and the peace it could bring......
Can you translate in english the main message of the song? I think it is very good......

Nice blog you have here. I will add you in my blog list okay.....

mythalez said...

or silver?? !!

Prats said...

Obsession of the month Zara thoda detailwa main explain kariye na!!!

Ha ha ha Where on earth did u find this???

Bronze is mine!!!

Navin said...

Yes..... This one's a great song.... Actually one of my friend gave me the whole 'Saagar' album to which this song belongs..... 'Saagar' can arguably be one of the best debut albums from any bands. The other songs of the album are quite good too..... in particular the 'Tere bina jeeya nahin jaaye' song. 'Khamaj' -- this song is sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali (lead singer of "Fuzon" band) who is also the playback singer of the popular songs "Mitwa...." from Kabhi Alvida na kehna and "Yeh Honsla" from Dor. Try and get hold of this album, I bet you will love it....

basskeyz said...

Awesome song...actually this song was also song by another awesome singer..something you might have seen on related videos on Youtube

mathew said...

my obesession of the month

Tejal said...

omg..i cant belive it..i'm so obsessed with this song myself..i loaded it on my fone n ipod lik yesterday! :D Heard it first in Hyderabad Blues 2.. wahin se i searched lik crazy for this song n came across Fuzon :)

>>Jass<< said...

Good one! Now if only i can get my hands on the mp3!

P.S: Piracy is a crime! :P

Boundless Eccentricity said...

Its an absolutely wonderful Blog u have there. The song's name is "Khamaj". If the sings are going to be this good,then please make it obsession of a week. :)
Do give a look to "Sun charkhe de mithi mithi" by Sonu Kakkar from the album Miit.

Sree said...

Absolutely lovely.The sound of guitar is awesome.
Good pick.

Iya said...

what sone is this???
my browser doesnt alow me to view videos...

Stupidosaur said...

Do you have a new nickname - the month?

Sanket said...

Beautiful song!
And you are right, the video doesn't make any sense!

Yogita said...

Very beautiful song! Listened and enjoyed as per instructions in the article :)

rt said...

I read the title as obsession for the mouth!??!
wonder what you can write about it ;)

haven't listened to the song yet but will sure..

Sayesha said...

Hey welcome! The song is being sung by someone whose loved one is sulking and not talking to her. (Yes, her. I's a girl's song, sung by a guy. Not an uncommon phenonmenon.) :)

Let the newbie take the gold ya? :P

This tag will feature anything that I am obsessing over in that particular month. This month, it's this song. :)

I heard someone singing this on Saregampa and went nuts. Shub passed me the MP3. :)

Yep, that's right. :)
PS: I have all the songs you mentioned. But I'm not a fan of Mitwa for some reason. :)

Yeah, I saw this, but recently another singer on Saregamapa sang this better than Amanat! Almost like the original! :O

Hehehe... the tag is contagious eh? :)

Awesome song na??? I just can't get over it! :)

Mere paas MP3 hai.
PS: Piracy is a crime! :P

#Boundless Eccentricity,
Welcome and thanks for commenting. :) Will check up the charkha song.

Precisely! I LOVE the guitar work in this one! :)

It's Khamaj by the Pakistani band Fuzon.



//Listened and enjoyed as per instructions in the article :)

Hehehe! You're too cute, Yogita! As per instructions it seems! :P

Obsession for the mouth would be pani puris yeah? :P ~ ~ ~