Tuesday, February 14, 2006

All in a day's work

Ok let's get the stupidities outta the way first.

Happy Valentine's Day (whatever!) to all you folks!

There, that's done. Now I can proceed with my post.

So a colleague bumped into me in the bus yesterday and asked, "So Sayesha, what plans for Valentine's Day?"

"I'll tell you when it's over." I said. She looked excited. I didn't.

Well, it's over. And here's how my V'Day went. Not very happening, but I'm not complaining.

Was woken up at 3 am by two loud sms messages from my back-up guy. (Yeah, I have one! We have a pact a la Phoebe and Joey, that if we're both single when we're 60, we'll hook up.) I won't name him here for fear of tarnishing his reputation as I believe that he believes he's got one, and who am I to badmouth a guy who may marry me 35 years from now?

Next. What do you do when you step outta the house, lock the door, take the lift down, and everything's going on like clockwork to enable you to catch your usual 7:15 am train, when you discover that you've got a pink top on? Valentine's day is the worst day to wear a pink top! If the 7:15 am train wasn't so crucial to get me to work on time, I'd really have gone back and changed.

In the bus, read a bad review of my Shaan's concert. I mean, the reviewer said that the concert was good. But the review was bad. You know what I mean.

Had a tiff with another adorably moronic friend whom I keep saying "I love you, you moron!" and "I hate you, you moron!" to, with such amazing regularity that he's nicknamed me 'pendulum'. So the tiff ended with me saying "Ok fine! I don't anything you!" Ouch. That one's the worst. You never wanna get the "I don't anything you!" from me. Trust me.

On the way from work to uni, saw a bunch of girls wearing pink and holding pink bouquets and pink teddy bears, and looking at me curiously. Perhaps they were wondering why I wasn't carrying any pink stuff. Well, I was carrying my Media Law book, which I was gonna use to thwack the head of the next person I saw wearing/holding anything pink. (Yes, I almost thwacked myself when I realised I was wearing pink too.)

Was very surprised to see the high turnout in today's class. Hmmm... fewer chocolates for me. Prof had no Kit-Kats, only expensive chocs, but they were not bad. At least they did not have hazelnuts (yikes!) in them. And oh, the choc chip cookies were such a welcome break during the break. The classroom was so cold that we refused to go back into the lecture theatre after the break. The lecturer had to call out, "Come back, my valentines!" for us to unwillingly stroll back in.

I still could not believe the high turnout. Almost everyone was there. I wonder if it's because the lecturer is so good-looking, and he always wears all black (and may I just say 'woohoo!'). And oh oh oh, today he was telling us about trademarks and about inherently distinctive marks, and generic marks and composite marks and suggestive marks that are used as trademarks. As an example, he looked at me and said, "Now if I were to say to Sayesha, "Meet me for coffee after the class." I'd be a 'suggestive mark', isn't it?" (His name is Mark.) The class guffawed. "I'd rather be an inherently distinctive mark." He concluded.

I think he is. To be able to keep a class of working adults awake (and laughing) at 9:30 pm is no easy feat I say!

I got some answers right and he was quite pleased with me. A classmate asked me during the break, "You really like this subject, don't you, Sayesha?" "Love it!" I said, and was almost about to tell her that it was all because of Ian, when I changed my mind and stopped myself in time. Not everyone understands the concept of Ian, and I was afraid she'd think I'd gone dotty of datelessness.

On the way back from uni, was watching the late night news on TV mobile. This cute journalist Ken Teh, who interviewed me after Zee TV's Antakshari auditions, got the 'Young journalist of the year' award. Was very happy for him and sent a few good wishes his way.

The last few days have been crazy. Mostly because they have involved a lot of pa(ni)cking for my Manila product training sessions. Three days, four training sessions, three hours each. I have conducted product training locally, but this is bigger than anything I've done before. It's not easy doing product training for teachers, especially if they're twice your age and have the attitude that you're trying to teach teachers how to teach. So you gotta approach them extra carefully and sensitively, and make it very clear that you're only telling them about the products and not the process of teaching as such. I was already nervous about this when another shock was in store for me. I was informed that the Marketing Manager would not be going with me on the same flight. I panicked. This, coming from a girl, who coolly strolled into a country of no friends and relatives at the 18, all by herself. Sheesh.

"So who's gonna receive me at the airport??" I asked the Marketing Manager.

"Oh, this guy called Paulo will be there! He has your photo!"

"But I don't have his photo!"

"Oh, you'll recognise Paulo immediately. He's this big guy... like really really big guy... like really..."

I get it. Big guy. Paulo. You'd better be there, Paulo. I'm not reassured by your manager's email that says, "Once you're out of the airport, take the ramp on your left, cross the road and wait at platform ABC. Ignore all the people who will try to talk to you, even if they say they're there to pick you up. Wait for Paulo. Paulo will pick you up."

ABC platform? Are you kidding me? That's really the name of the platform? Sounds like a bad variable name to me man. Sheesh. Panic panic again. Paulo, you'd better be there man. Otherwise I'm gonna bash you up later. Oh wait, you're a big guy. Hmmm... okay, just be there. Okay? Okay? Okay? Just be there, man.

Well, now I'm back at home, and decided to blog about my day while I wait for my hair to dry before I go to bed. Sayesha is a good girl. Sayesha listens to Mummy. Mummy said never go to bed with wet hair. Mummy said not to use the hair dryer too much. But then Mummy also said never to go to strange places on my own. Wonder what she will think of ABC platform and Paulo.

Ok guys, am outta here now. Flying
off tomorrow morning. Wish me luck! :O

And don't go anywhere, bartender will be right back after the break! :)

And oh oh oh, almost forgot this part!

Happy end-of-V'day (whatever!) to all you folks! There's something else I have to say... errr... uhhh... hmmm...

Okay fine, since it's the day to say it, I will. But this is not one of those lurrrve-berry heart-shaped pink pizza type of V'day declarations.

This one's straight dil se.

I love you guys, and sometimes I really wonder what I would do without this blog and without you guys.


awwal number said...

Dekh first kaun aya! hehe


tinku said...

contestant number 59 - I won't be lagaying your waat for a long time. I'll be absent from your bar as Im also leaving to meet my folks tomorrow morning. Will come back to join the new job in March(changed my job for good).

Back-up guy? LOL
Did kini call you?..did you give him a 'goway..huh'? =))

Kini sun raha hai? :p


tinku said...

oh forgot...good luck with the presentation! :)


Aethyr said...

Happy v'day!! and thankfullly i wore a black top today :d..sheesh!!

lil _kath said...

Hey Kawaii,you're going to Manila?take me with you please...haha ^_^ My God can you tell my mom i love her so much and i really missed them? It's 3 years now i didnt able to go home.
Goodluck to your product training sessions there...and hope you have a good time too.Take care yaar^_~


Starbreez said...

Asked if Paulo's surname is Yanga! Long story!

And you'll do fantabulously. :]

Thanu said...

Good luck meeting Paulo.. Name reminds me of one of Rachel's first flings in Friends... I didn't mean to scare u.

Good luck at the conf... and will miss u...

Aethyr said...

just inform that u r safe with paulo...once i was lost..:(

and ALL THE BEST!! and u r going to do well..no doybt about it..
hamara ashirwaad aapke saath hai...!!

Ro said...

Hey, why don't you just wear pink and inform Paulo accordingly?

amit said...

Happy V dy to u too.... though i personally dont believe in this concept....too much of pomp n show..... floated by marketers, i see myself in future, to just cash on sentiments..... after all why do u require just one day to show how much u care fr sumone.... when the same rose can be bought fr 10 bucks on some other day, does it make sense to spend 50 bucks today....really dunno :p

ursjina said...

happy val.day sayesha..dat was sooooooooo sweet of u...eventhough i am usually belonging to the silent audience category of ur blog, feels a lil bit of dat last note comes fr me too..u made my day...hugs..

Lalit Singh said...

Wish u a safe journey and Paulo will be there doncha worry
and happy Valentines (Whatever) day to you

Rohit Talwar said...

damn. i realised i am out for annoying questions and comments when I wore a red tee to college. F!

valentine's.. stupid idea. big time. some people are smart enough to make profits out of it. good for them. and i feel sad for people who help them make money cos they want to express their 'love' for someone suddenly!!

anyways.. i love your blog! love the way you write! keep writing!! yoohooo!

jade said...

good luck with ur trip:) happy valentine's day!

Anat said...

arre kya baat hai sayesha... are u with "bajrang dal" or such moral policing outfits that u are so angry on valentines day?

reacting to the italicised line in the end "I love u too", dont worry, i love donkeys too....

happy prem mahotsav ki shubhkamnaye!

Rays Of Sun said...

Someone knows that GUY:O
And yes..I wore a BLUE today:O

Eclectic Blogger said...

have a fun trip.. when u come back.. post a pic with u (your face hidden as always) next to 'Big guy Paulo'(his face beaten black n blue for turning up 2 mins late)..

optional: u cud fold ur arms and show your bulging biceps and dont forget to hold a Milk Bikis or Parle-G packet..

Abhi said...

Hailla ! saare din mein binn valentine ke dukh ke pond mein dooba 'mr.lonely' types gaane sun raha tha.mujhe kya pata tha ki singapore mein koi hai ! :p

All the best fr ur presentation sayesha:)

chitra said...

Hey Sayesha... all the best for your training :) !

Shriedhar said...

all the best :)

ritzkini said...

have a nice one,girl..hamaara aashirwaad aapke saath hai..

Err..I prefer not to say anything..

Sneha Acharya said...

platform abc ?!?!?! ... better be careful with the place u r going :-) .. ALL THE BEST!!!

Suds said...

Hey Best of luck for ur trip. Hope u find paulo waiting for u.. Take care.

Guess what I and Swati Did today. I took morning 6am flight to Seattle reached at 10:40 Swati is taking evening 6:40 flight and reaching here at 11:30PM... Whole day gone in travel...:(

Jay said...

Bon Voyage :-)

Er ... a confession.. I guess ...We love you too! :p

Anonymous said...

Damn you woman!! Ditch the back-up guy and ask this Mark for coffee… great sense of humor he has. With this sense of humor… he deserves a chance.

raven said...

Happy V-day lady... so what if its a day late (apun roz ich v-day manata hai)... n ensoi the trip :D

Vikram H said...

/I love you guys, and sometimes I really wonder what I would do without this blog and without you guys./

Heh Heh..So we guys still have hope for the next Valentine's Day! ;)

Deepa said...

Hey girly ...
Hav a fabulous time :)

Vikram said...

good luck re...:)

I don't know what's the big deal about V-day. Whenever someone mentions it to me, the only thing I can think of is St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago between Al Capone's gang and an Irish gang.

Trivia : Six guys from the Irish gang were shot dead after being made to line up against a brick wall. This led to Al Capone's emergence as the Mafia don. Later, the brick wall was disassembled brick by brick and sold to a Canadian businessman who inturn built a wall using the bricks in a bar in Canada.

Awesome na?.. :D

Shekhar said...

Love you too Sayesha. Your blog is awesome...sacchi.

Belated Happy Valentine's Day.

Take care. Cheers.

Mitthu said...

Me writing this comment from Singapore airport at 6:03 AM. Was going to LA and stopped here for connecting flight. Now singapore reminds of you.... couldn't stop myself from commenting from here. Have a good morning!!!

virdi said...

dear sayesha,
shall i tell everyone you had a crush on "hgahgaj*?? ;-)

(Yeah, I have one! We have a pact a la Phoebe and Joey, that if we're both single when we're 60, we'll hook up.)

yes you told me... you want to take the relationship really really slow... like take nearly 4 decades and then get marrried...


Negative Creep said...

I HATE Valentine's day...

Hope you have a good trip.... and get whatever work you're supposed to do, done fast...

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Me back and you gone? Lol.

And V-Day SUCKS! X-( I wonder who came up with such a pathetic idea.

Have a nice time!!! :D And get back sooooooooon.

Hehe...my WV was "vnsec"= 1 sec. Lol...it's telling you to get back in one sec. :P

trups said...

awww thats so sweet of you sayesha!

and know wot?? i dunno wot hordes of us wud do without your blog - readin it everyday, and connecting the small incidents of our lives with ur posts... ur blog rocks :)

stupidity hi sahi - happy v-day to you too!! dil se :D

fonzter said...

nice blog u got here :D

Manish said...

Best of luck for ur journey Sayesha!

Rohit Talwar said...

Where are you!

Sayesha said...

Shaabash! Tu first! Khush?
ps: Awwal number it seems! :D

Arre job change kar liya? Kahan ja rahe ho? India waapas kya? My guess is that you live in the UK?

Naah, Kini didn't call me. Paise bacha raha hai! :D

Thanks for your wishes, presentations went awesome! Will update blog soon! :)

Black top? Good decision! :/

I simply LOVED Manila! Amazingly friendly people! And awesome fruits! :D

Gotta get the Paulo Yanga story outta you some time! :O
ps: Thanks! It went fantabulous! :)

//Name reminds me of one of Rachel's first flings in Friends... I didn't mean to scare u.

Sheesh! One of my friends said the same thing! :O

Thanks for your wishes! I missed you guys too! :)

Thanks for aashirwaad, my dear! It really helped! :)

Sayesha waits impatiently for the day when you will post a comment that does not contain the word pink.
ps: And fyi, I was wearing the pink top you gave me as a gift! :)

I agree with everything you said, man! It's such a marketing gimmick! :/

Thanks! :)

Hey, thanks! Paulo was indeed there! More about him in next post! :)

You wore a red T on V'day? Hahahaha! Waat lag gayi hogi! :D
ps: Thanks! :)

Thanks a ton! :)

Not angry yaar! I just think this whole V day thing is to anti-singlehood! :(
ps: Prem mahotsav it seems! Hahahaha! :D

You talkin' about back-up guy? Yes, you know him! ;)

//(your face hidden as always) next to 'Big guy Paulo'

Hahahahahaha! You know me so well! :D
I'll put up the face-not-hidden photos on Hopscotch as usual! :)

#Hitler ki aatma,
Thanks my dear! Presentations saare achhe hue! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

You too aashirwaad and all?? Sheesh! :O
ps: Thanks! :)

Thanks! Mystery of platform ABC releaved in next post! ;)

Thanks! Yes, Paulo was waiting for me! :)
ps: Wow, so much time spent travelling! Yeh US kuch zyada hi bada hai! :/

Thanks! :P

Mark is gay. So I have no chance. :(

Long time, buddy! Thanks! :)

#Vikram H,
Hahahahaha! Arre next V day tak kya se kya ho jayega kisko khabar! :D

Thanks, my dear! :)

Eeeshhhhhh! Tu kabhi nahin sudhrega! :O

Thanks! :)

Arre you were in Singapore??? Hope you had time to roam around Changi! It's absolutely stunning! :)

Shut your mouth or I'll kick your ass! Jab dekho blackmail!! Hmmmph! :/

//like take nearly 4 decades and then get marrried...

It was supposed to be a joke, you idiot! :D

Thanks! Sab kaam ho gaya, I'm back now. Exhausted warna abhi ek post ho hi jata! :D

#The Girl,
Tu aur Creep Siamese twins ho kya? Hamesha saath saath? :D

Thanks, girl! :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz and thanks for commenting! :)

Thanks a ton! :)

Just got back! :)

virdi said...

Welcome back!!!! Me first...


The Girl Who Sold The World said...


Tu aur Creep Siamese twins ho kya? Hamesha saath saath? :D

AAARGH!!! Me and CREEP Siamese twins?! I'd rather die than be his TWIN, and that too, a Siamese one! Some brother he'd be! Evil, cynical, evil, "gorephile", evil, evil, EVIL and did I mention evil??? I pity his real brother...poor thing.

Rays Of Sun said...

Accha welcome back ji!
Now reply to my tons of emails:P
P.S:- Me wont be able to reply;)

Anonymous said...

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