Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thought for food

Though I love to cook and at most times, am not entirely opposed to the idea of eating, I wouldn't call myself a foodie. I don't like a lot of things that many people like (ice-cream, cake, chocolates, pizza, nutty cookies) and I like a lot of things many people don't like (kang kong, broccoli). Lately, I have been having these very random, very mixed feelings on food (depending on my mood, what's cooking, and who's around), and I thought I should just blog them out of my system.

So here they are, my 25 cents on food:

Food is...

...the essence of life. everyday routine.

...the only thing to look forward to on certain days.

...a great avenue for family bonding.

...the window to a culture.

...a nuisance when you have no one to have it with.

...a factor that contributes greatly to the "It's lonely at the top" concept.

...a great way to get creative. ice-breaker.

...a tool to avoid awkward silences.

...a way of abusing the body.

...a welcome relief in the middle of a busy day. annoying interruption in the middle of a busy day.


...a way to take care of yourself.

...what some lives revolve around. avenue to be yourself.

...a perennial topic for books. times expensive and totally not worth it.

...a great source of delight, especially for guys.

...a way for us to have a say in how our body functions.



...yummiest when Mom makes it.


Sanchit said...

too good..
damn agree with the last line..

and yeah.. gold...

Unknown said...

Cooking is a stress Buster for me....
After a bad day in office, experiments with dinner makes my day....

Macho Girl said...

Food (almost) always makes me happy! :D :D :D Lately, i have become one of those who lives to eat :P with the exception of when i have nobody to have it with of course!

rt said...

Hum khaane ke liye jeetey hain!

mythalez said...

-- am slipping down the medal list .. 1 step at a time :D

wow, could identify with a lot of those points ..
and what!!! u dont like cake !!! how would you have survived in the mid 1700 in France :P

l_0oio0_l said...

Bhai ....aap sharmate kyo ho foodie baan ne se.....i dont think foodie has to like all kind of food! I think a foodie would just have a mindset like yours towards food! You know it how its related with us in so many aspects....and well everybody have their own likes and dislikes.....

Not many ppl would come up with so many things when talked about food!!

Wellll i have enjoyed many of your posts.....but well this bewda got fultu talli when talk came to food :-)...

dialog hai na ek philum mae.... Khavanu....Peevanu....ane Carom ramvanu.....Majjjjjjja Ni life! hahaha...

like one of your other is stress buster for me too..... after hard day at can get real me out when I cook dinner [:)]....ofcourse it doesnt work when you are the only person whoz gonna eat that food! haha...

oh btw ye to batana he bhul gaya.... if you would've been writing some column in some magazine i would buy that magazine just to read that column....flavors in this bar are excellent!

I have throughly enjoyed many of your posts....dialog bazzi wali ...fir the changes you dont wanna make after marryin somebody....and there are many more...


Stupidosaur said...

...something which I would not bother to eat if I did not have to.
...what constructs the me-engine as well as drives it.
...a problem for vegetarians who live amongst non-vegs
...cause of death of other living beings
...exorbitantly priced in 'top restaurants'
...what you are, because you are what you eat.
...what you are for cannibals.
...what I need to go and have now so will come back later.

Stupidosaur said...

Food is...
(now read above comment)

Prats said...

Food is
... The lunch box we used to take in the school

.... The mess ka khana which I always skipped

.... Roadside dhabas

.... Domino's Pizza

This is how the definition of food (specially lunch) has changed over years for me...

Swathy said...

food woh magic cheez hai jiske keval soch se shayad hum puri ki tarah phul jate hai..
jisko sungne se hi hum 2 kilo wazan aur zyada badha lete hai..
jisko khane se to poocho hi mut...:)

Swathy said...

I cant believ it..
no body claimed the bronze.
Hahahaha.. BRONZE!!!

. kya me sapna dekha rahi hoon?

Anonymous said...

You write very well! 'Have been reading your blog for a while now and enjoy every post. If you don't already write for a living, you may want to consider doing so. :)

VIDYA said...

hey sayesha :) my first time here...nice post... to me food is a lot of fun and happy times and cooking is 'enjoyable'- when done once in a while

Sayesha said...

Thanks. :)

That is true! :)

#Macho Girl,
//Food (almost) always makes me happy! :D :D :D

Hahahaha! :D

Shabash! :D

Hahahahahahaha! There was bread too, you see! ;)

| 0oio0 |,
Well, I think a foodie has to have interest in food, which I don't really have. :)

//ofcourse it doesnt work when you are the only person whoz gonna eat that food!

Yeah, that sucks bigtime! :/

//if you would've been writing some column in some magazine i would buy that magazine just to read that column....

I used to, but it was for 9-12-year-olds! Hehehe! :P

Ah, nice list! Tu vegetarian hai??

I want to eat roadside dhaba ka khana!!!!!!! :'(

Wah wah! What poetic expression, food will be damn happy to hear that. :P

Hey, welcome (formal one) to the bar! Glad you like the flavours. Yes, I do it for a living (I write books for kids in the weekends), but I write boring curriculum stuff. Kids don't like me. :|

Hey hey! So there's one more capital-letter Vidya in the bar! Welcome welcome! Thanks for commenting. :)

Stupidosaur said...


I used to each eggs chicken etc cos mother does. Father vegetarian.
I even had some bakra (I think) meat at a Muslim friend's house in school. But turned 'vegetarian' since 10-15 years. Don't eat any exclusive non-veg item.

(Which does not mean I eat only cake which is eggless ;) )