Monday, August 25, 2008

Calling names

So the Tiny Tapori has acquired the ability to answer simple questions.

Me - Hi Aishu, how are you?
Aish - I am fine thank you you are welcome.
[Yes, we're still working on deleting the 'You're welcome' part of her answer.]

Me - Aish, what are you doing?
Aish - I am playing with blocksh!

Me - Aish, what are you doing?
Aish - I am listening to myoozheek.

Me (Sholay ishtyle) - Aish, what is your name?
Aish - [says her full name]

Me - Aish, what is your dad's name?
Aish - [says her dad's full name]

Me - Aish, what is your mom's name?
Aish - [says her mom's full name]

Me - Aish, what is your Mausa's name?
Aish - [says Viv's full name]

And then finally I get to the best part.

Me - Aish, what is your Mausi's name?
Aish - *pause*
Me - Aish, come on. What is your Mausi's name?
Aish (almost a whisper) - Jhingalaka.
Me (to sis) - Huh?? What did she just say?
Sis - Erm... Jhingalaka.
Me - What?! What the heck is Jhingalaka?? Who taught her that??
Sis - I don't know!
Me - But she said everyone's name correctly!
Sis - I know...
Me (accusingly) - Did you teach her that???
Sis - Noooo!!
Me (distraught, tries again with hope) - Maybe I didn't hear it properly. Aish, what is your mausi's name?
Me - Sigh...

Wait till you grow up, you little imp. Jhingalaka Mausi has something to say to you. :/


Tejal said...

OMG GOLD AGAIN!! twice in a fortnight.. i must be gettin really lucky!!

Tejal said...

or maybe bcoz nowadays i'm online 24*7 thats why :P
"Jhingalaka Mausi "??!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
*points and laughs*
*keeps laughin*

Tejal said...

and i hereby claim Gold, Silver n Bronze!! ha! :P to Bindra!

~anu~ said...

wow! that's a sweet name :D

Tarun said...

Bhai this can go down as Tata Sky;s Ad.

Isko laga daala toh Life Jhingalala ......


mythalez said...

kids can be so true sometimes right? :P
%%running away before the newspaper makes its way %%

Prats said...

Jhingalaka Mausi.......
Awesome!!!! I somehow like this name...

This is to better than sholay wali mausi!!!

now on the bar would be called as

ani said...

can't stop laughing!! this beats hands down the "gulaabo masi" that i am plagued with!!! :D :D :D

Urv said...

Aah.. So now I know your real name :P Maybe Aishu was trying to sing the song Jhingalala ho ho.. Jhingalala ho ho.. :D

l_0oio0_l said...


(Gabbar ishtyle!)Dekha...Mere naaam ka band baja ne ka anjamm ...DEKHA!!!!!

aab to ye kuch saal tak to chalega he.....aur lifetime bhul nahi paoge tum!!!

hahahah yeah ye sahi hai .....Isko laga life jhingalala....hahaha

Reema said...

HAHAHAHAHA LOL :D its like Viv replacing lyrics! Aish replaces Sayesha with whatever it sounds like to her. :P

Stupidosaur said...


Hmm sound of 'money' ;)

Should I delete this comment?

Stupidosaur said...

Hmm she knows Jhingalaka is a fun word. Mausi is a fun mausi :)

Iday said...

So Jinga Bhai, I like this new name!
Why dont you change Shaz bhai to Jinga bhai. It will make you immortal - me telling you haan!!!

Stone said...


shub said...

Two words : Suits you :P

PizzaDude said...

Ok, this is going to be one of the things that I am going be laughing the whole day about randomly. Like the infamous 'typewriter slap'.

PizzaDude said...

Reminds me of the song 'Jumbalika Jumbalika'.

Bivas said...

:O :O :O
just that it reminds me so much of prawns!!!

aequo animo said...

Just the right name for you.;)

Ranjini said...

OMG....that was really funny...imagine a toddler coming up with that....I am sure she must have heard u use it sometime....hee hee....I cant stop laughing

Ranjini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sayesha said...

Hmmphh! Kar le point and laugh, ek din tera waqt bhi aayega! :D


Hahahahahaha! Sheesh! :D

My newspaper can fly, okay? There is no escaping the newspaper! :/

Hahahaha! I actually clicked on that link and guess what I saw?

Blog not found
Sorry, the blog you were looking for does not exist. However, the name jhingalakamausi is available to register!

Hahahahahahahahahaha! :D


Hey bhagwaan! That's the 'Hum bewafa hargiz na they' song, hai na???

Haan haan hans le. Badla le le. Khush?? :/


How is that the sound of money?? Tera toh dimaag satkela hai!

//Hmm she knows Jhingalaka is a fun word. Mausi is a fun mausi :)

Of course! Koi shaq? :P

Jhinga Bhai? Hahahahaha! I sound like a machhiwala! :D :D :D


Abbe chup! Teri baari aayegi, just wait and watch! :D

Hahahahahahha! Just saw your sms. I ruined another serious meeting of yours, didn't I? :D

Precisely! Macchiwali! Hahahaha! :D

#Aequo animo,
Thank you.

//I am sure she must have heard u use it sometime

Naah, I saw her last when she was 8 months old. Now she's 2. She lives on the other side of the world. :(

Nidhi said...

Baby Aish surely does have a creative mind ;)

Wat a unique and a flashy name for her maasi...

By the way wat did u do to get a name like dat for u in her mind ;)

Amrita said...

I'm delurking after a long time just to say that your blog is absolutely hilarious. Especially the 'Sayesha Smitten Showbiz Kitten' posts had my sister and I laughing till tears ran down our eyes. It's like someone took our conversations out of our head and wrote them up!
Excellent stuff!

Amrita said...

Sorry I meant 'tears ran down our cheeks'

Stupidosaur said...

Money is valuable and a 'mani' is invaluable. Jingle of money/mani = 'jinglaka'.

Do I need to spell out more allusions?

Pinku said...


The tiny tapori is awesome...and you know the name suits you quite well ;)