Tuesday, April 16, 2019

N is for Neal n Nikki

'Neal n Nikki' from 2005 is the kind of movie I STRONGLY SUPPORT.

Such movies need to be made from time to time to showcase Bollywood's nepotism ki dukaan so that wealthy producers watch and learn from it and then tell their kids, "Nahin beta, isse achha tu engineer hi ban ja."

The song starts with producer da puttar Uday Chopra and Kajol's baby sister Tanisha Mukherjee (who actually started dating when shooting for this movie) talking about their first crushes.

So Neal was 4 and this was his first crush. Pray tell me which 4-year-old girl dresses like this.

Don't let his silly dance moves undermine the meaningful lyrics of the song:

I'm the Neal
I'm the man

Now it's Nikki's turn. Her story is about to unravel. Along with some of her clothes.

So she says she was 9 and fell in love when she saw George Michael on TV.

And he breaks the news to her that he was gay. Like this.

She's so upset about it that she rips her top off.

Her lyrics are no better.

Nikki Bakshi
Sweet and sexy
Full-on rocking
Hot and happening

Meanwhile, he's now talking about his next crush when he was in high school. A hot algebra teacher. Nothing wrong with that except what is written on the board.

2x1 = 2
2x2 = 4
2x3 = 6
and so on.

Speaking of alge-bra, Nikki's wardrobe malfunction continues. (Apparently,  her role was offered to Ayesha Takia who turned it down. One can only guess why.)

Uday's future may not be bright, but his lipstick sure is.

And then they have the audacity to do this. NO. NEAL N NIKKI, YOU DON'T.

Watch the song. And then watch the movie. Because it has an amazing rating of 3.3 on IMDB.


Charan Deep Singh said...

I could never make myself ready to watch it....

Bubblegum said...

Painful memories for me thanks to my surname. Cherry on the cake? I was far from sexy when this was released. Little too far than what I am today!! Hahahhaah.

Chengiz said...

What happened to the zamana when the hero would appear shirtless and the heroine would wear lipstick...

Didnt know this woman, let alone she's Kajol's sister. Thanks as always for adding to my Bollywood knowledge!