Monday, April 15, 2019

M is for Mana abhi ho kamsin

I don't think anyone can deny that Neelam was one of the cutest actors of her time. In fact, she was the very definition of 'cute'.

Now imagine someone out-cute-ing Neelam!

That, my friends, was Karan Shah.

Gaaaaah. He was SO cute that Neelam paled in comparison!

This song is from the 1984 movie Jawaani (yes, the movie with that very catchy song 'Tu rootha toh main ro doongi sanam'). It was the debut movie of both these cuties.

Karan is telling Neelam, 'Mana abhi ho kamsin'. 'Kamsin' means 'juvenile'. And guess how old Neelam was when she did this movie? 15 (some sites and videos say 14)!

And now let's get down to the actual song. The choreographer had called in sick that morning... they used the bagal ke studio ka aerobics instructor.

...who, looking at Neelam in this gif, obviously teaches swimming on the side too.

I have... words. Literally.

Oh, look! There's a bit of yoga in the mix as well.

This reminds me of the 'Modi on a rock' memes.

This gives me anxiety.

And why this shot had to begin at her crotch is beyond me.

Seriously now, how lazy was this choreographer??!! Yeh kya step hai??!!

Watch it. The two cuties will make you forgive everything.


Charan Deep Singh said...

Neelam is cute no doubt but I hadn't heard about this film or song

Chengiz said...

I love "Tu rootha to". This one on the other hand lol. Perhaps the dancing makes sense because he's her personal trainer and supposed to be training her for a triathlon...