Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I is for In the night no control

This song is a cringe-fest.

I have no problem with Akki and Rekha being together in this song, but I have a big problem with what they are doing together.

Okay, I'm just hoping that's ketchup on his face and not blood. Because she licks it. Yes, they show her licking it. (I spared you guys the gif. You're welcome.)

Quiz time - what has more hair, Akki's chest or Rekha's head?

Lyrics for your reading pleasure:
Even the naughty girls need love, hai na?
Dhak dhak dhak dhak dhak dhak dil dhadke
Love me love me love me, yeh bole

Meri zulfon se, saason se
Meri aankhon se, hothon se
Zulfon se, saason se, aankhon se, hothon se
Jaayega bachke kahan?

That was the harmless part of the lyrics. Here comes the real killer:

In the night, no control
Kya karoon, kuchh toh bol
Tod de yeh badan
Take my love, take my soul

So he places a slice of cheese on the back of his hand, drizzles chocolate sauce over it and feeds it to her.

If you thought that was YUCK, try this.

Yep, that is Akki. Not a body double.

Just double bodies.

Slithering around in the mud.

Bas yehi dekhna baki reh gaya tha. This is how you drag Bollywood's good name through the mud. Literally.

Okay, that's enough Internet for the day. Bye.

Dekh lo but don't say later that I didn't warn you. You WILL need a bath after watching this song.

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Charan Deep Singh said...

Somehow because of all wrestlers who appeared in it , it was an attractive film for kids. Then there was a song in it titled : Oh maa sheran waaliye tere sher aa gaya...