Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sash makes passes at guy with glasses

I am fully aware that this is a post that can help me set up a fultu sabzi mandi of rotten eggs and tomatoes, but I will say what I have to say.

'Cos I have to get it out of my system.

There's something I've been wanting to admit for a few days now. And it needs real guts to admit it.

When you like someone, you like someone. He/she can be the most dhakkan guy/gal on the planet, but you like him/her. Trying to find reasons why you like that someone will lead to nothing but a headache. Which is why, I refuse to analyse the un-me characteristic I noticed recently.

Last week, I watched Gangster. Because Rediff gave it a good review and I always go by Rediff.

I really liked the movie.

But more than the movie, I really really liked Emraan Hashmi.

No, that's not all.

Here's the clincher - I actually thought he looked sexy with glasses.

*ducks for cover*

During his debut days, when I'd first heard about the serial-kisser, smooch-machine, envy-of-guys, vacuum-cleaner, I swore to myself that I would never watch a movie in the theatre that had him in it.

But I did. And I'm proud to admit it.

I think I got a little goose-bumpy when I saw him in the song 'Tu hi meri shab hai'. I know it will pass. In about a month, I'll be thwacking myself on the head with a rolled-up newspaper and asking, "What the hell were you thinking, girl??" But as of now, I think there's something about him.

And I really like him. Strictly with glasses.

There. I've said it. Now is that so bad? :/


Macho Girl said...

glasses do make guys look good sometimes. there are only a limited number of them who can pull it off! :P

Macho Girl said...

hey!! what dya know??!! Me first!! World girl... PLEASE don't kill me! :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

tgfi grabs SILVER and runs.
hopes to knock down tgwstw on her way
hee hee hee

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

oh! the pics misled me!! sowwyy. this is what happens if you rush to comment for "gold!" without reading..huh..(how would i know??" ;)

i think *some* guys with glasses are totally sexayyy. but not this one, whosever mug you've up there. he's just sad, on so many levels.

PuNeEt said...

the movie was good no doubt...
after a long time imran hashmi looked better

R said...

sayesa bahin!!!
*angry luk*
singafurr mein yehi ho raha hai!!!
*strict luk, maxx waala*
abhi mausi koh batati hun!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!! You've lost it babe, comepletely LOST it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!! You've lost it babe, comepletely LOST it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!! You've lost it babe, comepletely LOST it!!

Anonymous said...

You did see the ponch na? :P

Anonymous said...

sorry for the spelling mistake... me and paunch don't go together... HAHAHAHA :D

Anonymous said...

and guess what? I've fallen in love with Saini Ahuja after watching the movie.

Restless said...

well...even i agree...he looked gud in tht movie..~grins~... yep..bcoz of glasses;)

Sahil said...

i disliked the movie.... after like a year I saw a hindi movie on the big screen, and for God knows what reason I chose Gangster..

and Emraan??? are you for real?? And I thought you had good taste man?

Anonymous said...

golly, why do you beat yourself up
for liking someone.

Oh, I get it you dont think
hez likable material.

On the contrary in my opinion most
actor/tresses aint, but most
ppl like them anyway,
you have just become one among us.

I do think he has a colin farrel
thing goin on with him and a
very similar notorious fame 2.

Fishy said...

Sayesha.....i have nothing to say...i am literally speechless, i mean wordless...the first thought when i saw the first picture on the post was...
if you had to have a thing for a guy from that movie... why not shiny ahuja??he's very cool, i think :) except for that one crying scene, more liver-wrenching, than heart-wrneching, what say??
despite the bad reviews and bad actors, i think its a nice movie.

Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

hmmmmmmm... *evil smile*

I've got glasses. Have a little success with kisses. Am just as tall as Mr. KissMe.... so u interested babe? You can get me at +91 11 100 ... nice number naa... VVIP hai :D

R said...

I don't plan to see the movie. I don't think I have the kind of patience to bear this jackass on the screen. But I'm glad you liked him. One more in his fan following. Good for him. And, ahem, you.

I remember screaming 'What?! Do you know the [beep] you just said?!'...when a batchmate [female] said.. 'I think I quite like Hashmi'.

Nirwa Mehta said...

Sayesha, it is absolutely normal...

I've had crushes on people I am too embarrassed to even admit! :P

And I really hope you get over your crush of Emraan Hashmi too.. He resembles an ape with a five pointed ends! :-)


Tarun said...

1. Love (read it as Crush) is blind ....
Galti insaan say he toh hoti hai ...

Anonymous said...

nahi bhai, love is short sighted, u need glasses for ur thoughts to clear out!

Rays Of Sun said...

Guys in glasses rock..and really think they look more serious and charming:-)

Preethi said...

No buddy, its not at all bad...
Guys with glasses tend to project a decent look.. Even I find them attractive once in a while...:)
And this Emraan guy is not as bad as I thought he was..
And the song - The first time I heard it at a disco here, I couldnt just stop dancing to it... Its just soo cool....:)

dharmu said...

me tooo, me tooo !!!
jeez,i watched that movie on friday and me say, that bugger looks quite decent wtih those glasses.

um... *ahem* guyz look cute with glasses,

Negative Creep said...

No fucking way. Sayesha, what have you been smoking lately? Emraan effing Hashmi? Sheesh, and i thought you had great taste.

Anonymous said...

Am so glad i've got company! *Giggle* Thank God for tht! I was thinking i was abnormal ;)

And that Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai song! Sigh!

Cant express things like u do, so cant tell u what i felt :)


Eclectic Blogger said...

u like emraan hashmi (i know with glasses u said, but still!?).. anyways i think glasses even give playboys an intellectual look.. mebbe thats y :).. but did u still say u like emraan hashmi!?

Lalit Singh said...


how cd u sash?? how cd you...
Emran Hashmi of all the people...

Issued in public interest:
Dont drink n blog!!

Rays Of Sun said...

Hahahahha ROTF @ Lalit's comment..I mean seriously Vaccum cleaner boy??:O

Sayesha said...

#Macho Girl,
Yes yes, only a limited number. And Emraan in Gangster is one of 'em! :)
ps: Run, World Girl is coming for you! :D

#Ipanema Girl,
Hahaha! Finally you beat her, eh? :D
Now say that Emraan in glasses rocks, or give me the silver back! Hmmmph! :/

Yeay!! Validation! That too, from a guy! Yeay! You're my bestest buddy Puneet! :P

#Raam Pyari,
Offo har baat par dhamkati rehti hai?! Escalator wala scene bhool gayi kya?
*evil grin max wala* :D

I guess if you had to say it thrice over, I must have lost it! :P

His paunch?? Arre that was slight only... a week of gymming and it will gone! :D

//me and paunch don't go together

Ooh la la. Too bad you don't wear glasses, eh? ;)

Hmmm... Shiney Ahuja shines as long as he keeps his mouth shut :P

Muahahahahaha! :D You're de best! :D

I do have good taste, buddy. You don't. That's why you didn't like the movie. :)
ps: Emraan in glasses rocks! And I don't need to explain myself! :/

Naah, it's not like I don't think he's likeable material... it's just that I know I won't like him forever :P

Bad reviews?? I thought all reviews were good man! Yeah, Shiney is good as long as he keeps his mouth shut... his dialogue delivery is quite terrible :)

//I've got glasses.

Five points. :)

//Am just as tall

Five points.

//Have a little success with kisses.

What? How many women have you kissed so far? Minus ten points.

Forget Emraan. Movie dekh le. Seriously achhi hai.


Galti??? Galti??? Yeh galti nahin hai Tarun, yehi sach hai, yehi sahi hai. Muahahahaha! :D

Wah wah! Kya theory! You mean I need HIS glasses for MY thoughts to clear out? Hahahah! :D

Egg-jactly. It's the sexy-serious combo that kills me man! :)

//And this Emraan guy is not as bad as I thought he was..

You said exactly what was on my mind :)

//that bugger looks quite decent wtih those glasses.

Dharmu meri jaan! Tujhe sau duaaen! :)

You have to:
1. be a chick
2. watch Gangster
to know what I am talking about :)

Yipppeeeeeeee! One more joins the gang(ster)!!! Yipppeeeee! :D

//anyways i think glasses even give playboys an intellectual look

Hahaha! Yeah, you're probably right. Two-in-one, eh? ;)

Oye! Jalte ho tum sab ladke Emraan se! Ha! :/

Baby tu Gangster dekh le... then you'll know what I'm talking about! :)

shub said...

yup he atleast doesnt look like some despo hero out of some b-grade flick....clean shaven n with glasses, he does look tolerable :)
and no, it isn't so bad!
few weeks and another movie will come along and he'll be back at his vaccuum cleaner act again...sans glasses and looking all seedy perhaps, and then ur bubble might burst...
so ogle at him all u want while u can princess :D

Anonymous said...

he's not the only one who needs glasses.. u do too :)

i'll say one thing for gangster though.. it's an ok movie with good songs. (better than some of the other crap that usually comes out like 36 china town)

Prayank said...

listening to a song more than 100 times ... watching the movie and falling for the serial kisser ... interesting

Now i have few thinsg to do
1. Watch Ganster
2. Buy a pair of glasses and try my luck

Sayesha said...

Hehe... yeah... enjoy it while it lasts, eh? :) Will get the DVD to save the crush in my memory :P

// he's not the only one who needs glasses.. u do too :)

Argh! :@

//it's an ok movie with good songs

I'd like to upgrade your review to 'It's a good movie with great songs.' :)

Hahahahahaha! Suddenly glasses are the 'in' thing, eh? ;)
ps: Do watch Gangster though. It's good.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

//Hahaha! Finally you beat her, eh? :D

arre sayesha! *high five!* i did exactly as you told me to and it worked!! chalo, am sending back advance, with some performance-linked-addition ;)

and perhaps i *may* throw in a few good words about that chasmish. lekin can't get myself to do it, yet.

virdi said...

Even commenting on such a post would be PAAP !!


Dexter said...

why do good girls always fall for bad guys? :D

btw, i have been wearing glasses since i was 1 and i have my own laboratory! impressed? ;)

Anonymous said...

Is the movie really that good? Hmmm, obviously it wasn't all that since it didn't make it to the cinemas out here:)
But Sayesha, Emraan? Shock, horror, dismay!!!

Unknown said...

LOL Sash :P

Hota hai, hota hai.. Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai! hehehe

When I hit the comments section, I wasn't sure what to write, so I'd thought il make my comment short & precise with just two words..
"No Comments" :P:P

hehehe. You had guts haan dear to accept this publicly :P

Take care,

PS: Vaise ek baat kahu, mayb it makes you feel better but makes me feel worse... Errr...
He does tend to luk cute in those glasses *trying to hide my face under the pillow*

Phew! Am not.. NOT gonna go to see Gangster, coz I dun wanna end up having a crush on him too! :P:P

Shriedhar said...

liked gangster. esp the 2 songs :)

on emraan-his specs-sayesha

no comments !! :-|

Fishy said...

C'mon i admit shiny ahuja can't cry, but have you watched "a thousand wishes like these"?? he rocks in that one too, and its not like the glasses help emraan's dialogue delivery :P
But this is the first movie i have ever watched of the "serial kisser" and i didnt have to walk out mid-way...
I hope you get better soon...hehehe i mean i hope he's back to his seedy looks, sans specs soon :D

Sudeep said...

he he.. i too heard the movie is gud

n might be Emraan looks gud in specs.. but did he remove specs while kissing? bichme nahi aaya kya chasma?

Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

Koi baat nahin... net net zero to mil gaya. And considering it to be my first positive score with a gal in a long long time... THANKS!! *takes a bow*

achcha ab kahan chalein ghoomne?

Sayesha said...

#Ipanema Girl,
Kyun meri waat laga rahi hai? Yeh World Girl phir se call karegi at 3 in the morning to take revenge! :/

Moorakh! Tujhse toh yeh maha-paap ho hi gaya na! :D

Am more interested in what you do in the laboratory! :)

You gotta watch it you gotta watch it you gotta watch it!! Get the DVD!

//You had guts haan dear to accept this publicly :P

Heheheh :P

//He does tend to luk cute in those glasses *trying to hide my face under the pillow*

Muahahahah! :D

//NOT gonna go to see Gangster, coz I dun wanna end up having a crush on him too!

Kya yaar, how disappointing... don't inhibit the true feelings of your heart, my child! :D

Bah! Another jealous dude! :D

Nope haven't watched Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi... heard it was good though... will catch hold of it :)

//its not like the glasses help emraan's dialogue delivery :P

Hey, they do make you take him seriously ok? :/

//I hope you get better soon...hehehe i mean i hope he's back to his seedy looks, sans specs soon :D

Awww come on! Don't kill my joy. :P

//but did he remove specs while kissing? bichme nahi aaya kya chasma?

Of course he removed them! :D

Zero positive kab se ho gaya?? Zero is zero. Not hero. Samjhe? Bade aaye ghoomne wale! :D

IndianArchie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
IndianArchie said...

Sayesha...I wear glasses too...Any chances of you liking me? I even have an extra pair in case you dont like my current ones. What say?

Musings that Amuse

Think Dull

How do we know said...

Man.. Shiney Ahuja ROCKS!! and Emraan... well, lets just say i got over my crush on him in this film, and acquired a crush on Shiney Ahuja..

Dev said...

Well, to tell the truth, this is the only Emraan Hashmi film I watched, and yes, because of rediff. I've no idea how he looks like without glasses ;)

P.S I got glasses... the same sorta pair Emraan uses in the film.
And I got it first *hmph*

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