Thursday, April 04, 2019

D is for Danger hai Laila

This is a sizzling song.

In case it wasn't obvious, here is some sizzling text to convince you.

Aap convince ho gaye ya main aur sizzle karoon?

Arre ek toh it's already difficult to take Daisy Shah seriously after Race 3. Then I find out she was in a 2013 movie called Bloody Isshq.

Oh look! This is where Priyanka Chopra got the inspiration for her wedding veil!

What on earth..?!

Salman Khan should stop some of his charity cases. He's being inhuman. To the audience.

The hero (?!) is so bored he's looking at his watch ki yeh tamasha kab khatam hoga.

But Miss Daisy is not done driving us nuts.

The amazing lyrics are yet to come.

Danger hai Laila
Majnu dil ka maila
Aaj kal hawa mein
Viral hai faila

(Side note: Urdu experts, shouldn't it be 'phaila' instead of 'faila'? Though the first four letters of their version do describe this song very well.)

But I shouldn't make fun of her song.

After all, her song is her song. None of my song.


Charan Deep Singh said...

Clearly you are RACEing on dangerous territory

Unknown said...

Been enjoying your knowledge/ research sharing, Sayesha. Check this horror out. Might be of some use later 😀

Unknown said...

The above comment was by me. Missed signing off 😛
- Prathima

Chengiz said...

Ph f spoken like a true Northy! We Western ghat people gloss over petty differences like that. Northies in college used to berate us, "wo fool nahi phool hota hai". The ph-f shift is in Marathi as well as in Greek etc who used to say ph in philo- like ph not f!

Sayesha said...


OMG this song! MY EYES! Madhuuuu whyyyyyyyyyyyy.........

LOL at you calling me Northie! :D I grew up in Bihar/Jharkhand, ok?! There was no "fa" at all. Ebhrything waj PHA!