Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is for zombie

So we have come to the end of the A-Z blogathon, and the title of the last post pretty much describes what the month of April has rendered me into. I feel truly zombie-fied. April has been tough. Managing Xena, work-related deadlines, daily blogging, household chores, preparing for the upcoming renovation, selling furniture and sorting/throwing/donating stuff accumulated over two decades, was no fun with Viv travelling.

And just when I started my joyous rendition of 'Mera piya ghar aaya, o Ramji' upon his return, he dropped the bomb on me -- he's travelling again in June for the Apple conference (smack in the middle of our home renovation), making me instantly change my song to 'Pardesi, pardesi, jana nahin'. I'm now thinking of ways to get back at him. Maybe I'll ask the contractor to paint the whole house a neon pink while he's gone. Xena won't mind, I'm sure.

So, this is my last post before I shut down my computer and prepare it for take-off and landing in a new house -- our temporary accommodation for the next two months. In spite of the insanity, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing the blogathon, more than last year in fact. Last year, I was having the panic attacks by myself, but this year I had a lot of company for the blogathon, and the discussions reassured me that everyone else was also having the same panic attacks. Phew and yeay!

Also, contrary to my belief that the universe had moved to Twitter, the blogathon gave me assurance that people are still reading blogs. They may not be commenting as much, but they are definitely reading. The numbers show it. Thank you, bewdas, for reading and for cheering me on. If you liked any particular post more than the others, please do let me know.

Thank you for your emails and your comments. I have replied to all the emails, and I hope to respond to all the comments by next week.

I was touched when some bewdas said that they will have withdrawal symptoms once April is over. To be honest, I'm already feeling quite emo about it, and I'm pretty sure that I will wake up tomorrow with quite severe withdrawal symptoms. Who knows, maybe that will inspire me to blog a little more in non-April months.

Until the next post... So long, bewdas, and thanks for (reading) all the fish (posts)!


mad hatter said...

good lord, i feel like such a brat complaining about "too much on my plate" when i barely lift a finger. how much spinach do you eat, Popeye!

congratulations on completing an awesome blogathon... and good luck with the new home-y stuff. paint those walls neon pink!

Arun said...

Sayesha, Z as in "you are ze best!".

Hope after a while, you come back refreshed and ready to blog regularly again. :)

It is hard to pick a favorite post. Anything with Xena obviously is a favorite for this Xenaphile bewda :)

Perhaps Q is for Quotes was the most unusual one. :)

Bubblegum.... said...

Shall I remind you to post every now and then in Non-April months?!! *Runnig away*


Unknown said...

Here is to the hitch hikers' reference.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing in style! I had more fun this year, too. :D

Looking forward to our next challenge! ;)

~ PragyaN ~ said...

For just once I wish there were more letters in English Alphabets, would have loved to read more n more from you! After following your blog from quite sometime, I feel so happy to let you know that we connect in so many ways - love for SRK, old Bolly movies n songs, traveling, your creative work n hopefully from the same place too!

Please please please... keep blogging, they have helped me a lot in coping with my boring office days :D

Prathima said...

Is it the end already? :-( Congrats on the completion and hoping you'll be back soon with loads of goodies.
My favorites were K and O.

And, oh, good luck with the renovations..especially if you're going ahead with the neon pink walls ;-)

Courtney said...

You rock! Congrats on getting to the letter Z! Reminder: there will be an A to Z Reflections round on May 4th. There will be a Linky for it on the main blog, so please look for it there! Please post your reflections on the challenge, visit others, and catch up on the blogs you didn't have time to read!

Team Macha, Helping Co-Host Zalka
Maui Jungalow

Sayesha said...

mad hatter,
Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)

Every now and then shouldn't be a problem. :)

Thanks and congrats to you too! :)

Thank you! I'll try my best. :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)

Smitha.S said...

Read your blog fairly regularly..U write amazingly well :)
Do keep blogging regularly