Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yehi hai right choice, baby!

Unsuspecting Aish is watching John Abraham on TV when her evil Masi creeps up on her with a hidden agenda.

Sash - Hi Aish!
Aish - Hi Masi, what's up?

Sash - I have decided that I shall not be the only one in the family who's crazy about ghazals. So I'm gonna induct you into the club, okay? Even though I don't want to influence your likes, dislikes and choices, I want you to be exposed to ghazals and see for yourself how wonderful they are.

Aish - Sheesh. Considering that you have tied me up in the stroller, do I have a choice??

Sash - Okay, I'll need to change the channel. Give me the remote control. We will start with watching Jagjit Singh. He's a really great artist. Of course, there's Ghulam Ali too, but we'll get there in time.

Aish - This is Jagjit Singh? Looks kinda old eh? Hmmm... I think I prefer John... Masi, does John sing ghazals?

Sash - Shhh... listen to the lyrics... amazing eh?
Aish - Hmmm.... this is kinda... uhhh... slow and... errr... boring, what say?

Aish - Masi said something like "guzzle"... I wonder when the guzzling part will happen...

Aish - Maybe time will pass by faster if I count on my fingers... one... two... three...

Aish - Sigh... Masi, what's the time? How much longer do we have to watch this?
Sash - Aish, stop counting! You'll offend him.

Aish - Ooops! Sorry, Jaggu ji! Darn... I should be more discreet with my counting...

Aish - eight... nine... and ten! All right, I'm outta fingers to count!

Aish - That's it, I can't take it anymore! Enough is enough! Somebody snatch the remote control from that crazy woman and give it to me!!


Bivas said...

hehehe...dat was so cute
u seem to be obsessed with ur niece since visiting her :-)

rt said...

thats so cute!!
and she (ur niece) too is damn cute!!

ursjina said...

i told u..i told u..she wud definitely be on the upper side..hehe..john abraham with dats sm day..u never know..he might actually sing..hehe..

Wonderful post..sayesha!!

shub said...

wah!! daaaaaaaaaaaaamn cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute:D both the post and the er...postee! :D ( theek hai, post-er also!:P )

Thisisme said...


amazing!! toooooo gud :)) :))

cant stop laffin!!

n ailaaa..itni choti age mein ghazals??? kahey bache ko pareshaan karte ho? :)) :))

Anonymous said...


Poor Aish and she's so right!! I just canr bear ghazals!!

Sayesha, I was thinking about your kids and I feel Aish is lucky that you visit her only once in a while...

Psssstt.... Your kids will make you cry, am sure! :))


Anonymous said...

And yeah, I don't have a blogger account! When I logged into my gmail account, it automatically got authenticated here too :) [I was checking if it would show up a capital 'S' so that I can use that, but it was showing me small 'sowmya' itself :( ]

I do blog but only in my company blogspace :)

Can't compete with people of your class in this blogger group :D

So you believe me now? :)


ps: If you don't find it credible, just check the Google/Blogger button below :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

welcomeeee baaaaaaaaackkkkkk sashhhhhhh


aishu is sooo cuteeeeeee :) :)

aww i miss my niece now!

bananapen said...

Hehehe soo cute...
and what huge eyes she has! :)

Anonymous said...

She is cho chubby chweeeeet !!


Sakshi said...

She is so cute :)
But PS. you have to stop increasing my competition. If she likes JA, I have no chance.

Anonymous said...

Too cute, both the post and Aish..


manju said...

Very cute :)

naari said...

cool one :) aish rocks!! )

GuNs said...

So... we gonna see any posts from Aish soon?


atul lakhotia said...

very hilarious :) the pics perfectly convey the humour....

Anonymous said...

super sayesha, i loved it does aish really want the remte control???????
i shouldn't thnik that she want it

Sayesha said...

You bet! :)

Thanks! APun par gayi hai na! :P

Thanks! :)
Johny baba ghazlofying? Whoa...! :)

Offo post-er ko credit dene mein itna nakhra? Bracket mein daal diya? Sheesh! :/

Pareshaan? Arre I am helping her make the right choice, baby! :D

Bhai still awaits the day when Sowmya drops by the bar and does not insult Bhai... *tapping fingers on armrest like Mogambo*

#Ipanema Gal,
Thank you! Bilkul apun par gayi hai na?? :P :P :P

Hehehe... thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Hahahaha! Arre yaar... jab tak woh compete karne ki age tak aa jayegi... she'd be going after Aryan Khan, not old Johny boy! :P

Thanks! But hey, what about meeeee?? :P :P :P


You bet! ;)

Oh she loves tapping the keyboard, although a post from her would like this! :D

Thanks! :)

She wants everything gadget-y -- mobile phones, remote controls, laptops, everything! :)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Bechari Aish ko kya kya jhelna padta hai! :D

Iday said...

Why are u so possessive of John man? Let the kid watch him na???

BTW - (when we met) u dint introduce aish to us in person :(
What will she think of us...

Neihal said...

hmph blogger!! where's my comment!!!

God bless the child!
Finally Sash met her match.
makes me happy :P

Sandew said...

super cute kid.

U are torturing the poor kid.
Where is the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children?

Sayesha said...

Sab bachi ke bhale ke liye hai bandhu! :)

Hey I am not possessive about John. I believe that John belongs to every girl in the world... except Bipasha of course.

//BTW - (when we met) u dint introduce aish to us in person :(

She wasn't there yaar. Both her and my sis could not attend the second reception. You think I wouldn't have introduced you to her if she was there?? :)

Hehehehee! :P

Arre why is everyone accusing me of torturing the baby? It's all for her own good. :D

Apy said...

thats exploitation ..trying to influence a kid tied up in a stroller... n making her like Jagjit Singh.. How cruel... :P

Iday said...

//She wasn't there yaar. Both her and my sis could not attend the second reception. You think I wouldn't have introduced you to her if she was there?? :)

Bach gayi thu... :D

GuNs said...

You're a pretty good simulator of baby-babble, I must say !

Back on your blog after a long time. Nice to see these developments in your life.


Rebellion said...

Awwww. That was choooooooooo cute Sash >:D<

Next time I have a set of pics to be posted, I'm gonna send them to you first, to come up with a cute little story! khi khi khi :)

You're tooooooooooooo good and Aish is toooooooooo cute. Like you?? No wayyyyy, like me :P

Take care dear,

Rohit Talwar said...

Man don't get her into ghazals..! :O Let her listen to some grunge.. some metal.. as she grows up.. :P

Basanti said...

The baby is adorable! :) And the baby also has an extremely creative Masi! :-)

She's grown up so much na! When are you going to teach her how to wear a bandana?! :D

soleil said...

I definitely am coming over sometime to see your Aish database of pics!

I'm adding you to my blog links! :)


Hi Sayesha,

after a long time.

from now on I (HOT-WINTER) will be


(my actual name),

I will be giving my expert

comments in my original name.

he he...



Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

Hi Sayesha,

This is HOT-WINTER aka

Vaijayanta. I am here from my new



Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

Ash is a very cute baby. Very sweet. At this small age she likes John so much?

Which song of John does she like the most?

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

We might see Aish someday blogging like her maasi....he he.

Bivas said...

Happy Holi Sash :-)

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Itne choti bachci pe are really evil masi.

The pics are very cute.:)

Abhishek Upadhyay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Lonely Traveller said...

This is soooo cute...
Have been away from Sayeshaz for quite a while... and I have been catching up on those posts quite rapidly.
Truly awesome!!!


Angelsera said...

Hey Sayesha,
are you back??when can we have tt paav bhaaji party :D

oh..Congrats on ur wedding..Viv too!

so..when can we have the paav bhaji? :D

Shailesh said...

Cool Pics..

Harshi said...

Haha... well captured. I am trying to control my laughter here at work
:-)). Good Sash, achcha induction hai. Catch 'em young. I would be doing similar things with babies
:-). Btw, in some way, Aish seems to resemble you Sash.

Sayesha said...


Next time, dude! :)

Thanks and welcome back! :)

Thanks dear! :)

What? No rusted metal-wetal for her... tum log toh bigaad doge yaar! :/

Hehehe... yeah the next time I see her, there'll be a picture of baby and masi in matching bandanas! :D

Thanks! See you at home then! :)

Hey welcome back. She likes 'Where's the party tonight?' a lot. :)

Happy Holi to you too! :)

Thanks! :)

Wow you've been away too long man! Welcome back! :)

Yes dear I am back, but have another situation at home now (read my next post to find out). Will have that party as soon as I sort things out :)

Thanks :)

//in some way, Aish seems to resemble you Sash.

Best statement on this post! Muahahaha! :D