Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shooting for the stars

Day 1
Me - Hey Viv, how do you think India will do in the Olympics?
Viv - Hmmm...
(Anything that doesn't involve cricket or F1 doesn't get much of his attention.)
Me - I think we'll get at least one gold.
Viv - Really?
Me - Yeah. Feels like it.

Day 2

WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dhakki tiki dhakki tiki dhakki tiki!
And... Finally I get to yell "GOLD!!!!" in the bar! :P


Kanan said...

Congrats to us. Wow! and gold for me too! ;)

manju said...

A proud moment for all Indians :)

Nidhi said...

I shot for the bronze (and silver too...since it is unclaimed) :)

Swathy said...

jai ho!!!jai ho...
hindustan ki..
hindustaniyoon ki..
I have been jumping up and down with glee!!
jub se hume sone ka medal mila!!
once more bhai..
dhakki tiki..pls..

Prats said...

Interestingly his father has given him a 200 cr hotel as a prize for winning gold... :-O. Shooting is a game of riches ain't it, bhai?

ferret said...

and something similar happened with me too,, just day before talking to two non-desi friends, they asked me how it was at olympics for india,,, and i said probably we'll get a medal in rifle shooting!! so if we put both our minds together we have something very cool at hand :D

SRK said...

The best part about this pic is that silver medal Chinese-looking guy looking wistfully at Bindra's gold... probably thinking "kaash yeh mera hota..."

mebbe u shud ping him next time u post, so that he atleast gets to yell "Gold"

~anu~ said...

and did you get a chance to catch the presentation ceremony! it was so awesome to hear jan-gan-man being played there!! reminds me of the scene from chak de - pehli baar ek gore ko tiranga phehrate dekh raha hoon :)

Sanchit said...


i can yell it in the bar even after not posting the first comment.. :)
and yeah abhinav looks so so so dazed...

chirpy-paaro said...

When i first read it on Rediff..I though they kindd joking ...But no...Yippee we won...

Bivas said...

kal poora din ofc mein mast mahaul tha after the news came in...
heard that Mr.Zhu cried when he didn't win the gold...
amazing effort by AB...for a change that name wud be Abhinav Bindra ;-)
Congrats to sab :D

mathew said...

Last I heard there were Suresh Kalmadi cut outs as targets for AB boy's rifle and that did the trick!!

Nidhi said...

Congrats to All the Indians :) Lets now hope for more :D

chanakya said...

the best best part.
The playing of the Indian National Anthem in the Chinese capital :D

Boy has the guy worked hard. He was suffering from spinal sprain last year I think. All of a sudden the focus is on the rest of the Indian contingent.

Anonymous said...

congratulations!!! woot woot!

Iday said...

Yeah - great news. But we must remember that this does not mean sports in India has suddenly become good. The dude had a rich dad who spent the $$$ and he practiced outside India. This is definitely not a result of the system (if at all there is one), but a result of hard work by one family and the individual. I'm laughing at all the "important" people basking in his glory :)

mythalez said...

well ..
1996 - bronze
2000 - bronze
2004 - silver
2008 - Gold ... natural progression :P

Sayesha said...

Aha! Gold par gold! :D


Hehehe! :)

*shouts slogans with Swathy*

Whoa! Heard Laloo gave him lifetime first class rail travel. Lekin yeh train mein kya jayega - yeh toh udega abhi! :D

Hahaha! Joint venture.. rags to riches... I like! :P

Hehehe... I heard he cried and cried and cried....

Nope, didn't catch it. :(

Yell karne ko tu kuchh bhi yell kar sakta hai yaar! :P

Hehehe! Why would they joke in August yaar? :D

//kal poora din ofc mein mast mahaul tha after the news came in...

Waaaaa! Kaash mere office mein mast mahaul hota... needless to say no one in my office cares. :/

Bechara! :P

Yeah!!! More! Yeh dil maange more! :D

It's all paid off! First individual gold everrrrrrrrrrr! :D :D

Thank you! You're the first Singaporean who has congratulated me! :D

Arre yaar! Itna soch mat. Just celebrate! :D

Hahahaha! So what's next? :P

Suma said...

feels great, doesn't it?

Ravi said...

Heard the Gold news and the first thought that came to mind was the Coke jingle...
"Jashn Manale...waqt yeh na rukna hai...aaj tu jashn manale!!"

Though ...like someone said already...its an individual effort.It was not because of the system.Lets just keep it as triumph of an individual and his support staff and not of the OTHERS who basked in that glory!!

AB rocks!!

parikrama said...

Rejoice all over again !! India's medal tally, in Beijing, went up to 2 (technically i.e.). There is one Raj Bhavsar in US Men's Gymnastic team and they won the Bronze Medal. If the Chinese dude in the US Team had not messed up on Pommel Horse, they could have very well won the silver. Bechaara Raj, tsk tsk.

Art said...

thats awesome :)

chanakya said...

Indian Americans don't count.
Second generation Americans I mean

gugun said...

"dhakki tikki" .... :D haha .. my sentiments exactly at the moment!! :D

Iday said...

What celebrate? I'm probably one of the 3 Indians in Chile. We cant even fill a cab, if at all i meet the other two that is! If at all there are 3 Indians in Chile, that is!!!

Will celebrate well once I reach Chicago and meet my super excited friend who's been "yaaaaaay"ing from the moment the dude went on the podium :)