Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quirk work

Chirpy-Paaro has tagged me.

The rules for this tag:
1) Link the person who tagged you.
2) Mention the rules on your blog.
3) Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4) Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5) Leave a comment on each Tagged blogger's blogs, letting them know that they have been Tagged.

Now the term 'unspectacular quirk' has confused me so I am just going to list my quirks and hope that they are sufficiently unspectacular to fulfil the conditions of this tag.

1. I have zero tolerance for people who have no respect for time. I get mad when I am made to wait endlessly. I'd rather go to a movie by myself than with people who I know will make me miss the trailers.

2. I have ACHOO. It amuses Viv to no end.

3. I am terrified of becoming unfit.

4. I like to do a lot of things, and I like the challenge of making time for them in my life. When I don't have a lot of things to do, I feel jobless. Useless.

5. I feel giddy when I talk to people who work with numbers - insurance agents, house agents, bankers, etc.

6. I love shoes. When the stock of my 25 pairs of shoes starts dwindling, I start to panic. My shoe-rack can hold 20 pairs, 7 pairs are under the bed. Of course, I'm not entirely heartless, Viv gets space on the shoe-rack too.... erm, for 2 pairs. But then, that's all a guy needs, doesn't he? :P

I tag: anyone who is reading this and hasn't blogged in a month. Muahaha! :D


venkatesan said...

Hey, Gold again

mythalez said...


and a girl having too many pairs of shoes is actually a quirk? .. i know so many girls with this habit that i thought it was the norm !!
This is not to say that I can comprehend why they have so many pairs! :P

Nidhi said...

Bronze again...
Now lemme read the post!

Amey said...

Oh, so you go achhooo because you have ACHOO? Can't think why this is amusing to anyone :|

Sayesha said...

Hmm... wondering if you actually read the posts. :)

"Unspectacular" quirks, remember? ;)

Go go go! :D

Yes, everytime I step out in the sun and go ACHOO!, he looks at me, very amused. :)

chirpy-paaro said...

I completly share 6th point with you... with only one added benefit that my hubby also loves buying shoes... :)

rt said...

(un)fortunately I blooged 2 days ago only!!
So I am untagged(is it a word?)!

rt said...

I like ur way of making non regular bloggers to put a post!

satish said...

I like ur way of making non regular bloggers to put a post!

or is bhai too old now to actually choose and then notify people?

Iday said...

WHAT??? 2 pairs???? You really ARE hearltess!!! You've deprived him off an opportunity to have an "unspectacular quirk" ;P
Poor Viv!

BTW - I have 6 pairs of shoes ;) And no, i did not include my 2 pairs of soccer cleats :P Neither did i count the 2 pairs of chappals! And I dont have a shoe-rack ;) I guess that qualifies to be a "spectacular" quirk!

Prats said...

Poor Viv bhai!!! Just two...Not done..not at all...

Urv said...

Hi Bhai. Thode dino ke liye baar mein aa nahi paaya.. Health ki thodi vaat lageli thi :)

Same pinch for #1 :)

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... you must have two shoe racks then. :)

You just got saved then! :P

//I like ur way of making non regular bloggers to put a post!

Thank you. :)

*rolls eyes and decides not to waste words*

He gets space for 2 pairs yaar! Not like he HAS 2 pairs! :P :P

Read reply to Iday above. :)

Aao thakur! Abhi tabiyat theek thaak hai? Itna talli nahin hone ka re! :P

Urv said...

Haan abhi better hai ji.. Kya kare aaj kal Ugly Pagli ke gaane kuch zyaada sun raha hun.. :)