Monday, February 28, 2005

My fifteen minutes

Yes. It was me. I was the one on TV last night.

For those who saw me and messaged me, thanks! I wish I had seen myself. If only Norah Jones hadn't chosen last night to have her concert in Singapore, I would be at home watching myself on TV.

So here's the low-down for the curious -- those who did not see me, but know others who saw me, and wondered what the deal was. Well, on sunday, I auditioned for Antakshari, a very popular musical game show on Zee TV. They were here for the Singapore special episode.

The audition went fine, but I don't think I'll make it to the next round. I was a nobody there, one of many hopefuls, some of whom were very very good. I was happy to just be there and audition before Annu Kapoor (he's the show's very popular host, and he knows every single Hindi song that there is in the world, making him the idol of Antakshari freaks like me).

Annu Kapoor heard me sing. That was enough for me.

I was happy just being contestant number 59.

But looks like something grander was in store for me. A reporter from Channelnews Asia happened to be in the audition room when I was singing. After I was done, he asked me if he could interview me. Wow! Double wow! Well, I was interviewed and they showed it on TV last night, and this morning. As I said, I could not watch it, and soon I forgot all about it.

But this morning, I was in for a surprise. Seems a lot of colleagues had seen me on TV. Even one of my authors sent me an email saying, "Saw you on TV. U look good on camera. Got potential. Will vote for you if there is a voting system." But sadly, she can't vote, as this competition works differently. But it was incredibly sweet of her.

Later, my colleague and friend Starbreez discovers that I have been quoted on the Channelnewsasia website. Big hoo haa happens.

Guy from Marketing I barely know, talks to me for a full five minutes.

Lady from Customer Service yells from her cubicle, "You celebrity already, ah?"

At the company pot luck lunch, the boss walks in and hollers, "So did you guys see her on TV last night??"

From being just contestant number 59, I was elevated to "the-one-who-was-on-TV".

Ok I will admit it.

It felt good. Real good. :)


Anonymous said...

hey !! that was a cool thing to happen :)..being on the tv !! Wow antakshari is still going on ? I din't know that !! It used be fun with annu kapoor and that hostess ...whats her name ...Pandit Ravishankar's daughter ?? ...hmm they both together hosted the show so elegantly *sigh*

U know once it happened that I was interviewed (at my home) cuz the paper for a state wide exam had "leaked"..the guy interviewed me to get my view and feelings !!! (like hell they care..)..nyways it was cool but finally when it was aired on zee ...I din't get to watch it :(.

Sayesha said...

Hi Keshav,

Yes, they are still showing it! The show has been on for 12 years now, making it the longest running Indian show ever! Annu Kapoor still hosts it, now with Pallavi Joshi.

And the elegant lady you mentioned was Durga Jasraj, Pandit Jasraj's daughter. (Pandit Ravishankar's daughers are busy playing the guitar and singing jazz songs respectively!) :)

Anonymous said...

Yea !! I had my doubts between Jasraj and Ravishanker !! lol nyways ...Durga Jasraj !! there u go ..u got it..she was so cool I tell ya .. pallavi is good too ..hmm so the show is still on.

You mean anoushka and norah jones !! ..yea they are busy playing the Sitar ? or the Guitar ?..may be both :p. Waise I just finished reading ur travelogue and back here :d...nice xperience yaar cambodia ka took quite some time even to get till the end !!(as in scrolling) even I would like to visit such countries ...someday hmm :).

Also, I must tell ya...ur name caught my attention ..Sayesha..never heard before ...but sounds very cool :). Are u from hyd ?

Sayesha said...

Oops, yes I meant sitar, not guitar!:P

Thanks for supporting my travelogue! It's not complete yet though! And yes, Cambodia is a must-see!

My home in India changes once every few years, but right now, yes, it is Hyd.

patiala pataka said...

I had no idea Antakshari was in Singapore. While I am a bigger a fan of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, I wouldn't miss Antakshari for the world. Are they going to show the episode or did I miss it?

Sayesha said...

I think it will take a while before they show the Singapore episode. They auditioned about 500 wannabes like me. They will have to select the top 6 before they can shoot the episode.

And yes, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa rocks. Especially Shaan.

cubicle said...

argh crap, i missed u on tv too... anyway to see or read about it somewhere?

Sayesha said...

Yeah, they had quoted me in the article about Antakshari on the Channelnewsasia website, but now it has been archived, we can't access it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hi, saw you waiting outside the audition hall...I was No 44 and the one who shared a wee bit of your air time on CNA =). Yep! we didn't talk but sure remember you were there waiting endlessly as all the others. how did i get onto this window? tried the keywords 'antakshari+singapore+results' on google and got led here..coincidence! Dunno when they plan to declare the results. Hoping to be part of the 12 finalists =P since Annu Kapoor called me after my turn and gave me 'aashirwad' et al! and btw, the hostess wasn't Durga Jasraj...cos i've seen her before..not sure who it was tho. Anyways! good luck n God bless!just in case, my email is So long!

Sayesha said...

Hi Anil,

Were you the one who sang all those Kishor Kumar songs? You were very good! Am sure you'll get into the next round!

Durga Jasraj used to host it a long time ago, now Pallavi Joshi is doing it ('tho she wasn't there in the audition room that day).

Wish you all the best! :)