Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This and that

Met the Cambodia bunch for dinner tonight. It's amazing how friends can cheer you up so instantly. Last night, I could not get myself to sleep as depression set in about the day when my friends will go their own ways. Today, after meeting them, I was glowing. But I know tonight I will have trouble sleeping again.

They say "Friends are relatives you get to choose yourself." One of the rare occasions w
hen I actually agree with what "they say", whoever "they" are. I often imagine "them" as this bunch of smartasses who, with much authority, once sat down and made a list of things for the world, that will forever be punctuated with the words "they say"! And we will all live our lives saying what "they say" without knowing who "they" are!

Dinner was at Aiwo, a place that serves carb-free food! No bimbotic reasons for going there, we just wanted to check out what on earth carb-free food was all about! Well, turns out, healthy food CAN be tasty! What a revelation!!! I actually ate eggplant! And lady's finger! And horror of horrors, I actually ate and enjoyed broccoli without getting the usual creepy feeling -- that I am a giant who's uprooting trees from the earth and gobbling them up!

The Cambodia snaps are out! All 800 of 'em!! Yeay, now I can start full steam work on the travelogue! I am still trying to think of a name for the blog though. Reflections? Footprints? It's annoying how I can't get started till I finalise the name! It's just like writing one of my short stories, I can never start writing the story till I decide the names of the characters, even though I know exactly how the story begins and ends!

Sigh... here's to the end of a day of mixed feelings...


Anonymous said...

encompassEach of the 4 meanings listed seems to relate nicely to a "travel-around-the-world" theme.

For cheap thrills, it even has a hidden meaning. En-compass means "My compass" (en = "my" in tamil), and it could be used to relate particularly to "your" travel experience as opposed to "a" travel experience.

HaRi pRaSaD said...

Sayesha, you write short stories?