Saturday, February 25, 2006

A critical point

Life is like a thin guy with a paunch.



This is not going to be another one of those apparently annoying analogy posts from the artificial and contrived production line of Sayesha's blog!!!!

Calm down, people! CALM DOWN!!!!!! WOULD YOU PLEASE CALM DOWN!

IT WAS A JOKE!!! This post is not an analogy post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I SAY CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Ok, it looks like I'm the one who needs to calm down. Everyone else is already calm.)

Breathe, Sayesha, breathe.


Okay. I'm done.

Pardon me if I am a bit dotty today. The person I admire the most in my professional life just left my company, and although I'd been mentally preparing for this day, when it actually happened, it was very upsetting. This person taught me to fall in love with my job. And I don't feel like working there anymore.

Sigh. She said she needed a break.

And so do I.

First things first. Two of 'em:

1. I am not even going to try and shake off the reputation I seem to have with some people. Of someone whose blog posts (and hence, thoughts, since a post is but a thought) are contrived and artificial. Or someone who can’t take criticism. You think what you think, and I can’t change it.

2. I will not pretend to be someone who's not affected at all by criticism. No matter how thick-skinned my blog has made me, every time someone says something spiteful, it does pinch a bit. Thankfully, for a short while only.

So what is this post about? It's about criticism. Before you start thinking of me as someone who's never faced criticism before and is hence taking all the blog criticism so seriously, let me tell you something. Criticism is something I am familiar with, not just on my blog, but at my work.

I have to criticise the work of authors twice my age. I have to criticise the work of editors under me. Sometimes I have to criticise comments made by the Ministry of Education. To ensure that my magazine is of the highest quality, I have to criticise the work of my designers, my illustrators. Sometimes, I have to criticise my boss' decisions. It’s difficult, but the fact that I have been at the receiving end helps a lot. Besides, my bosses have trained me well.

When I was training under my senior editor in 2003, every single piece of my work went to her for approval. And most of it was torn apart. And I remember never even once getting frustrated when things would be sent back without her signature, with comments and criticisms all over the place, and often asking for redrafts and more redrafts.


Because I knew she knew her stuff. And because of the manner in which she criticised.

And here are the mantras of criticism my bosses taught me:

1. Criticise the work, not the person.
2. Praise in public, criticise in private.
3. Remember the point of your criticism. Not for you to show how you're superior to your editor. But to work together to create a good book.
4. You can only get an author twice your age to trust your criticism about his/her book if you can prove your knowledge.

That's the whole point of criticism actually. To know what you’re talking about. To add value. To come up with something meaningful. Something constructive.

Everything else is just spite.

If you’re putting your heart and soul into something, it hurts when someone criticises. Especially when the criticism does not add any value to anything. We’re all proud of the stuff we do. No one likes to be told they suck at what they love to do. Unless it comes from someone who’s been there done that, or someone who helps in some way with his/her criticism.

Once I was at dinner with my colleagues and when the bill came, the person who did the division made an error, giving us a ridiculous figure. Someone said, "And you’re a Maths editor!” And the rest of us laughed. In retrospect, it was a mean thing to say. We just assumed that because she was a Maths editor, she would be able to do mental maths and tell us the magic figure. We’d just criticised her professional competence. We’d made a personal attack on something she was proud of. And we had not added any value to her.

I remember the time when I had freshly graduated as an engineer, and had gone home for a vacation when our TV conked out.

Dad said, “Can you open it up and check what’s wrong?”

“What??? Me?? Open up the TV??” I looked at him in horror.

"But you’re an Electrical and Electronics Engineer!”

He was joking, of course. He just wanted to see the look of horror on my face, but the point is -- we don't like being criticised about what we do. Or to have someone tell us that we're not good enough.

Many people think that being an editor is all about good english and no typos.

Bah, I say.

Three years into publishing, I am still learning to be a good editor. I believe I have only accomplished a slice of what there is to be learnt in the full spectrum.

Have you seen the number of typos I make, especially when I'm particularly excited in a post? Once I spelt 'discreet' as 'discrete' without even realising it. An anonymous kind soul on my blog pointed it out to me.

Without judging me.

Without saying that I suck as an editor just because I can't control my typos. (Anonymous, if you're reading this, thank you. I am really grateful to you.)

Perhaps that’s the reason why I'm not very open to anonymous people strolling by my blog and criticising my posts in a way that adds value to neither them nor me. It appears as if it just gives them cheap thrills to see me riled up. And I get riled up because I believe that if you have the right to lash at me, I SO have the right to lash back at you.

It's amazing how I can walk around on the streets with really weird thoughts in my head, and none's gonna say a word to me, but the moment I choose to put them down on my own blog, I have set myself up for vicious attacks.

I refuse to write only 'safe posts' just so people will not criticise. Do we only think 'safe thoughts'?

I don't blog to 'improve my writing skills'. I don't blog to earn money. I have no plans to enter the blogging Olympics. I won't apologise for the following analogy. I'm like that really bad tennis player who is not Sharapova but plays tennis only for exercise. So don't come and tell me that I can't play tennis for nuts. I know that. And I’m not even really looking into improving my game because I have no desire to turn professional. Ever. Like I said, I play for exercise. No matter how much I suck. But if you want to help me improve my game, you’d better be a friend of mine or Sharapova herself. I will not let random stranger off the roads who's never played tennis, come and tell me I suck at tennis. I already know I suck at it.

Perhaps that's why I am more open to criticism from people who are either bloggers themselves, or those who fall under the category 'Others' and are regulars on my blog, people whom I know, rather than Anonymous people who just walk by and say some random thing. Trust me, you have to be a blogger to know what we go through. You can’t just sit in your commentator’s high chair and say, “Come on Sayesha! Take a chill pill! You only want people to pat you on the back and tell you that you’re the goddess of blogging and more? Learn to accept criticism!” These words, coming from you guys, who have never been-there-done-that, are hollow and meaningless, though they may sound really mature and impressive.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, if someone on the streets walks up to me and says, "You suck!" what's the best thing to do?

Ignore him. That's right. But like I said before, I do not ignore any commentator on my blog. I have to say something in reply to his/her comment, even though I do not know him/her. I will laugh it off. But only if you meant it as a joke.

Suppose someone like one of my chatur chaar or Kini (he tells me all the time that he yawns at most of my posts and can never get thru an entire post) or Spammy (he’s blunt and sharp at the same time!) say "Sayesha, your post sucks!" I will either take it that they meant it as a joke and laugh it off (after of course, thwacking them with a rolled up newspaper), or really take a step back and wonder why they said that, and try and improve. But if I don't even know you, and I don't even know whether you're joking or just being spiteful, I won't laugh! I'll just ask you to stop reading my blog.

A good debate is always welcome. Prince and I had a good debate when he thought I was judging polar bear researchers. Negative Creep, The Girl who sold the world, and some others had a very good debate on tradition. Now that's welcome. Tell me you don't agree with my post, it's fine. Let's talk about it. But if you just want to say that my post is artificial, what do you want me to reply? "I deeply apologise"? Or “Thank you?”? Think about it, what should be my reply? Seriously. Don’t ask me to chill. Cos like I said, if you have the right to lash at me, how can you expect me to be all dignified and not lash back at you?

The point is -- if your comment is going to be random and meaninglessly critical, you'd either be Virdi (sorry yaar Virdi, lekin seriously, you can get away with saying a lot of things to me and I won’t mind, apun ki dosti hi aisi hai) and or you'd better identify yourself.

Believe me when I say it, it makes a difference.


ps: I have decided to take a break from blogging. No, not because of Aslam's/Creep's comments or because I can't handle criticism or because I have lost the battle against MACs or because Anonymous comments scare me (if that was the case, I'd either disallow anonymous comments or turn on comment moderation).

I am taking a break because my blogging is no longer the simple pleasure it used to be.

I am taking a break because the reason why I created the blog seems to have been lost. And I need to find it again. I need to start thinking once again about the point of my blog.

I am taking a break because I am tired of having to justify why I am the way I am. I shouldn't have to justify. This is me. Take me or leave me.

I will not be coming back for a while, not even to reply to comments.

And oh, please feel free to judge me some more. Because I won’t be around to care.


virdi said...

oye thapad khaana hai kya?????
chup kar ke wapis blog world pe aa ja... see because of the blog you found me na??? meri khatir... please... please please...

abe tere ko itni baar please bola... abb toh meri baat sun le... itni baar please bolne se toh Sushmita Sen bhi pat jayegi...



Rays Of Sun said...

Me first!

Rays Of Sun said...

What are you saying baccha?? Bahut pitegee tu..dekh tu US aayege to milne nahi aaongee aisa kare gee to:(
Chod na yaar us anon ko..woh mere haathon pitega.sacchi bahut gussa aa raha hai..why do you care yaar..humlog padhenge na tera blog..:(
Please come back baccha!!

viv said...

Interestingly, I was thinking about the same thing today... why a "great post" comment is any better than a "this sucks" comment... you've helped clarify a few things in my head.

The sabbatical plan is a bit shocking! Totally out of the blue... Come on yaar, get back in here and give us something interesting to read and think about...

pandora said...

hold it!

I guess first time ever i am gonna post a serious comment here!

i have been following your blog since quite a long time i guess...and everytime i read them i have had enough of fun, masti, laughter and believe me I drew a lot of inspiration from them.

why the hell do you care about those who don't care about you. nobody has the damn fucking right to justify you or your thoughts. for every other person you are diffent but i am damn sure the "bheer"[ok..i first used this word..if you remember] following have been immensely enjoying reading your blog! I came across your blog for the first time when a friend of mine very happily informed me..woh bhi fone kar ke.

...c'mmon arre goli maro aise logon ko...there so many like us who want you to keep blogging! kisi ek insaan ke liye hame dukhi mat karo naa...:(
see mere boards ke xams hain, and i still read your posts to relax and get away from hist/geog like tensions...ab you'll stop toh mera kya hogaaa....:((

i have always been admiring your posts...and get back to blogging....puleeeeeeez!
dekho mujhe bhi serious kar diya.

@ mr. asylum[aslam or whtever]

why the hell are you after people to piss them off. koi kaam dhaam nahi hai! better leave this blog as soon as possible.

Rays Of Sun said...

I know you wont probably like this but you have seen many aslums over here to get someone like that guy to get you off your blog!
Remember YOUR blog is your BABY?? U had said it once..dint you?
Break lena hai to le..but stopping to blog is not something we want;(

anongal said...

followed your blog regularly, and i somehow do see a change in the way you write. the need u feel to defend your opinions. the replies to critical comments. and the i-dont-care-a-damn about you to your so called MACs while you actually do! a break might let you get out of the stagnation, rejuvenate and write nice posts like sayesha once did ! do come back ~

and oh, i shall still call myself anongal - cos you say my opinion as an anon person doesnt affect you anyway, u can feel free to ignore me as a stranger whom you dun give a crap abt ~

Negative Creep said...

1. I really feel bad that you're gonna stop blogging because of this.
2. But, i'm not gonna apologise, and i'm afraid i have to agree with Aslam.. He expressed an opinion, a valid one, and i agree that he didn't mince any words, but i don't find that reason enough to get offended... I've made similar posts on other people's blogs, even yours and never elicited such a reaction..
3. I think Anongal has it right. You're beginning to post for US, rather than for yourself... that's where you go wrong...
4. I also think that such comments are actually the better sort of comments...
5. @Pandora: Wrong attitude... this is the internet, freedom of speech rules...
6. I'm done.. you guys can flame me now...

Rohit Talwar said...



Every line of this post.. I couldn't agree more. I love the way how you're justified your action. Awesome.

Go, take your time. Come back when you've a reason to write. Till then, happy chilling! :)

Take care.

pandora said...

//@Pandora: Wrong attitude... this is the internet, freedom of speech rules...

oh well..ok. so do have I.
am I an exception to this freedom rule? :O

Lalit Singh said...

i am reminded of one Ad which used to come long whilke back on doordarshan
"marzi hain aapki, aakhir sar hain aapka"

Vikram said...

Don't quit what you like to do ever. You face hardships all the time. It doesn't matter if you are writing for yourself or for others, the punch line is you enjoy writing. Never inhibit yourself from doing something you always liked just because some random soul on the street pointed fingers at you.

You never ever need to justify yourself to anyone. And finally, never lose your temper, it brings your weakness to surface.

OK enough gyan. Think about it.

PS : I for one will miss your posts. Take your time to get back to it. There's no hurry. Just clear your thoughts up.

*sigh* enough of seriousness. :P

Rays Of Sun said...

Waah Viks..first time..ok second time..a serious comment from you on Sayeshaz:P
//I for one will miss your posts.//
OK! lets take a vote here..How many of them would miss Sayesha's posts??
If theres majority yes, you and my stupidity:(

pandora said...

@ ROS ji :D
yep..sahi bilkul sahi.

I put my vote, ab mujhe bhi include karo aap. :D

keep counting..

PS: aaj lagta hai meri watt lagegi. kuch nahi padai kiya :(((

Rays Of Sun said...

Pandoraji..padhai karo...baccha!!
naheeto sayesha daanetege:O

Suds said...

Hey Sayesha, U know what, I keep waiting for ur blog to be updated everyday. There are times when I try to visit ur website several time to check for updates inspite of having ur entry in Bloglines. Trust me every post of urs brings smile and happiness. It is just fun to read stuff that u write.

It is just amazing to know about a girl from Chattisgarh in singapore doing well and being successfull. Knowing abt her, knowing her feelings, her daytoday life.

So till the time u are not bloging something will be missing in life. Will wait for u to return... Till then take care.

Shekhar said...

Take a break. Enjoy. Come back. End of discussion.

educatedunemployed said...
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\oo/ said...
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Mary said...

Hi Sayesha..

Sorry to hear that you are taking a break.. but enjoy it!, ok :)

I've absolutely loved every minute reading your blog.. you seem like a lovely & amazing gal.. all the best and hope to see you back blogging whenever you decide :)

Harshi said...

My dear Sash,

Did I hear contrived and artificial. LOL. I feel like laughing at whoever said that. Can anything be farther than the truth? You KNOW that we know better Sash. And why should we even defend ourselves? Theek hai, let 'em feel that way. They got a space to comment, and they did that. Fine..

Sash, just like in the real-world outside, blog world consists of the same people. So I am not surprised to see those kinds here who are totally rude and insensitive. And hiding behind a screen perhaps gives them more guts. Sash, my personal feeling is that you do not even have to put in so much effort replying to these spiteful comments. Tell me how many such people will you fight and explain things to Sash. It only gives them more pleasure commenting again next time, knowing that you will reply to them. All this is costing you your precious emotional, mental, physical energy and it's not worth it when it comes to certain kinds of people Sash. That's just my own thought.

I know you know this already but Sash this is *your* space first n foremost. You pen down what you have to. You make as many different analogies as you have to. Forget about anyone hating them, or loving them. I love your analogies..infact when I read the first thin guy with a paunch line...I laughed and was settling myself in my chair, very curious to read what you had to share! :-)
And you were kidding??! Sigh. :-) Anyway, don't think of our reactions Sash. Just be yourself. We are all incidental. What matters is you. Your expression.

I understand your need for a break and I know you will be back soon. Sometimes, all this does get overwhelming.

We'll be waiting....jaldi aana please....(see all the pleaseees are adding up now :-)

Feel better Sash..

freebird said...

been here long enough to say that i LOVE ur writing style. i totally respect ur decision to take time off...but i hope u come back real soon coz my day just aint complete without reading a new entry on sayesha's come back soon...we all will miss u...:(((

Anonymous said...

Hey girl...remember always that this blog is like ur home....u dont leave it nd go away or come bak just coz someone said something.

I am a stranger who visited ur blog by chance nd have become a regular visitor for the past 10 days. The reason...pure nd simple...i like the way u write...irrespective of whether i think ur thots r wrong or right!!

The ability to put thots nd feelings into words is a god given gift and it would b a waste if u were to deprive ur friends of something so precious. Barking dogs never stopped a do reconsider ur decision nd start blogging again...soon.

btw, i looked up the dictionary for the meaning of artificial nd contrived nd putting all those meanings together i got one word...FICTION....yupp. Ergo...the world would not have ne of the great writers of fiction if all of them wanted to just write real stuff. My point is..... u write just gr8 and blogs dont always hav to b non-fiction.

If u really want to kno what contrived nd artificial is then read on...its something i wrote when i visited genting ...
its called....

Genting Highlands.

There is beauty everywhere around me
Nothing but clouds surround me

I can feel her and smell her somewhere close by
Her picture of beauty seems etched in my eye

I walk with her I chat with her
She makes me smile I make her laugh

The reason for our bonding is no mystery
Her, and me we have perfect chemistry

She leans across and plants a tiny kiss
I hold her in my arms and it feels like bliss

Gently we.....

[i'm not gonna complete it coz i can already hear u say what the hell is that all about nd what's all this got to do with me leaving my blog....THATS THE POINT...]

ur friends dont hav a prob if u wish to stop blogging for good reason but it seems the reasons u hav do not support ur decision...nd yes ...just think twice...when all ur friends hav the same opinion ther must b some truth in what they say....they cant all b wrong at the same time??

Well, this anonymous stranger has bored u enuf so its Ciao from ur

Well Wisher

Anonymous said...

tussi na jao
even though i left very few comments here, but sayesha ur blog is a place where i cheer up. i have had a breakup recently and everybody seems so artificial around me.. and i have confined myself to the internet.. u r one of my destinations and it wud be a huge gap if u werent there, its lovely to see how u sometimes put those thoughts into words which have been unconciously knocking around my head for some years now.. i even wrote a short story once and made the main character to be a 'yong' editor of a childrens magazine. plz dont go.
~ someone.somewhere

The Anonymous said... precious...we loathes them who corrupts its name...we saw it being misused and then bashed daily...because of them spitefuls...and we wept..we wept my precious...we wept.

They makes anonymity a weapon..yes..gollum...gollum...and not a shield..unlike us my precious is for use for our protection...and not for attacking others...yes we fears...we fears them we keep anonymous...but we don't use it to attack them...we cannot..because it

surreal reality said...

At the risk of repeating myself,

"Tum hi tum ho to kya tum ho
Hum hi hum hai to kya hum hai".


Anonymous said...

Hello Sash,

We love this blog.. We haven't started a Sayesha fan club for the only reason of not embarrasing you..

We cannot ask you not to take a break.. But We are asking you to come back real sooooooooooon..


Because there are people waiting..

Vikram H said...

Well, anybody who has achieved great success in anything tends to attract criticism from other jealous and incompetent souls! I guess you should allow your self-esteem, self-worth to take over. Nor should u start doubting your motives on blogging or the content.

The best thing would be for you to go on Sayesha....All the best for your next post! :)...Remember your one of my inspirations for blogging! :)

rachana said...

Reading ur blog for some time,enjoying v much..there is so much to learn from you i believe.hope to see you back soon!

The.Grey.One said...


Just now happened to come across ur blog. Really sad that u had to close it for sometime :)

Hope u will come back soon. Ignore those stupid comments & commentors, though i know it is easier said than done. But that is the only way. I really admire ur style of writing & thoughts.

I've added a link to ur blog site in my blog. Will be checking it regularly with hope :)

- Murali

Negative Creep said...

@Someone who said contrived and artificial means fiction: Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!

//Well, anybody who has achieved great success in anything tends to attract criticism from other jealous and incompetent souls!//

I want Sayesha to come back to blogging as much as you do, but i wonder how many of the people who echo those sentiments supported Denmark's rights to print those cartoons... Think about it...

Aslam said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Aslam said...

Ok. Public enemy #1 is here. Sorry -ve_creep, but you lag slightly behind in the hate stakes, mate :) .

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I do not regret my comments in her previous blog. If she felt offended by my tone, I apologise again. This is what she had written after my first comment on that blog:

"Hmmm... I can't remember when I did this last, so you see, it's not as 'planned' as you think. I blog about whatever comes to my mind, and if that sounds contrived and artificial, don't read it. You see, I'm not gonna stop blogging just because you don't like my posts. :)"

And yet, she has stopped blogging because of my one comment and has dedicated an entire blog entry to what I and -ve_creep said. But I have to say, I liked this blog entry, especially the tips about how to dish out criticism. It was a 'direct dil se' entry, as they say.

Anyway, as I said earlier, if all she wants is pats on the back for each post, she should have some disclaimer here saying so and I shall refrain from commenting, unless its a compliment that I am dishing out.

Someone alluded that I criticised her blog entry because I am a jealous and incompetent soul who is jealous of her success. I'm sorry but that is just hilarious.What success are you talking about? She might be very successful in her professional life but why would I feel jealous about that? I am not even in the same profession!

If you feel that she has achieved 'great success' by having a blog that lots of people read, then obviously you and I have different barometeres and definitions for success.

Anyway, enough of that. I never asked her to stop blogging. If she does not want anyone to criticise her post,she should let me know and I shall disappear.

Wow, that comment is almost long enough to be a blog. Maybe I should start a blog and aspire to achieve 'great success'. Let the flame wars continue.

Asylum(thanks pandora, for this rather cool moniker)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Take your time and come back with the same enthusiasm, Sayesha. :)

@Bhanuj: I want Sayesha to come back to blogging too and by the way, I DO support Denmark's rights to publish those cartoons. It's a free world and there's something called Freedom of Speech.

@Aslam (or Asylum, whatever you wish to be called):
Sorry -ve_creep, but you lag slightly behind in the hate stakes, mate :)
If the Creep wants, both of you can have a competition on who's better at this stuff...if I know him well, I can assure you that it's gonna be one helluva competition. ;)

Deeps said...


Its been a long time since I posted a comment on your blog. It doesn't mean I haven't read through posts regularly. Your posts have many-a-day made me nod, sometimes go hmmm and lots of times made me smile.

But in recent days I've been wondering, how the heck does this girl manage to write posts every single day? I mean, I take time to write a post, but you seem to have lots of ideas, you post them and they are always written so good. You are extraordinary in that way..

But forgive me, if I say, I can't help wondering if you are posting for yourself or the millions of readers who visit you daily. As anongal mentioned, recently it did feel like you write only for your readers and not for yourself. Blogging is a simple pleasure that is intended to remove the stress for the one who is blogging. But you seem more stressed.

You say in one of the sentences "What we bloggers go through". We don't have to go through anything. Blogging should be effortless, not forced upon by other people.

And "feel free to judge me some more". Who are we to judge you? Be it friends or anonymous bloggers or passive people like me, we don't have any right to judge you. You are the only one who can judge yourself. You decide whether you want to write a post a day and you judge if what you have written is good. Why are you so defensive? Is it because you feel, you've been betrayed by your readers when you are going through so much to write a post? Think over it!!

Maybe Aslam and Negative Creep have done a good thing for you. Maybe you do need a break from blogging. Not because of their harsh comments, but to be away from these so-called wellwishers who are making you think about a blog post the whole day...

I don't even know whether you'll read my comment. If you do, and if you feel there's a bit of reality in it, then please think over it. Meanwhile enjoy your break and do not think about blogging for sometime.

I will look forward to a post from you soon, 'cause no matter what I say, even I'm one of those well-wishers :).

Negative Creep said...

@Navdeep i was asking the people who were insulting me and aslam... i want Sash to come back too...

And Deeps, your comment makes perfect sense, that's just what i was telling TGWSTW...

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

@Bhanuj: Yeah, yeah, I know. You almost started an SMS debate. And I was just mentioning what I think about the Danish cartoons. FYI, I've working eyes and my reading capabilities are not so bad either. So, I DID read that you want her to come back.

Anonymous said...

dint know dere r rules to criticize..u no wat sayesha in first yr of engg was da only gal in mechanical department..lewd remarks, crudest one liners, the
need to proove every now n den dat women are as gud..faced dem all..:-) n da third day of office my boss threw a report i made on the floor.he he..guess dats life..pepl say a lot of things..n my philosophy--sum one appreciates smile n forget..sum one criticizes learn if ders anythin 2 learn
otherwise grin n forget..neither bricks nor roses shud affect u..keep doin wat u beieve is right n do it best..n cum 2 think of it if we all kept changing our wayz just bcoz sumone tells us/"criticizes" us..! take a break if U WANT2 not becoz sum poor soul expressd himself in ur comments
section..hes evn apologising for his tone:-)~~another anon gal..

viv said...

I feel sorry for Creep and Aslam... They're getting a lot of flak for no reason... I think Sayesha made it quite clear that she's taking a break from blogging not because she can't handle criticism but because she feels she's recently been maintaining this blog like some forum administrator than like just a blogger who writes what's on her mind... and she wants to take a break before she can get back refreshed. Atleast that's what I gather from talking to her...

So, Aslam:
// And yet, she has stopped blogging because of my one comment and has dedicated an entire blog entry to what I and -ve_creep said.

I think that's not the case...
a. she hasn't *stopped* blogging
b. you're not the reason for her taking a break... [disappointed? :P]

I suppose what happened recently just drove home the point that she's a little jaded.

And I am quite sure she'll be back soon... Hai na? :)

Aethyr said...

something is wrong somewhere???
and if its not then also its good to take break off everything... enjoy or if i may add..takecare, for the sake of people who love reading ur blog..(like me.)

lil _kath said...

...timing to take a break naa Kawaii,enjoy and come back soon.Hope i can offer you a juice you like most(to make you smile)^_^


Rays Of Sun said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kais said...

Hey, enjoy the break and come back with a new perspective....

...SOON, this is the only blog I read dammit!



Aslam said...

Quick comment here. Rays of sun, 'direct dil se' is a very common saying, especially in North India,where I'm from. It first appeared in a television ad and caught on since. If you think Sayesha came up with it, then you are mistaken.

You said that she isnt asking me to agree. Isn't that what I did with my first comment? Disagree?

And yes, I am traumatised because this girl can see such beauty in the littlest of things(according to you) and I'm such a cold hearted demon who wants to see doom and gloom everywhere. What drugs do you recommend I take, to come out of this trauma?


virdi said...

You better come back or else u know my gussa... Or else I am going to call you every night at 4.00 AM...
You better come back...

Rays Of Sun said...

Every night..4:00 AM..
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH..mast hai re tu..

Rays Of Sun said...

You dont have a blog. Acc to your comments thats the image you portray.
As far as recommending drugs is concerned..I am not a doctor!

Negative Creep said...

@ROS Hahahahaha... That is an entirely prejudiced point of view. I follow this blog religiously and i've praised Sayesha on her good posts, so does that mean i can't criticise her writing if i want to? I'm sure anyone with half a rational mind would realise that Aslam didn't do anything wrong here.

//you are just plain traumatised at the fact that one girl can express her thoughts beautifully and see beauty in simple pleasures of life!//

Say What?? Aslam, is this true?? You poor thing...

Seriously, you might just be overestimating the power of Sayesha's blog here...

But, it's all a matter of opinion... Personally, i find the "whole beauty in little things" trip boring, forced, and optimistic delusions... You may find my cynicism and my rants silly or pretentious or just stupid... But don't shoot a guy for having an opinion, the fact that we don't encourage different opinions or debate is screwing up our society as it is... You're allowed to post what you think of someone, but telling them to stay away from this blog is absurd... This is the internet, this blog is public property...

Anyways, cheers... Feel free to analyse my psyche and tell me what my mother did to make me turn out this way...

Anonymous said...

now if i could just find the popcorn.

Anonymous said...


Rays Of Sun said...
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ursjina said...

GUYS N GALS!!!..isnt this a lil overrated..let her take a break if she needs to...i completely agree with deepz
n sayesha...I have no clue on wat exactly made u take a break...but if it was coz of those comments, I really dint see anything so venomous in I hope u r mature enuff to take it in ur stride...
n if its coz of something else like the one you gave...i guess the break will do u good...dont let the crowd carry u...
BUT..come back fast..coz I do really miss u...

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

@Bhanuj and Aslam: This is hopeless. ROS has a totally different viewpoint. You guys have a totally different one. So, there's no need to begin a fight here and increase popcorn sales (in reference to an anonymous comment here).
The fact is that Sayesha has gone for a break. Not too hard to understand, I guess. So, instead of arguing with one another here, why not do some better things? (Bhanuj, NO, this is NOT a reference to boards).

ROS: Prepared for your presentation? ;)

Rays Of Sun said...

#The Girl!
Haan yaar...templates choose karne mein dus ghante laga deeye yaar!!HAHAHAHHAA..ab presentation filhaal camel ke back pe hai..Mock presentation hai Monday ko!!Thanks for asking..Loved your comment:D

Joy said...

Hi, there girl! I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and like your way of writing. It's lively, funny, and meaty.

Oh well, some folks like your writings, some do not. It's normal because each one of us has its own frame of mind. So when they leave their footprints on your blog, one may pat your shoulder and the other may give you a blow (some, even hard!). We bloggers might as well accept that otherwise we aren't fit to blog at all.

Ignore those RUDE commenters, or I suggest, moderate your comments. Do not be disturbed by them or worse, be rude at them. They don't merit your attention. It's a waste of your time (I'm not including healthy debates/ discussions here).

Whether you write for yourself, or you write for others, it's all up to you. What's important, is that you are HAPPY with what you are doing. Just be yourself, write what you like to write and positive things will follow.

Cheer up and take a good break. I'll be coming back once you open your door again for us. :-))

Cheers from France!

pandora said...

what a mess !!

another moniker for you-"thick skinned" !you ,enjoying all this? :|

@ bhanuj

think as bhanuj and not as "negative creeper"! trying to justify your!?!

@ seller
yeh ho kya raha hai??is the blog turning out to be a debating club!?!

@ROS ji
All the best :)

my personal opinion...
why do you have to criticize? i don't get the point. criticism is for betterment and blogging is no professional job.If you criticize you want the person to put up the kinda post you want!?!...i don't agree with criticism on blogs..yes you can come up with your personal opinion!...


oh well! yes,you can choose to debate over this as well...but i won't be back..i have my priorities. no, i am not retreating!

ehhhhh...what an issue!

@ sayesha

i hope you're okay! :P

Sanyukta said...

Sayesha di, hi. i've been a reader of ur blog for the past few months and frankly, it came as a disappointment to hear u talking about taking a break...
[my first thought was "oopsie...a brawl at Sayeshaz? :S ]

tell me something, would u still have done this if those ppl hadn't commented...?
[waisay, personally i found that clothes-frendz analogy incredibly cute :) its now etched forevah in my mind ]

there will always be some clothes that irritate u --no matter how good they might seem, or r proclaimed to be. that doesn't mean u r gonna stop wearing even that color, rite?
so if somebody's opinion on ur post ian't 'constuctive', should u give up on posting, even if only for a time...?

should someone's unconstructive criticism cause u to go re-finding ur reasons ------when u very well know that u possess them and that they won't be lost...?

think about it.
[but please come back to blogging soon]

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

@Pandora: Yeah, seems like everyone is having a great time debating over here, though, thankfully, it seems to have stopped now. Phew. ;)

@ROS: Camel ke back par? HAHAHAHA. Good luck for the mock presentation too! :)

satish said...

wel, i know its little late, and great sash has come back to give us some gud time here at net, but i cant help but think kee is being criticised is more important than getting praised everytime??

and now i think may be it is.

wel sayesha i dont think kee u ll have a chance to even read this comment but i hope someday you will. you might be wondering kee how come ur one decision could evoke so much response. but that the power of your writing. As a matter of fact even i had started blogging(on yahoo360) but then i came thru some great posts(like urs n abinav's) and now i look back at my posts and i feel kee i commited sins posting them on net.

wel, best of luck,

satish said...

there are quite a lot of grammatical mistakes above there. trust me, i am not that bad at english(atleast while writing it).