Monday, April 29, 2019

Y is for Yeh khabar chhapwa do

My top choice for Y would have been 'Yara o yara' just for Sunny Paji and his out-of-order scooter. But the playback/giphy problem occured again so I had to bump that off and have this instead.

The song, from the 1997 movie Aflatoon, is a riot of colours.

Yellow yellow, dirty fellow

This is perfectly normal behaviour next to a railway track.

And this reminds me of pancakes that are flipped a little too late.

So literally everything on her is green. Even contact lenses. Matlab kuchh nahin bakhsha.

I dressed Xena up like this once because it was dress-up day at preschool and she wanted to be a tree.

Assault on the eyes

Ants in pants

And what step is this?!

I've always wondered what locals think about Bollywood actors who make complete asses of themselves when shooting abroad. Matlab seriously, kuchh bhi?

What to do -- we are like this wonly.



Charan Deep Singh said...

And this song has been remixed this year for Luka Chupi and urmila has become a politician. We are officially old now

Sayesha said...

Yeah I heard the remix yesterday. Oh my goodness. :|

h.s.nayak said...

very nice post...