Monday, April 03, 2006

It's a date

They say the gym is a great place to meet cute guys.

So why doesn't it happen to me, huh? What happens to me is FNNLG. Sigh.

So I was really surprised yesterday to meet three cute guys in the gym.

Only problem was - I am as old as the sum of their ages.

So I am happily gymming away by myself, when I see this little tot with his nose pressed against the glass walls of the gym, watching me. I smiled at him. He was a bit taken aback first, then he smiled.

"Aunty, can we come in?" He asked hesitantly.

I did want to say the token "Aunty mat kaho na" but I realised it was best said in Hindi, but the little Chinese kid would not understand Hindi.

"We who?"

Oh, there he was, another little boy standing a few steps behind.

"Okay, come in." I invited them.

"Sure, ah?" He looked a bit apprehensive.

"Haha! Yeah yeah, sure." I laughed.

"She says - can go in and play!" He bellowed, and both of them tumbled into the gym.

Play?? What?? When did I say play??? :O

They started inspecting the equipment in excitement. Soon another kid had materialised outta nowhere!

Sheesh. What had I gotten myself into? Three kids in the gym with dangerous equipment all around is not a joking matter. I'd have gotten into trouble if their mothers were around. I started panicking a bit, and realised it was time to bring tough Sayesha out.

"Okay, listen up. If you guys want to 'play', you can, but you must not touch any buttons, or switch anything on without asking me. Okay?" I set the ground rules.

"Aunty, this is your shop?" One of them looked at me in awe.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! My 'shop'! I wish.

"No, it isn't."


"Then what?"

"Nothing... where you stay?"

"Block 2."

"Which level?"

"Level 6."

Whoa! Never had in the history of mankind a guy been able to get numbers from a girl so quickly.

"Aunty, can you put me on the seat?" One of them was already at the exercycle.

"Okay, you two, wait till I'm done. Don't touch anything."

I lowered the seat for the first chap, and started setting the programme to the mildest.

"So fast? See, 35!"

"Huh? 35?? Oh! Hahaha! That's the age setting." I hadn't gotten to the age setting yet.

"But I am not 35!!" He said indignantly.

"Really????" I exclaimed in mock-surprise.

"Yes, really!" He sounded almost offended.

"Wow, how old are you then?"

"I'm seven!"

"That's unbelievable. Hmmm... Let's set this to seven then."

So while this dude was happily cycling away, I turned to attend to the others.

One of them wanted to do the corded weights. There was no way he could have done it himself, even if he used the lightest weights. So I just let him hold the rod, while I pulled it myself.

"Very light leh!" He sounded disappointed.

"You want to try it yourself?"

"Yes yes!"

Well, obviously, he could not budge it.

"Can make lighter or not?" He smiled.



The third chap had travelled to where the big weights were. He pointed to the heaviest weights and asked, "Aunty, can you lift this one?"

"Hahahahahahahhaha! No, I can't."

"Then who can?"

"Other people."

"Other people who?"

"Those who come to the gym."

He looked puzzled at the thought that there could be other people there in "my shop".

After a while, they gathered around the posters of the body-builders and exclaimed, "Wow, look! So strong!"

Gosh, they looked so tiny and cute, looking at the posters of the oily and yucky musclemen. Damn, where is a camera when you need one?

One of them was pretending that the treadmill was a surfboard. He would just stand on it and enjoy the experience of being gently sent back. It thrilled him to no end. Of course, I made sure the speed was really really low.

In about ten minutes, they were sweating.

"Okay, I am very tired. Too much exercise." said one.


"Aunty, do you have water?"

"Yes, I do."

He walked over, stood next to me, looking up with his mouth open. So I carefully poured some water from my bottle into his mouth. Soon, the others queued up.

Singapore and queues... sigh.

The brats finished all my water.

"So thirsty, so tired!" they said. Then they went around inspecting the equipment again.

One of them tried to get on one of the machines but his legs were too short. And the seat could not be lowered any further.

"Aunty, aunty! Can you adjust for me?"

"No, I can't."

"Why not?"

"Because I can't adjust the length of your legs. You need to come back when you grow up."

"Can we come back tomorrow?"

Wow, that was ambitious.

"Err... I won't be here. But there will be other people."

"Why won't you be here?"

"Because I've to go to work."

He had a puzzled look, as if working out was supposed to be my work, and anything other than that was moonlighting.

"Then how?"

"Errr... how what?"

"When do we meet next?"


"I dunno..."

"When do you come here?"

"Weekends. And sometimes Mondays."

"How about next Saturday? Same time?"

"Saturday is good. But not same time." (I have to go to university next Sat.)

"Five o'clock how?"


They had a hurried conference to confirm the timing.

"So all of you live in the same block?" I asked.

"No, I live in a different block. But these two live in the same block. Because they are brothers, you see."

Hahahaha! Don't you just love how kids phrase their sentences?

Soon it was time for me to go back and start on my assignments.

"Are you done? 'Cos I have to go now." I told them.

"Go now?? So soon?? Are you going to lock the shop?"

"Yes, I am gonna lock the shop. So you need to clear your things. Your slippers are in that corner. Put them on." I instructed.

Never had I felt more teacher-like.

"And you, pick up your band-aid from the floor and throw it in the dustbin on your way out." I told another.

I switched off the TV and the airconditioner, and shoo'ed them outta the gym. To my utter amusement, they decided to hide in the toilet outside the gym, hoping that I would leave the gym open.

Kids are so damn innocent.

"We see where she puts the key. Then we take it from there." I could actually hear them talk as I locked the door. I pretended not to have seen them peering from behind the door.

They watched me lock up the gym, take the key and walk out.

"Where are you going now???" They shouted from behind.

"Home!" I shouted back.

Another hurried conference.

"Okay. Next Saturday? See you!" They said.

"It's a date." I said to myself. Even though I know they won't even remember.

But I will be there for the date, dressed to the nines, in my gym T-shirt, shorts and sports shoes.

Even though I know I'm gonna get stood up.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

awww no, no, they will be there.,i'll tell you. kids have a memory for such things too!
cute story, aunteeeeeee.....

gold gold GOLD

Meena said...

Heehee...Men! They will never change! ;o)

Fishy said...

i think kids are more trustworthy than you think...let us know if they show up or not :)

sriniketh said...

//Damn, where is a camera when you need one?

Next time please take the camera with u......would love to see their pics

jade said...

:D that was so cute. seriously kids make ur day:)

Mary said...

Awww.. that made my day just reading the post :) can't even begin to imagine how cute it must have been in real life!

Raj said...

They must have thought of you as a superwoman. "She owns the gym, works out and goes to work too" :P

So now we know that you would turn out to be a great teacher.

I hope you dont get stood up and have a great time on ur first date (its with 3 men tho *rasied eyebrow*).

Ajay said...

:) I cant help but smile

Everytime you hear small kids
.the girls go.. soo cuteee..

How much ever cute i do find the kids .. i go .. arrhhh..
somebody.. go for my ears ..

Nice write up..

n hey someday you could always pride yourself about havn got a date with three different guys for the same day....
n u dont really HAVE to mention the ages.. ;)

shub said...

incredibly cute! can I tag along on the date too next time!
I hoep u don't get stood would be too heartbreaking...!
well how i wish they turn up next Sat too, adn u blog about it! :)

Starbreez said...

Hee-larious stuff, good thing you were ultra-careful with the weights.

Vikram said...

Kids are too freakin' active... they keep jumping around all over the place...

aapne accha kaam kiya auntyji...

Sumedh said...

Cutie Pies:)

I love kids.Except when I don't have time, it can get irksome, but otherwise, they're sooooo cute :)

Rays Of Sun said...

How cute yaar!
I can imagine how they must be talking:)
Sach mein guys take forever to ask for numbers..they must learn from 7 year old brats:D and especially the technique:))

Rays Of Sun said...

Another reason for you to sweat it out in the gym next saturday and my gut feeling says that they will show up:D

tcr_79 said...

Very cute...

Prayank said...

very cute ... kids always give that 'koochi koochi' feeling ...

so now u r a Sat Eve 3 dates gal frm a FNNLG


You could have asked the kids to do some push-ups and sit-ups then they would not have asked you to come the next day to the gym.

They have liked their gym-aunty so much that I think, they are surely going to turn up the next Saturday.

Joy said...

So cute! You have actually sweet fans out there who innocently asked for your supply of mineral water! *lol*

This is my 2nd visit here. I enjoyed reading your entry.

Have a nice day!

mavj said...

they've got a crush on you =o)

trups said...

awww kids are really oh-shoo-cuuute!!! and i hope u dont get stood up!!!

Shruthi said...

Ultimately cute!!

Sayesha said...

#Ipanema Girl,
Kids have a great memory, but they also have a short-term memory... let's see on Saturday :)

Haha! Well said! :D

Ah, someone got a blogger account eh? ;)
It's not about being trustworthy, it's about the kids being too young to be able to keep appointments. :)

Hahaha! If Friday-night-no-life guy finds me in the gym with a camera, he will be so pleased! Hahaha! :D

Yeah, they do! :)

It was adorable! I had a tough time because I was trying to ensure their safety before enjoying their cuteness :)

//She owns the gym, works out and goes to work too

Hahahaha! I wish yaar! :D

//hey someday you could always pride yourself about havn got a date with three different guys for the same day....
n u dont really HAVE to mention the ages.. ;)

Haha! Great idea! :D

If they turn up, I'll surely blog about it :)

Yeah man... handling three lil kids is SO damn difficult... how do pple manage multiple kids man? :/

Aunty mat kaho na! :D
ps: Warna I'll make Vetaal out of the Vikram! :/

I agree 100%! :D

//Sach mein guys take forever to ask for numbers..they must learn from 7 year old brats:D and especially the technique:))

Hahahaha! MAst baat boli re! It's all about the confidence that woh number degi hi degi! No confidence, no number, hai na? ;)


Sheesh! Yeah! Maybe FNNLG will be jealous of my three dates! ;)

//You could have asked the kids to do some push-ups and sit-ups then they would not have asked you to come the next day to the gym.

Sheesh! :O

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Thanks for commenting! :)

OMG is that really you?? Finally decided to comment, eh? :)

//and i hope u dont get stood up!!!

Jo bhi hoga dekha jayega. You never know with men. :)



Yes, they have a crush on you Sayesha.

I remember that I too had a crush on my English Teacher in school when I was in class 6 and how I used to stare at her when she used to teach us.

I loved her figure (though she was quite fat and healthy) and when ever she used to wear red dresses, I could not help but look at her the whole day. I too loved to see her perspiring in hot weather and used to fantasize her.

I knew that she knew about my feelings, and at times she used to look at me suspiciously that something is wrong with me, I immediately stopped my eye contact with her. Again when she was not aware I gazed at her.

I even came first in her subject in that class.

Kusum Rohra said...

Awwww, that was so cute, i sure hope they do come back to meet you.


bananapen said...

Hahaahaa! Yeah you gotta go for yr 'date' and tell us how it went! I hope they turn up :)

Fishy said...

Yep Reading your MAC posts, i thought i had better sign up... LOL, just kidding... the intention is to take the plunge and start blogging...soon soon soon :)
and i still believe the kids will show up

Vikram said...

Aunty... Aunty.... Aunty....

Aunty.... Aunty... Aundy...

Oh man, why did I sound like a Mallu suddenly? Hehehe..:P

Shreyansh said...

Dont be late for your date.

You must be having a really good time!!

Vinesh said...

You're THAT old! hahahha!
Good one!

Sudeep said...


Sayesha said...

Gosh, that sounds kinda creepy, eh? :O

Kusum ki bachi, chup kar! Aunty hogi tu! :D

Hahaha! Yeah I'll be there, let's see if the dudes turn up! :)

I'm not against anonymous comments per se (If I was, I'd not allow anon comments on my blog). What I don't like is pple being mean and judgemental just because they did not like what you wrote, and posting such comments under the cowardly mask of anonymity. Anyway, hope to see you blogging soon! :)

#Ungle Viks,
Ungle ungle ungle! Hahaha! :D

Punctuality is something I value a lot. :) I'll be there on time! :)

Hey, long time man! What've you been doing?
ps: And I'm as old as you okay?! :/

Back at ya! :))

ritzkini said...

"kids say the darndest things.."

Rohit Talwar said...

The girl isn't here as yet? :D

Aunty, Good job.

Sayesha said...


Oye Aunty hoga tu! :/

Abhishek said...

just a treat to read this...
secondly....i am blogrolling u..
this blog is too sahi.

IcEyeZ said...

Hey That post was really cute ! :-)

chandu said...

hope they would definitely turn up.

but this time, don't forget the camera.

nice read!

Siddhu said...


Sayesha Aunty (or as they say in S'pore, Aunty Sayesha :P )

Sanyukta said...

hi sayesha di

wow...another enjoyable post. little kidz can be incredibly cute at times.

i wonder how u manage to keep up ur great writing alongwith all ur hectic schedules etc..never get stressed out?

Naina said...

very cute post..

(aakhir tumne apne baal dhoop me safed nahee kkie...sayesha aunty :p)

I will b waiting for the post-date with kids post :p

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz and thanks! :)

Thanks! :) Hmmm... I'll take my cam along, but if other pple are around, then I can't take photos... they may think I'm a kidnapper or something! :O

Sheesh! :/

Hehehe... blogging helps me destress re... dimaag mein toh kuchh na kuchh chalta hi rehta hai... prob is to find the time to put it down.. :)

Oye! Tere liye word verification hataya, uske baare mein kuchh nahin?? Ulta mere kaale kaale baalon ka insult! Hmmmph! :/

Just another ... said...

Awwww. That is so cute. I hope they show up next week. Kids don't forget that easily .. esp if it's something they really really like!

Sayesha said...

#Just another,
//Kids don't forget that easily .. esp if it's something they really really like!

Well, they did really seem to enjoy their surfboard experience on the treadmill... but you know men... when they see a new toy, they forget everything else... till they see the next new toy :)


Sayesha you say that men when they see a new toy forget the old toy and everything else till they get a new toy.

I know of a girl who seeing a new boy forgot the old boy and until she got another new boy.

So there are exceptions. Not all men are like that and not all girls are like that. Some are ike that but yes more men are like that.

Kusum Rohra said...

WHT?? me ?? Aunty??

*faints laughing*

virdi said...

abe maaza aa gaya... saale singapore ke baacha bahut naughty hain... and singapore ki auntys are ultra cool i see...


Bhaarat said...

Auntee.... Please don't forget. We knew that you will write a blog about us. See u friends are alos waiting for our forthcoming weekend meeting.

Urs cutely.

Sayesha said...

Sheesh. You take things too seriously man... chill :)

Aunty behosh ho gayi!!! Helppp!!!

Bachas and Aunties ka nahin pata, yahan rehne wali Indian chicks bahut ultra cool hain... ahem :)

Areeee... the last time I met you, you were a Chinese kid. Yeh nationality aur race kab badal dala?? :D

Rohit Talwar said...

HAHHA! Main to ho hi nahi sakta na!


Yes Sayesha, sometimes I get serious about petty things.

Can't change myself. Tried a lot.

Sayesha said...

If you try hard enough, nothing is impossible! ;)

Hmmm... well... hota hai... we all have our own things... but yeah, don't get too serious about my obviously-not-serious posts! :)

Bhaarat said...

In India also we have chinky eyed people. India has lot more variety of people.

Angelsera said...

hey been jus catching up one post at a time...

read the whole post going


Sayesha said...

Errr... I think you just offended some of the readers here :|

Welcome back!!!! :) Good to see you around... :)

Ashish Gupta said...

dating kids ;)