Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's sprayback time!

Once upon a time, someone sent me a forward with the picture of a baby whose entire face was covered with baby food. It was cute, but unlikely to happen, I thought. How on earth a small baby could get all that food all over her face was beyond me.

Till the day I watched my sister try to shove some gooey mushy stuff into Aish's mouth.

Aish is just getting started on semi-solids, and she makes no qualms about expressing how much she hates it. Her mealtimes have become family affairs, often spanning a few hours, and involving not just her immediate family, but second and third cousins of ours and the domestic helpers too. Everyone tries their hand to get her to eat, but she has all sorts of strategies to counter the situation.

You'd think it's an easy task. Just take some of the gooey mushy stuff in the carefully manufactured plastic spoon with rounded edges and gently place it in the little one's mouth, and she'll just gobble it up, right?


Then I decided to take matters (and the spoon) in my own hands, proclaiming, "Give me that, tum logon ko kuchh nahin aata hai!" What I did not expect were the miniature Karate moves that Aish had somehow mastered. A left hook to the spoon and a right uppercut to my elbow, and suddenly all the food that was once in the spoon had neatly landed on her forehead. Five spoonfuls later, she has food everywhere on her face except her mouth, closely resembling the baby in the forward I had received. This is actually a very funny sight, and everyone except my sister is amused.

After pleading and cajoling yielded no results, my sister came up with smarter tactics. She looked at Aish very very sternly and suddenly yelled in capital letters, "EAT OR I'LL GET VERY ANGRY!" I think she scared me more than she scared baby Aish.

"What's wrong with you?? Why are you yelling at the baby???" I yelled.

"Shhh... if I yell, it will scare her. If I scare her, she will cry. The moment she opens her mouth to cry, I will put the food in her mouth." She whispered, still maintaining the stern look.

Ah, clever.

"Arre wah! Tum toh uski hi nahin, hum sabki maa ho!" I proclaimed.

Meanwhile, Aish was looking a bit surprised, trying to figure out what the hell had happened to make her usually quiet mother scream like that.

"I'M REALLY VERY ANGRY, AISH!" My sister yelled again.


"Waaaaaaaaaa" went a visibly shaken Aish, and in went the spoon with the gooey mushy stuff.

For a second, Aish looked extremely surprised. Then in what was to become one of her trademark moves, "phooooooooooooooshh!" she sprayed all the food back at my sister, sending me into fits of laughter. Aish leaned back in her stroller with a smug look. And now her mother was the one resembling the baby in the forward.

My exasperated sister looked at me helplessly and asked (this time in lowercase letters), "Sayesha, why doesn't she eat???"

Erm... it was of course a rhetorical question, wasn't it? Surely she didn't expect me to know why baby Aish refused to eat, right?

But I looked at my sister guiltily. Cos deep in my heart, I knew. That I was kinda responsible for Aish's disagreement with food in general.

Damn I should never
have pointed out babe Aish's hot bod in Dhoom 2 to baby Aish.


Thisisme said...


and i read it tooo :))

Thisisme said...

hahah..all kids r supposedly like that..thankfully for me..my niece is a great hogger and will gobble up even the hands that feed her!!
:-)) :-))
but yaar...baby aish ko sexy aish se durr rakho..effects kaafi jyada adverse ho sakte hai... :-P :-P
n anyways...baby aish luks so much pretty n cute than hot bod aish :D

n hei ..silver tooo !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sheesh!!! :-/

Please stay away from the baby and don't spoil her at such a young age!!! :P


Rebellion said...

Ok, I take the silver or bronze?? :D

Rebellion said...

I almost fell off the bed reading it. It was sooooooo cute Sash. I've gone thru similar situations with my neice but the way you've expressed it.. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! Would love to meet your sis & Aish too, once at least :)

You're tooo good Sash, simply the best. You really have the power to make a person not only smile but laugh too :)

Wayyy to go Aish :D
*touch wood touch wood touch wood*

Bivas said...

ROTFLOL...n still LOLing :)) =))
can't help but imagine Ash(Rai) staying away from semi-solid baby food to maintain that Dhoom2 look!!! Hilarious :D

Neihal said...

what all you do to the lil girl!! ;)

and dont throw rocks on me...but Baby Aish looks in real bad mood....like she's gonna punch someone very hard and 'vasul the hafta' :D
all the bhaigiri !!

ursjina said...

hehe..dats hilariously cute...
i guess one day ur niece is gonna outsmart u..oh..my god..wat does dat mean?..she wud be the queen of the world..ur already a princess..:)

Anonymous said...

sayesha plz do upload sum new pics in hopscotch..i check it each day..atleast one of urs on your wedding day...dying t see how 'bhai' looked in a saree!

Hari said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! If only some aunty of mine showed me a snap of Arnie when I was about such an age...

The world has missed a great body builder... Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Superb!!! And Baby Aish is way cuter than that Rai thingy. And as rebellion said this post makes everyone laugh and as i said before you really are gifted!! Keep Posting.

Sakshi said...

LOL.. Oh my Gawd, remembered all the times I had to feed my baby neice - it starts with cajoling, proceeds to begging then to anger and then you just give up :)

Amazing how such a little thing can bringyou to your knees.

Jeez .. If you have shown her that pic of Ash, she is going to off food (that horrifying a pic..)

chandu said...


roflol!!!! tooo much. finally and ultimately did she give up and ate or u guyz gave up?

Clueless said...
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Clueless said...

Hee! I once heard of a "Thwack the kid on the head -> kid wails -> stuff food in its mouth" routine and was horrified. Yelling at the baby is one thing (I'd probably do the same thing in your sis' frustrated position), but thwacking it on the head?! Sheesh!

And don't worry. When she's slightly older, Baby Aish will take one look at the horribly flat way Babe Aish delivers lines and immediately vow never to aim to be like her ever again. Till then, well...just find ways to feed her till then, will ya? ;)

Sayesha said...

Hehehehe... I'll convey that to baby Aish! :)

Sheesh, kabhi toh mere baare mein achha bol de yaar! :P

Bronze baby! :)
Thanks! I wish they'd gone to Bombay with me yaar... then you could have met them! :)

Hahahahah! :D

////but Baby Aish looks in real bad mood

Haan yaar... I think she's depressed about her baby fat! :P

Hehehe... let's see :)

Hey hi... actually Hopscotch is my travelogue, so I won't be putting up any wedding pics there. :) If you're someone I know, drop me an email and I'll send you the wedding photos :)

Hahahaha! As usual, blaming others for your non performance eh? Typical Hari! Hahahaha! :D

//that Rai thingy

Hahahahahaha! That really cracked me up! :P

Thanks for the kind words, I'll keep blogging as long as I can :)

Hahahaha! Hey what's with the Ash-bash on this post? C'mon give her some credit, she must have worked really hard on that bod! :)

Hahaha! Well, I tasted it first to see what the big deal was. And may I just say yuck! Well, everyone gave a try and she ate about one-thirds before she started crying with her mouth closed. That's one heart-tugging action, so I just gave up. :)

Gosh that's horrible! Hitting the baby?? :O :O :O

//Baby Aish will take one look at the horribly flat way Babe Aish delivers lines and immediately vow never to aim to be like her ever again.

Hehehe... yeah, actually we're only going for the bod here, nothing else! :P

Anonymous said...

Baby Aish is sooooooooo cute and looks sooooooooo angelic. The photo made me wish I could give her a big hug :)

Anonymous said...

"If you're someone I know, drop me an email and I'll send you the wedding photos :)"

Er... do I count as "someone you know"? :-/

If yes, please send me a few pics(you know my ID) :)

If not, hmm... *sigh* ok... :P


Anonymous said...

I want to see the wedding snapsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss............

Post nah.. :)

Thisisme said...

me tooo wanna see ur wedding snaps... :-)
shud i mail u? and m i in the 'Some1 u Know' category? :-P

give rest to all these queries and post it on hop-scotch :):)

btw..all this prodding reminds me of the times v had to pester u for a guest post from viv :D:D:D ;-)) which v finally suceeded in :)):))

Sayesha said...

Heheheh... meeee tooooo!!!! :D

Chal tu bhi kya yaad karegi, check your inbox! ;)

#Anonymous & Thisisme,
Sheesh! Tum logon ne phir se crazy kiya re! Offo! Chalo, you get one snap of bhai in a sari. One snap it is. :P

Sowmya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
naari said...

naari this is not done..where are the pics gal! bahut ho gayi chutti. kuch kaam kar le ;)

Thisisme said...

Thanks :-)thanku hai jee:)

luking v pretty pretty :-)nice saari too!

but stamp size fotu kyu upload kiya? dekhne ke liye had to bore my eyes into the screen :P:P

ek acha sa..bada size ka..wedding types ..couple wala pic upload karo na..fir hum pareshan nahi karenge :) promise.

soleil said...

Aish is sooooooo cute!!!! :D Clueless showed me other pics of her!

Hey! What happened to the "here comes the helicopter that wants to land in your mouth" + *helicopter sounds* method? :p

Manchus said...

It is a cute post. But I am sure your sister won't be that amused. She must be worried sick why her baby is not eating! My strategy is hold the baby in my lap in sitting position (mind you her leg must be kind of held tight by your legs when you squat) and then tie a towel like a all-around bib. This way the baby's hand is not free. Then feed her. Actually she would cry as she is not free!!

But this trick works only until the baby starts crawling. Then on it is back to square one!

Iday said...

I've done this, feeding babies, quite successfully :)

It is quite an experience i mus add

Manasi said...

Haha :) I guess my sis should show my nephew Hritik or someone....he seems to love food way beyond his months! No matter how much u feed him, he is always ready for more!! :)

Sayesha said...

Hey you got a blogger account! Why isn't your profile available? Bhai se toh photos bhi le liye aur apna thobda bhi nahin dikhaya? :@

Babe I'll send you all the pics... still collating from the thirty thousand sources :)

Arre it wasn't stamp sized when I uploaded, dunno why it appears that way. :(

//ek acha sa..bada size ka..wedding types ..couple wala pic upload karo na..fir hum pareshan nahi karenge :) promise.

Sheesh! Apun itna achha kaiku hai re, sabki baat kaiku sunta har baari? :/

Chal here and here are pics of the "couple" (sheesh!), lekin if this also turns out stamp-sized, apun ko kuchh nahin bolne ka, apun ke dharya ka baandh toot padega! :D

Hi girl, come home sometime and I'll show you my Aish database of pics! :)

//Hey! What happened to the "here comes the helicopter that wants to land in your mouth" + *helicopter sounds* method? :p

Hahaha! I think Aish will crash the helicopter in no time! :D

Thanks for the tip, dear! Will relay to sis! :)

Hahaha you bet! :)

Hehehe... that's cool yaar! :)

Neihal said...

you guys look awesome together :D
wishing you many many years of happiness and love :)

Thisisme said...

After seeing the pics..i have 2 things to say :-)

1. THANKSSSSSSSSSSS UR tooo gud n sweeet :)))))))

2. u guys luk AWESOME ! bole toh bilkul made-for-each-other types couple :D :D

Once again..all my best wishes n regards to u & viv for a great great married life ahead :-)!

Bivas said...

Hey dat was kewl...u look err...Hat ke in the Wedding Dress :-)
Nice pics...Kaangratulations once again on successfully surviving the gruelling wedding rituals ;-)

P.S. Still waiting for Hop-scotch update! Yaar Wedding pics mat daal...kam se kam jahaan travel ki(including India trip) woh fotus to daal de.

Vijay said...

Hmmmm...I guess you are putting undue pressure on baby Aish to look like Hot Bod Aish - and hence the Sprayback effect.
Imagine the effect if you show her the fotos of emancipated Nicole Richie or Lindsay Lohan - on second thought - Dont Imagine!!! Barf!!!! Barf!!!!


Anonymous said...

Both of you look cute..!
U make a very "yong" couple!! :)

And those red chairs... ha ha ...
They always make a important part of the receptions, don't they ?!!


naari said...

That closeup of the two of u is really really good. And your saree looks dashing ! :)

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks yaar! Hopscotch pics are in progress :)

Hehehehe! No phoren chick pic for Aish! :P

Hehehe... yeah they do! :)
Thanks! :)

Thanks dear! :)