Wednesday, April 17, 2019

O is for O ajnabi

In general, I intensely dislike most Kareena Kapoor movies.

But Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon (2003) I dislike with a vengeance. IT.IS.BAD. Every actor does a terrible job and there is a CGI parrot in the movie.

So this song starts with Hrithik Roshan doing what I find myself doing sometimes when trying to get dressed for a party.

Though I'm curious about why he's throwing his clothes out of a moving train, I can't get myself to watch this movie. Again. No can do.

Look what they have reduced an otherwise decent actor to.

So we gather that he's heartbroken because his sweetheart is getting engaged to his boss.

Here is said sweetheart, so dramatically heartbroken that she almost breaks her friend's shoulder.

Why does this give me Koi Mil Gaya vibes?

Abhishek Bachchan is the only sane person in the song who is not overacting.

Mainly because he has played 'the guy who's about to get married to girl who loves another guy' 8785403725804 times in his career, so he can just sleepwalk through this role.

Meanwhile, Hrithik is still doing his 'Mirror mirror on the wall, who can weep the best of all' routine.

The engagement is supposedly on a boat. Called LOVE BOAT. Yes.

Kareena Kapoor's brief said 'Look distraught.' Methinks she read it as 'Look disgusted'.

I'm quite amazed that no one in the whole damned LOVE BOAT has noticed that the dulhan-to-be doesn't exactly look happy.

In fact, she's not just unhappy. She's furious. Oh wait, wrong brief again?

Even her mom seems totally oblivious.

She's waiting for Hrithik but he's not done throwing his clothes from the train yet.

Enjoy this cryfest.


I said...

ha ha ha..the most hilarious one till now!!

Charan Deep Singh said...

It was a sad film... really sad... And really silly...

Chengiz said...

Haha love the asides about Kareena's acting. But calling Hrithik a decent actor, nooooo!

t said...

OMG Sayesha, I've enjoyed all these posts I've read so far! How do you make such high-quality gifs? Sometimes the actions in some gifs are too fast, but yours are perfect. Do you have a post on creating gifs? If not, at least for fan junta like me, please write one :)

And the captions - haha! Amazing, all hilarious.

Also: wasn't this the same movie with the famous dialogue - "toh phir problem kya hai?" - the mother's retort to when she finds out that the heroine hasn't been physical yet with her bf so what's the problem in marrying another guy. *major roll eye and laughter*