Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sentosa comes alive!

"What's there to see in Sentosa?" I always wondered. You can't blame me. After zillions of being the tour guide for very-excited-relatives-visiting-Singapore, yes, I admit, I was bored of Sentosa.

Until last night. A few of my friends and I drove to the place at ten in the night on impulse. And suddenly, Sentosa was a different place. We rolled up our jeans and waded into the water. Just standing there, talking about how we were getting a free pedicure, felt so good! As I stood there in the water, explaining the exfoliating effect of sand to the very interested guys, I could not help but smile to myself. Guys are funny -- they love to talk about girly stuff. They hate to admit that they do.

Then the most amazing thing happened! We saw many moon jellyfish washed up on the shore! And they actually glowed in the night. I had never seen moon jellyfish on the beach before. Scintillating!

This is how it looked like when captured by one of my friend's mobile phone camera...

... and this is how it is really supposed to look like!
(Image courtesy NOAA image library)

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Ro said...

Goes on to prove that the maximum fun you have in life is only when you seize the moment.

here's to the beautiful colors of the jellyfish.