Monday, April 24, 2006

Peas in a pod

So I stepped out of my office and was greeted by darkness all around.

Eh, but I thought I left on time?

I looked at my watch. 6:15 pm. Besides, I had just bumped into a colleague, who, just like me, likes to leave on time.

Oh, so it was the dark clouds.

It was raining pretty hard, and as I opened my umbrella and made my way to the bus stop, trying to dodge vehicles that generously sprayed me with a light brown liquid, I figured that my 'Rain playlist' was in order.

It started off with the semi-classical 'Megha chhayi aadhi raat', then went on to the elegant ghazal by Jagjit Singh 'Garaj baras pyaasi dharti par phir pani de maula'. Soon, the beautiful duet from Betaab 'Badal yun garajta hai' was playing, followed by 'Rimjhim rimjhim' from '1942 - A love story'. 'Pani pani re' from 'Maachis' followed shortly afterwards. Then there was Asha Bhosle's quirky 'Chhoti si kahani se, baarishon ke pani se'. There was no 'On the roof, in the rain' (Sorry, Shekhar!) but the playlist ended with Raveena Tandon's sexy 'Tip tip barsa pani' from 'Mohra'.

And I could not help but wonder at the features of this amazing instrument.

  • Huge database of all kinds of songs
  • Instant recall function
  • Free songs, accessible from any part of the world at any hour
  • No piracy or copyright infringement issues
  • No charging required
  • Instantaneous rewind, forward, pause, delete and restore functions
  • 'Ban singer' function
  • Shuffle option available
  • Sort by 'singer', 'genre', 'composer', 'album'. Also by 'mood' and 'weather'.
  • Instantaneous switch if you don't like the song
  • Switch to 'remix version' feature
  • 'Change singer' and 'change accompaniments' functions
  • All lyrics available
  • Create playlists anywhere and anytime
  • Does not take up any space in your bag
  • Available in every imaginable colour
The all-new "I"-pod
With features your iPod can only dream of.


The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Huh? What the hell is wrong with the drunkards at Sayeshaz? No one has come as yet? Weird. Chalo, mujhe kya? I got the GOLD!!!!!!!! Now, let me read the post. :D

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

*Speaks in a slow, sad voice* An I Pod? AN I POD??? I WANT ONE TOO!!!! *wails* I want an I Pod!!!!!! *Wipes off her unshed tears* I'll get it someday...aur woh bhi accha sa video waala. :P

Manish said...

How can you forget "Barkha rani zara jamke barso" and "aaj rapat jayen" and "dekho dekho dekho barsat ki jhadi" etc. etc.

also, what about poor souls whose "I" - Pod when switched on would give a complex to all the frogs around them.

jade said...

:) i love the song tip tip barsa pani.. i really wish it rained here in chennai.. even the thought is soothing..

S said...

You werent talking about a real i-pod, were you? U were talking about urself, right?

Got confused on reading the comments before mine! :)

Thanu said...

Free Ipod is every persons head and all the songs stored in it

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

kya sayesha!
our "little arrangement" is not working properly. that ...... girl got the gold? esp. when she's supposed to be "studying"??? naansense
kuch karna padega.
oh, and an "I"-pod like that, would need one thing, tho, intense focus.:-) i can imagine mine switching between songs like a radio scanning the stations...

direkishore said...

Huh! That only missed a melodious "Rim Jhim Gire Saawan.." by kishoreda.

Negative Creep said...

Christ! I just realized i don't know any rain-themed songs. I suppose Rain When I Die doesn't really count.

satish said...

and u also missed 'rimjhim gire saawan' from the movie 'manzil' (if i am not wrong.) so your I pod was really( I mean you were really singing aloud) yaa bus mann hee mann mein.

chaliye, happy I-poding.


Yes Sayesha, my friends at CTS had shown me their I-Pods, which they got from their company as a gift, when it became a billion dollar company. Great thing to store songs. Really.

Another song which you could add to your collection is "Sun Sun Sun Barsaat Ki Dhun, Sun" from film Sir of the 90s. Great composition and very correctly sung by Sanu-da my favourite singer.

Another one "Barsaat ke din aye, mulaquat ke din aye" from film Barsaat 2005.

bananapen said...

Errr I think it only works if your "I" Pod has a large memory... Mine is probably like 100MB or something so I'm sticking with my IPod! :P

bananapen said...

oops iPod (l.c.) I mean, heh.

Dev said...

An "I" Pod... hmm... I have one tooo!!!
What about English songs? U dont like 'em? :(
'Raindrops keep fallin on my head...' :)

justme said...

me still saving up money for my 1st IPOD.. or rather trying to save.. :-(


Janefield said...

Yes, a 'beautiful mind' does not need any electronic apparatus, however snazzy it might look!

Milind Sharma said...

only this much songs?
My PC has more than 5000 songs.
Instead of Pod purchase a computer and save as many songs as you can.

Why are you angry with me. Why you dont want me to read your website?
I did not write any bad things like others.

chandu said...

and u can add

instant composer also...depends on the mood though..

its me said...

wat abt "saawan barse tarse dil.." Akshaye Khanna and Sonali Bendre..that is one lovely song... nice tune and all that...
and no i wont comment about the iPod. mummmmyy i want one tooooo...

have read almost all your entries. they are good (understatement)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...


I did not write any bad things like others.

Geez, what do you mean by "the others"? No one writes bad things're accusing us of something which we've never done...*gasps audibly* :P

Milind Sharma said...

Arre no,
sorry world selling aunty,
I mean there are people who write that others dont write good.
In my web page there is a person who always comes and writes that I am stupid and what I write is bad. He also says same thing on my brothers site.
I wanted to tell that I have not written any thing like this bad person.I had been to your web page. It is good.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

You took it seriously? Relax. I was kidding, kid. :P

Raju Bathija said...

There should have been `Rim Jhim Gere Sawan' from Manzil (Lata's version) in your Rain playlist. But thanks for including two great RD Burman songs from Betaab and 1942 ALS. Meanwhile, I am waiting for my ipod ...

Sayesha said...

#The Girl,
Sheesh! I was not praising an iPOD baby, I was praising my "I"pod! :D

Hehehe... I only sang the rain songs I really like :)

//what about poor souls whose "I" - Pod when switched on would give a complex to all the frogs around them.

Hahahaha! :D

Yeah, tip tip barsa is a sexy song! :)

Hahaha! Yes I was talking about myself :)

Yeah, but most people don't use it on full volume you see! ;)

#Ipanema Girl,
//can imagine mine switching between songs like a radio scanning the stations...

Haha, mine does too! :D

Oh man how could I forget the ultimate rain song? :O

#Negative Creep,
WHAT? November Rain did not strike you??? :O :O :O

Mann hi mann mein yaar... if I sing in the bus aloud, I may just get arrested! :D

Errr... I was not talking about a real iPOD... but anyway :)

Yeah, sun sun sun barsaat ki dhun is a nice song. I have it in my actual iPOD. :)

Oh mine has a HUGE memory... goes into gigabytes :P

//oops iPod (l.c.) I mean, heh.

Hehehe... trust you to write l.c. :)

Naah, am not a big fan of English music... I only listen to a select few... I really like Richard Marx for some reason :)

My iPOD is not mine, it's borrowed hehehe... but my "I"pod is mine, you see! :D

#The Chosen One,
Wah! Well said! :D

Errr... I am not angry with you... I just think that you're too young to be here... and most of the time I dunno how to reply to your comments, bacha :)

Oh yeah! :D

Oh yeah! I like that song too, Sonali looked gorgeous in that! :)
ps: Thanks! :)

#World Girl, Milind
Why don't you take this lovely conversation elsewhere... hehehe!! I'm really age-ist when it comes to my blog :P

Yeah, I forgot that song! It's a beautiful one! :)

Anonymous said...

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