Saturday, February 11, 2006

Celebrity baby

Long long ago, MeAWinner tagged me with a very interesting tag. is this really cool timepass website where you upload a photo of yours and it will be matched against celebrity faces. It sounded like a really fun tag to do, and I was all excited about it. But then suddenly, my comp decided to conk and I had to send off my CPU for testing. Since all my photos were on my hard disk, I could not do the tag. My apologies to you, MeAWinner, in case you thought that I simply ignored your tag. :)

But now my comp is back, and so are all my photos. So I can finally do the tag.

Oh, I decided to make things a bit more interesting by running it on my bachpan wale photos instead. I had such a blast doing this! (
Sheesh, I must have spent at least 3-4 hours on this addictive site.)

MeAWinner, sab teri wajah se! Ab mera homework kaun karega?? :O

Here it is, the list of celebrities who have had the privilege of bearing some resemblance to baby Sayesha.

*Ages are estimated values. Will ask Mom some time
to confirm.

Sayesha @ 8 months

Rani Mukherjee - 58%

Gladys Knight - 44%
Charlize Theron - 44%
Liza Minneli - 42%
Tipi Hedren - 41%

Sayesha @ 2 years

Billie Holiday - 62%

Marilyn Monroe - 57%
Preity Zinta - 52%
Mae West - 51%
Fay Wray - 48%

Sayesha @ 3 years
Claudia Cardinale - 66%
Neve Campbell - 66%
Bette Davis - 61%
Marie Trintignant - 60%
Keira Knightley - 58%
Ayumi Hamasaki - 58%
Shirley Temple - 55%
Emma Watson - 52%

Sayesha @ 3 years

Jeanne Moreau - 51%

Emma Watson - 50%
Shirley Temple - 49%
Jodie Foster - 43%
Katherine Mansfield - 42%
Keira Knightley - 41%
Helena Bonham Carter - 40%

Sayesha @ 4 years

Ayumi Hamasaki - 60%
Keira Knightley - 49%
Uma Thurman - 48%
Isabelle Adjani - 47%
Helena Bonham Carter - 42%

Sayesha @ 4 years

Shirley Temple - 52%
Ninet Tayeb - 51%
Ayn Rand - 50%
Natalie Wood - 49%
Isabelle Allende - 45%
Natalie Portman - 43%
Bette Davis - 42%
Amelie Nothomb - 40%

Sayesha @ 5 years

Deborah Kerr - 65%
Bette Davis - 64%
Courtney Cox - 54%
Sharon Tate - 54%
Zhang Ziyi - 52%
Penelope Cruz - 51%

If you're curious, yes, I did run it on a couple of my recent photos as well, and got very mixed (not to mention hilarious!) results that involved Halle Berry, Uma Thurman, Penelope Cruz, Courtney Cox, Bette Davis, Norah Jones, Christina Ricci, Audrey Tautou, Sania Mirza, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Katherine Hepburn, Christina Aguilera, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Renee Zellwegger and Natalie Portman.

Yeah, you name 'em, I look like 'em. Apparently.


!xobile said...





stop... there's nothing to be so happy about...

!xobile said...

kitni duffer si site hai sayesha!!

and teri fotos to aur bhi zyada duffer hain!! (esp garden waali)

(by duffer i mean funny but I love 2 u ze word duffer)


!xobile said...

ab third bhi mujhe hee aa jana chaheye... :D

!xobile said...

arre haan!
mai 1st 2nd 3rd aa gaya hu

ab koi 2nd nahi hoga!
samajha lo!

!xobile said...

arre kitna mast lag raha hai
sirf mere hee comment aa rahe hain...

!xobile said...

oh yaar.. mai bhi duffer hu

!xobile said...

notice the word 'bhi' sayesha!

!xobile said...

*goes off to haunt other innocent blog*

!xobile said...

(yeh le sayesha.. itne dino ka quota poora kar daalaa... :P)

tinku said...

4 yrs waali pic(with the flower) resembles Katie Holmes(90%).

4 yrs waali second pic 75% Danny Denzongpa lol

3 yrs waali fotu(both) 80% Bruce Lee lol

5 yrs waali, a sulking Ayesha Julka 70%

My take, the maximum % should've been with katie Holmes and Nora jones.


Harshi said...

Sweet bachpan ke pics :-). The one where you are all covered up is really cute! Shd try this website.

Aethyr said...

lol..cute photos...actully ze
btw what happened to u now.....u use to look so er'duffer'

spamtaneous said...

u look like


btw..cute pics...:)

Thanu said...

such adorable picts...I'll try this site too...

kel tamashek said...

woo, such lovely baby pics! tonight, i learnt that luminaries as diverse as... Beyonce Knowles, Eddie Murphy, Oskar Schindler, Toni Morrison, Zhang Ziyi, Sean Astin, Megawati Sukarnoputri and Sania Mirza have one thing in common. they look like me. uhm.

btw, tried running your pics through the Face Transformer?

Macho Girl said...

i chkd that site! and i am quite amused with my results! :P

Emma watson 61%
Marguerite Dures 61%
Kate Winslet 55%
Aishwariya Rai 55%
Amrita Rao 53%
Bipasha Basu 51%
Priyanka chopra 50%
Norah Jones 48%

It was fun doing this!!! Especially after a guelling day of books and studies.. *sigh*.

I do stuff like this when i am really bored. I normally go to blogthings to find my Mexican name or my type of weather and stuff like that ;) These sites never fail to amuse me :D

Abhi said...

I think every baby looks cute.Even a baby osama would have looked cute with his toy rifle.But there is something about your 'sayesha@4 yrs' wali pic.They should have it under the dictionary definition of 'ultra-super-deluxe-cute'.and about the site , it am afraid of it.I dont want anyone to know that I look like a cross breed of amrish puri , anupam kher and johnny lever.Not even the website people.


Suds said...

Are sayesha yeh kya tum toh almost sabhi jaisi lagti ho.. Sahi hai.. Je baaaaat...:)

Hey Sayesha really ur 4th year wale photo are cute. Swati really liked the second one..hehehe Enjoy

Eclectic Blogger said...

hmm.. i shud bookmark that site NOT to get there even by mistake..

The Individualist said...

Absolutely charming pictures, there. If I were a director, I'd have definitely convinced the producer to pay any amount of money to have the 4 year old you in my movie. And yeah, did I mention that I would write a script just for that photo?
And I just did an interesting experiment. :D Was staring at "the first 4 year old picture of yours" and played different kinds of songs in the background, and the photo seemed to convey a story with each song. You can try the same and fathom the results.
I can't stop talking about it, can I?
An interesting post. Oh what am I doing being diplomatic?! Doesn't suit me. An extremely CUTE post.
*mumbles incoherently something about the four year old photo being attr.....

ritzkini said...

Thoooosssse pigtails...awesome !
Cute pics..especially @3 years..

PS:See...I dont yawn at all your posts...

Sayesha said...

#Ze Ex,
Sheesh! Saturday night fultu talli hokar online hua kya?? :D

//kitni duffer si site hai sayesha!!

Timepass site hai yaar :)

//and teri fotos to aur bhi zyada duffer hain!! (esp garden waali)

Kya bak raha hai?? I love these photos!

//by duffer i mean funny

Wow, khud ki language bana raha hai??

//arre kitna mast lag raha hai...sirf mere hee comment aa rahe hain...

Hahahaha! Yeh ladka haye allah kaisa hai deewana! :D

//mai bhi duffer hu
//notice the word 'bhi' sayesha!

Hahahahaha! :D

//yeh le sayesha.. itne dino ka quota poora kar daalaa...

Errr.. thanks? :/

Wow, amazing! Lagta hai Tinku toh khud hi chalta phirta face-recognition-celebrity-matching software hai! Zara apna huliya bhi batao! :D

//My take, the maximum % should've been with katie Holmes and Nora jones.

Hmmm... kabhi miley toh verify kar dena! :D

Thanks! :P
Try it and send me your results, okie? :P

I don't look 'duffer', you duffer! I look 'clueless'. :P

Oooh thank you thank you! I love Eva Mendes. Amazing attitude. Amazing body. :)

Post your results! :P

#Kel Tamashek,
Hahahahaa! You should select 'Female' when you run the test! :P
ps: Tried the transformer. Quite scary eh? :O

#Macho Girl,
Whoa, very Indian, you? ;)
ps: Yeah, I hadn't been to a timepass site in a very long time. No time for timepass you see :(

#Hitler ki aatma,
I think you're obsessed with Baby Osama. You wrote a comment about a sleeping Baby Osama looking cute on one of my earlier posts too! :O

//But there is something about your 'sayesha@4 yrs' wali pic.They should have it under the dictionary definition of 'ultra-super-deluxe-cute'.

Hehehe... thanks! :P

Munnu, apni ek photo bhej, I will run the software and give you the results! :)

Yeah man! Apparently all the pretty celebrities look like Sayesha! Lucky buggers eh? ;)

ps: Say 'Hi' and 'Thanks' to Swati Bhabhi for me, will ya? :)

Awwww come one! Try it once! Perhaps you will find out that Fardeen Khan looks like you! :D
(I'm not a big fan of F'deen by the way. I just think he's very hunky.)

#The Individualist,
Hey, welcome back! :)
And thanks for all the compliments man... I wish I had retained the cuteness instead of the cluelessness! ;)

Hey, gotta tell ya something really really freaky! Your song experiment sounded interesting so I tried it out. And I just looked at that photo and the song that was playing completely freaked me out! :O

The song was:
Juda hoke bhi tu mujhme kahin baaki hai!

:O :O :O

L said...

Well I tried mine and it says my photo matches L 100%.

Yooo So I am a celebrity...!!

RandomThoughts said...

such cute pictures! with so much matching I'm sure u are one stunner NOW!


NIRMAL said...

y did the journey stop at 5 years.
Nice one Sayesha

Anonymous said...

Just couldn't leave without making this comment. I thought Sayesha @ 2 years was the cutest !! :) Take care.

Kais said...

I think you have a bit of Reese Witherspoon in you but the name doesn't appear...


tinku said...

// Zara apna huliya bhi batao! :D

Amrish Puri 75%
Keanu Reeves 0.0032%
Danny Denzongpa 70%
Brad Pitt 1.2701%
Gulshan Grover 92%
Jude Law 0.0012%

your 4 yrs waali photo(first one) looks very much like Katie Holmes(face cut and all)...or so I think

And what you are wearing in the last pic..isn't that what Ayesha Julka used to wear in all her movies??? =))


Mary said...

Such cute 'baby' pics there :) sweet!

I tried that face recognition site around 1 month back.. I got..

69% Kajol
69% Preity Zinta
66% Kareena Kapoor
61% Aishwarya Rai
59% Mariah Carey...
:P but at 5yrs old it was Rani Mukerjee..

Raj said...

Yeah, really cute collection of baby pics u got here.

I took this test long time back and it said I looked most like Sylvester Stallone which I already knew :P

Sayesha said...

Congrats man! Maybe you should give yourself your own autograph? :D

Hehehe... like I said before, the cuteness is gone, the cluelessness has stayed! :)

//y did the journey stop at 5 years.

Errr... I stopped being cute after that? Darn! :/

Thanks! I will let her know! :P

Reese Witherspoon?? Hmmm... no references to 'Legally blonde' I hope! :O

Wow, mix of Amrish Puri, Danny and Gullu? You must be quite a hunk! :D

Katie Holmes? Wow, no one's said that before! :P

//isn't that what Ayesha Julka used to wear in all her movies???


ps: Damn I wanna watch Khiladi now! :/

Whoa! Another very 'Indian' face! :)

Thanks, dear! :)

// it said I looked most like Sylvester Stallone which I already knew

Hahahaha! Good for you man! :D

Kais said...

>> Reese Witherspoon??

Yeah, you have her jaw...

See a picture at:

>> Hmmm... no references
>> to 'Legally blonde' I hope! :O

no no! .. wouldn't be caught dead watching a movie of that "genre"

but since-you-asked ...
personality (as-potrayed-on-your-blog) wise you would probably resemble Audrey Tautou in "Amilie"....


Indian Bachelor said...

"Sayesha @ 5 years"

Are you still 5?!??! coz thats the last photo!
I mean you have an amazing blog taking into account your age! :-py

Anonymous said...

hehe manisha u were so cute... and still are! :) simsim

Anonymous said...

oops i meant sayesha... that's ur name, right? what was i thinking... - simsim

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