Sunday, August 10, 2008

You are the dan-Singh Kinng!

Random thoughts after catching 'Singh Is Kinng' yesterday...

  • KiNNg???!!! Noooooooooooooo! Why the typo, why???? At first I suspected this to be Ekta Kapoor's handiwork, but then if she'd been involved, the movie would be called 'Singh Is Kkkking' instead, and people would have thought it was 'Singh Is Kicking'.

  • Watch out for a hilarious disclaimer about a hen before the movie begins. They might as well have said, "Maneka, relax."

  • It is SO refreshing to watch a movie where a sardaar is not the butt of all jokes, but is actually the lead, the stud, the dude who kicks ass.

  • Only Akshay Kumar could have pulled off this one.

  • Akshay Kumar has really white teeth.

  • Katrina Kaif is just so super gorgeous -- it's unbelievable that anyone can look so good.

  • It's a pity she can't act. At all.

  • There should be a restraining order against her speaking in Hindi.

  • I could not believe they actually had a scene where Akshay is on a speedboat and is being shot at from all directions, and Katrina puts her head out of the helicopter above and yells out, "Happy, yeh log tumhe maarne ki koshish kar rahe hain!" DUH! DUH! DUH! *thunks head on wall*

  • The movie is overall not that great, but there are some super hilarious moments. Timepass hai, but better than typical Anees Bazmee movies.

  • In many scenes, the movie reminded me of Namaste London.

  • Rahat Fateh Ali Khan should SO not sing for Akshay Kumar! Like Viv says, and I agree, his voice is suited for background songs like 'Main jahan rahoon'. No actor can pull off lip-synching to his voice.

  • Did anyone else get the forward below? Sheesh. Click on it to enlarge it.

  • Sonu Sood is slowly redeeming himself, first with Jodhaa Akbar and now with this, after the horrible Aashiq Banaya Aapne.

  • I thought there would be some twist to explain Javed Jaffrey's double role, but there wasn't.

  • I wonder how they got Snoop Dogg to agree to do the item number. Maybe he didn't see the 'H' in 'Singh' and thought the movie was about him? I also wonder how much they paid him to sing for what he called 'Pun-job'?

  • Kirron Kher is back as the loud Punjabi mother. As is Neha Dhupia as the slutty actress-wannabe.

  • I was actually glad there were English subtitles. Some dialogues were in such pure Punjabi and said so fast, I wouldn't have followed them otherwise.

  • Om Puri was so wasted.

  • Ranvir Shorey actually looked good. I am actually offended on his behalf that they call him Ugly in Ugly aur Pagli?

  • The whole Egypt angle was just to shoot the item numbers in front of the pyramid. I didn't know people in Australia preferred to go to Egypt to study law.

  • I want the yellow dress Katrina wore in the scene where Ranvir Shorey slapped Akshay Kumar! I want I want I want!


Kanan said...

Gold for me? haila! :D

I can't wait to watch the movie now. Thanks Sash, for the awesome review.

Kanan said...

Btw, the forward photo is hilarious. Who creates all these? I remember a few years back there were qawwali pics of Bush and Musharraf making rounds like this. So funny... :D

shub said...

OMG! the title!!!!

Sayesha said...

Hehe... I must warn you though - Viv fell asleep midway. :P The movie is okay-okay but some parts had me in splits. :D

//Who creates all these?

Hehehe! Just yesterday, a bunch of us were discussing the exact same thing! :)

Abbe?! Yeh kya comment tha? Movie's title or post's title? Good or bad? :/

Trinaa said...

"Akshay Kumar has really white teeth"???!!!! ...hahahhaha :))

mathew said...

yet to catch up with the movie..but the hype that is generated abroad truly makes you want to!!;-D

Prats said...

Oh you watched it....
I cudn't get the tickets.... booohooo

I went out in the rains stood in front of PVR expecting some tickets because of cancellations or current bookings. Nothing to my luck and I ended up watching The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor Movie.

Such a dumb movie, quiet a torture. Aur torture se bachane ke liye na mummy aayi na daddy Sob, sob

mythalez said...

rofl at the 'other' poster .. didn't notice the change and then did a double-take :D

hmm .. ur review makes me feel like watching the movie .. strangely the only hindi movies i seem to watch lately belong to akshay kumar :-s

Anonymous said...

I got to see it, phokat mein, so found it ok...

Oh yes, Katrina does look gorgeous, especially during the Egypt songs/scenes. And knowing they shot those songs in 48 degrees C, particularly amazing!

Also, I thought Neha Dhupia was good and played her role to a T.

parikrama said...

It's quite easily the most hideous movie I have seen in recent times.

I am still unsure who/what was more hideous :

- the movie unfolding on the screen OR

- the movie audiences who were falling off their chairs at each brainless gags (just to mention one such scene, the sight of a Akshay Kumar peeing in other guys face)

Call me uptight,if you must, but i didn't laugh at single gag (except maybe at the Amritsar Express baggage disclaimer line, & the Pankaj Udhas character thread) .

The only word of appreciation which came out of my mouth was at the end, when the credits rolled and I uttered an audible "Fu#$" realizing, how I have been duped royally by the media hype yet again (Black Knight, being the other recent one!)

Tarun said...

Awful movie this.
I was so happy seeing "The End" of this film.


Iya said...

hey..thank god i had already seen it before visiting your page..reason being i so dislike reviews...i liked the movie for the fact that its just so brainless nautanki...people who are looking for logic shud run away from this one...
but interesting to note that u watched it with in b'lore people are not so lucky !!?? and i couldn't help wonder how the heck are they even gonna get the humour of it...
good for me that i am a punjabi...

Sayesha said...

He does! :D

Well, it's not a great movie, but I found some parts funny. :)

Hahaha! I heard The Mummy was horrible.

Actually I'm not into Anees Bazmee movies at all, but I'd watch Akshay Kumar in any movie. :)

Yeah, even I found it okay.

//And knowing they shot those songs in 48 degrees C, particularly amazing!

Ooh, her make-up man must have been one busy person! :D

You went for an Anees Bazmee movie, my dear. What else were you expecting? :)

//(Black Knight, being the other recent one!)

You mean The Dark Knight? You didn't like it???? :O :O :O

Haha! Mine was hardly a review, just random points. :)

//i liked the movie for the fact that its just so brainless nautanki...people who are looking for logic shud run away from this one...

Totally true!

//but interesting to note that u watched it with subtitles

Yeah, they have English subtitles for all Hindi movies here - they're quite popular with the Malay (and some Chinese too!) people here.

parikrama said...

It's my mistake totally, for not having done homework on Anees Bazmee ! Haven't seen Welcome, No-Entry, Namaste London (not sure if that too is by Bazmee)..

Well in my defence I could say, it was Friday evening, I was alone & chronically depressed and my office is along Beach Road :)) So i did the mistake of popping in for a quick fix of bollywood magic @ Jade. By the time the movie finished my depression had quadrapuled. So on my way back, I picked up 2 bottles of Carono beer to drown my misery! The beer, thankfully, did the trick. Next time i will just stick to the booze and steer clear of movies by this Bazmee guy.

Amey said...

Owww... my eyes... Which devil's workshp was used to create that second poster? As if I needed another reason not to watch Singh is Kinng.

Stone said...

hmmm not sure about Rahat Fateh Ali Khan bit, if Adnan Sami's or Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's voice can be lip-synced than anything is possible.

I'm not going to watch this one for sure :-)
Waiting for 'ROCK ON' with massive expectations :-)

Sayesha said...

No Entry and Welcome were BLEEEAAARGHHHHH! :S I found this much better than of his other work!

//Next time i will just stick to the booze and steer clear of movies by this Bazmee guy.

Hehehehe! Yeah, sounds like a plan. All his movies have the same stuff anyway. :)

Hahahahahahahaha! :D

//if Adnan Sami's or Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's voice can be lip-synced than anything is possible.

That's true...

//Waiting for 'ROCK ON' with massive expectations :-)

Yeah! I LOVE Farhan Akhtar as a director (just watched Lakshya again), hope he doesn't disappoint as an actor! :)

Rohan said...

I just saw the movie yesterday ! I thought it was fantastic. I walked out with a huge smile on my face !!

Sure, the script the acting and everything technical about the movie/story/script was shoddy but who cared - it was very entertaining ! I was entertained. Paisa vasoool ! I was 'Happy' !


Anonymous said...