Thursday, February 24, 2005

Everyone's fat outside office hours

"So everyone is fatter than they look in the office, eh?" my friend Starbreez exclaimed at our first tennis game a few weeks ago.

She was right.

There we were, sans the formal wear, sans the delicate shawls in which we wrap ourselves against the air-conditioning in the office, sans the make-up that makes us pretty, sans the high heels that make us elegant.

There we were, sweaty and ugly and fat, in our T-shirts, shorts and shoes, running around with tennis racquets in the most unelegant manner possible.

Yes, outside office hours, everyone is fat.

But it's the people you're willing to show your 'fat side' to, that matter the most.

It's the people who have seen your 'fat side' that are your real friends.

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starbreez said...

Deep thoughts on a weighty subject. A joy to read such delightful observations! :)