Tuesday, April 09, 2019

H is for Hum tumse muhabbat karte hain

Some of you may remember Fardeen Khan and Meghna's Kothari's disastrous debut Prem Aggan (written, produced and directed by Daddy Dearest). The movie tanked but somehow, Fardeen got the Filmfare Best Debut award (bought, purchased and acquired by Daddy Dearest?).

Most people today who know of this movie do so thanks to Kanan and Biswa's hilarious review.

I had featured another song from this movie in the April challenge last year, but this movie is a gift that keeps on giving. For I have another song this year, which is just as uhhh... [insert suitable choice words].

So the song starts off with the two lovebirds on the top of a mountain. They slowly turn.

They have run away from their homes and are going to take the plunge. Like, literally.

WHAT?! Noooo, surely you guys are not going to...

Oh yes, we are.

Oh, you gullible reader, how worried you got for their safety. Just look at her, casually waving as if she's just bumped into an old friend at the mall. "Eh hiii, tu yahan kar raha hai??"

Oho what dancing. Aha what dancing.

Oho what shorts. Aha what steps. You will see more of these shorts later. In different colours.

I can imagine the props guy calling Firoz Khan from the shop.

PG - Hello, sir?
FK - Arre kahan hai tu??
PG - Sir, heroine ki shorts lene ke liye gaya tha.
FK - Aur?
PG - Sir, sale lagi hai, sir. Rainbow colours ka full set.
FK - Full set? Really?! Haan toh lekar aa na!
PG - Ok, sir!

The answer to every girl's "Bhaiya, koi aur colour nahin hai?" question.

Seriously, yeh kya hai? I am not sure whom to fault — the choreographer or the dancers.

Okay, maybe the choreographer because even diggaj dancers CANNOT make this step look normal.

Actually, I take my words back. It's the dancers. For sure.



Charan Deep Singh said...

Oh! The time, when they had title songs.

Arun said...

I imagine the makers of these movies, the choreographers of these dances, the lyricist and the singers, all approach this like the purchase of lottery tickets. They know that it is very, very unlikely -- but who knows, they may get lucky and have a hit.