Thursday, February 03, 2005

For name's sake

I met my namesake yesterday. She is this person in the office who keeps getting emails meant for me, and forwarding those emails to me is one of her daily 'To-dos'. I am very very grateful, because I were her, I would have snapped by now! Imagine getting emails meant for someone else on a daily basis?? I had been trying not to meet her, because, ah well, I hate people who have the same name as me. I really hate them, serious.

So yesterday, when the cup of gratitude spilleth over, I offered to buy her lunch. In my heart of hearts, I was hoping she would be this nasty person which would make it easy for me to hate her! But no, she turned out to be very nice! Sigh... you cannot not like her. Anyway, I was honest and told her that if she had had my surname as well, I would have had no choice but to kill her. She took it well. But I still wish her name was something else! :(

A few days ago, I had googled myself, and to my horror, found this site that listed this person who not only had my name but my surname too! It was an exam results list. And no, I never took that exam! The next time I google myself, I am not gonna click on that site. Denial, denial denial! I am the only one! Muahahaha!

I suppose it is human nature to want to be "the only one of that kind"! I wish everyone in the world could have a different name! Sayesha, now thou shalt not laugh at people who have strange names. They have the edge that you don't!


Anonymous said...

googling your name is one of the best ways to indulge your vanity. I had a google rival too, an american name sake who runs a spiritual yoga institute, it was such a good ego kick when my ieee paper overtook his website as a better match for my name !

rt said...

I can echo ur feelings..
i mean I too seriously dont like others to have same name as mine..
but they are not so bad u see :(

Bivas said...

agree with dat...for a long time thr was none with my name...then i found one but he spelled it differently :D
Didn't really like the fact that I was sharing a name. No name sakes in the schools or colleges I attended or in my organization :-)
However, till date I'm yet to find anyone with my name who shares my surname as cheers to that!!!