Friday, March 30, 2007

New kid on the blog

Sayesha: I wanna talk to her.

Apa: You wanna talk to her?!

Sayesha: Yes yes, put her on!

Apa: Put her on?! This is yahoo messenger!

Sayesha: I know I know. Give her the keyboard!


Sayesha: Wat is the background noise??

Apa: What?

Sayesha: Wat is the khat pat sound?

Apa: oh she's trying to type.

Sayesha: She's trying to type???? Hahahaha! Let her type! Teach her to press the enter key.

Apa: No no, she broke the enter key the last time.

Sayesha: But I wanna see what she typed.

Apa: Btw, I just saw the new pics you sent. U look great.

Sayesha: Oh u saw? Did you like the sari I wore?

Apa: gfggf ftr ftgrgbbbg

Sayesha: Eh? What??

Apa: gdgfgdhhdhdsggd

Sayesha: Ohhhhh! Hiiii, Aishu!

Apa: lklkl ii

Sayesha: hahahaha! more more! masi wants more!!!

Apa: 6fc mn

Sayesha: Hahahaa! She knows how to use the space bar! Smart girl!

Apa: bas! no more.

Sayesha: Oh you're back?

Apa: yes, it's time for her nap.

Sayesha: noooooooooooooooo!
u're taking her away???

Apa: yemnsmn

Apa: hhy

Sayesha: hahahahaha!

Sayesha: hey don't take her away!

Apa: nn bbbbbbbbb

Sayesha: See? She doesn't wanna go! You stay put, baby!

Apa: sh,e,m

Sayesha: hahahaha! She's using punctuation! And making very intellectual statements too.

Apa: m, mmhh

Apa: t

Sayesha: hahahaha! You go, girl!

Apa: gxzcdfaaaac

Sayesha: wow that was a looong word!
shabash baby!

Apa: yulxsxsxa

*long pause*

Sayesha: hello? u there? anybody home? Apa? Aish?

*long pause*

Sayesha: Le gayi! Hmmmph! Okay fine, bye! :/

Looking at how tech-savvy baby Aish is becoming, I guess it won't be long before I have a new reader on my blog.

Gosh, it's gonna take ages to baby-proof the bar! :O
Watch out, bewdas, baby on board!


qsg said...

Too cute! :) She is absolutely on the right track! :D

Neihal said...

SILVER it is :D

Neihal said...

I fell in love with her the first time you posted her pics....thats how I came out of hiding,remember :P

She is Gorgeous :D

Aish you have a fan in me :)

Hari said...

GRRRRRRRRR!!! The main page said 2 comments and I open it eagerly to get my bronze to find three comments there...what nonsense!Hmph!

*Looking at how tech-savvy baby Aish is becoming, I guess it won't be long before I have a new reader on my blog*

What do you mean by new "reader" ? Her intellectual statements say she would be a writer of a blog soon! You better be her reader.

How funny it would be to see Aishu's World...filled with gaslhhljdfasdfh ..,,mmammm235,,,asdfjlakdsjflj

and readers fighting for the gold comments!!! hahaha! :D

PizzaDude said...

Awwww!!! Cho Chweet :D
and the post too :)

arpana said...

chooooooooooo chweeeeetttttttttt I want a post by Aishu .... I want it here on this blog .. before she graduates onto her own :D

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

This is what Aish was trying to say: -

"gfggf ftr ftgrgbbbg " means "How r u Maasi?"

"gdgfgdhhdhdsggd" means "We all are fine here"

"lklkl ii" means "How is Viv?"

"6fc mn" means "He is a cool man"

"yemnsmn" means "Y dont u all come to me?"

"nn bbbbbbbbb" means "No problem, I'll be with you soon"

"sh,e,m" means "See how fast I can type"

"m, mmhh" means "I miss you a lot"

"t" means "Take Care"

"gxzcdfaaaac" means "Good Bye"

"yulxsxsxa" means "C u again some days later".

Bivas said...

absolutely delightful post :-)

satish said...

Badi hee piyari bachchi hai bhai. Meri tarah hosiyaar banegi bade hokar.

Hamari taraf se ashirwaad de dijiyega.


Rebellion said...

Cooooooool. So she's into axan already? ;) Sayi haiiii. Glad you changed the name plate of your blog, varna aate hi usko bi bewdi bana dete!

And yepp, watch out bewdas, baby "inspector" is on board ;):P:P

Don't drink & type :P

PS: One of her most adorable pics :)

Raam Pyari said...

kinni cute hai
*maxxxx fond type luk*

Thisisme said...

this was too cute.. :)
i do the same with my niece..i chat with her on yahoo even though she is only 10 mnths old..
type chat..voice chat ;-) its fun!
could totally identify with this post :):)

t said...

Awww how cute :)

Iday said...

Who on earth wants to baby proof the bar??? Make a post on her everyday. she's CUTE :)

Sowmya said...

Baby-proof it seems!!

Cute phrase! :)

And I feel you need to use cochee-coo words instead of baby-proofing it! :D


Sakshi said...

Sho shweet.
But now I have to clean up my language!!
Sheez, more competion for gold. Coz you will always give her the insider track .. hmph!

Manasi said...

You know what, I could just replace your name for mine and write the same thing. I make my sis do the same thing and just love it when my nephew types!!! It feels amazing!!! Ahh! the things that masis do! :)

shub said...

WOW! Sweetest post ever! :D
ANd look at her! so darn cute! :D I could eat her up! :D :D :D
she has your eyes and nose na? :-)

Siddhu said...

That is so unbelievably cute!!! :D Esp the picture!!!

Creepa! said...

Thats sweet :)


Amit Panhale said...

you are totally obsessed with your niece, a away, its good...coz

We get read some really funny posts and also see some really cute pics of your Ash...

Deepali said...

Very sweet :)

On a side note: u got one more brand new reader of ur blog..


Shekhar said...

Ha ha.. Sahi hai.. ~big grin~

Looks like we'll soon have a new blog to read, let alone a new reader on your blog. :D

Duhita said...

You need to tell your dad to get a webcam!:) Then the fun will really begin!

Rio said...
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Janefield said...

hey duhita, you got yrself a blog id? how abt brandishing an email id now :)

aish is such a cute li'l tech savvy toddler! hope next time she's on chat she types in her name! that should be easy peasy for her the way she's going heheheheh :)

atul lakhotia said...

cooool...congrats for a new reader..!!i thk she will soon be writing some...nice pic..

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! :P

Yes dear, I remember! :)

//Aish you have a fan in me :)

Join the club! :P

How funny it would be to see Aishu's World...filled with gaslhhljdfasdfh.,,mmammm235,,,asdfjlakdsjflj

and readers fighting for the gold comments!!! hahaha! :D

ROFLLLLOLLL! :D And if some of her readers are the same age as her, their comments would also look like jkhjfhsdf./,sd/.fdogjfd! :D

Thanks! :)

Hehehe... meee too! When I meet her next, I'll get her to type something and save it and post it on my blog! :P

Wow, thanks for all the hard work translating all that! :P

Thanks! :)

Sheesh! Satish mamu ki tarah na baney toh achha hai, kaiku meri bachi ko bigaad rela hai? :P
ps: Will convey ashirwad :)

Name plate? What name plate? :?

//And yepp, watch out bewdas, baby "inspector" is on board ;):P:P
Don't drink & type :P

Hahahhaha! That made me laugh out loud! :D

#Raam Pyari,
Hehehe... bilbul hum dono par gayi hai apni niece, nahin? :D

Hehehe.... yeah it's an awesome awesome feeling na? :))


Hehehehe! :P

Haha! And you gotta start being nice to baby bar-inspector's aunt! :P :P

Hahaha! A lot of us have to clean up before she arrives eh? :D


Hahahaa! Yeah, much to my sister's protests, she has my everything! :D

Hey looong time no see! Welcome back to the bar and thanks! :))

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz, and thanks for commenting! :)

Oh yeah! :D

Yeah! And I'm getting one too! :D

I think Duhita signed in using her google account. She doesn't have a blog yet (Du, you don't, right??)

Can't wait for the day when Aishu types her own name! :)))

Thanks! :)