Thursday, April 23, 2015

T is for traffic

"Your link is making my blog traffic boom!" My sis-in-law sent me a message.

Ooooo blog traffic! I hadn't thought of blog traffic in ages. I used to look at it some ten years ago when blogging was really 'in' and I used to blog every single day and each post had some 50-100 comments. Her comment made me curious about my own blog's current traffic, so I went in to peek.

Here are five amazing observations I made:

Observation 1: The veshti issue
Okay, out with it. Which of you bewdas landed on my blog searching for 'veshti'? Huh huh huh? To my utter surprise, it is one of the most common search terms people have used to land here. Second only to 'sayesha' and 'sayesha on the rocks'! Don't believe me? Please refer to the screenshot below, which shows the most popular keywords that have made people land at the bar from May 2010 to April 2015.

Observation 2: Phoren readers
I'm very aware that most of my blog readers are desis, especially of the kind that live abroad. I was not surprised to see US, India, Singapore and UK in the top five pageviews by country. In fact, I'm pretty sure most of the readers are my university friends because many of them do reside in these countries. What really took me by surprise was the large numbers originating from Germany! I can't think of who in Germany could be reading my blog and why.

Observation 3: The emoticonal bond
So it looks like the most popular posts are not those where I've poured my heart out, or talked about Xena or Viv. The most popular ones are the emoticonal quotient quizzes I'd done, which concerned bewdas informed me were plagiarised so many times over that one day I just woke up and stopped caring.

Observation 4: The search is not over
Long time ago, I used to regularly share the keywords that people used to land at the bar. There were some really funny ones, such as the guy who tried to find 'Sayesha bartender Bhai' on LinkedIn.

So I took a look at the current list, and it's still quite funny what people search for before they land here. Sample these (the first one really cracked me up!):
  • govinda ke pitaji kaun hai
  • mahesh bhat ka bhanja image pic.
  • Veshti
  • bhaigiri stetus
  • last year of colz senti dialogue
  • friends in lko who bored from his lif
  • gana guess karo
  • pillsbury atta vs ashirwad atta
  • www.goda akbar lau store xxx video
  • rahul dravid autograph wallpaper
  • Gana wala song
  • Bhaigiri status
  • Guess Hindi songs from emoticons
  • where can i get pani puri in singapore
  • dadi ke marne ki jhuthi khabar aap urmi ko itna bada
  • chal chalo chalo cute baby freeze open expression images
  • mom and dad poems in hindi
  • its entertainment dialogue ringtone
  • Senti boys
  • skydiving scene in zindagi na milegi
  • Goa bhi eh
  • bhai giri stastus in hindi
  • kya mast jai life serial fainting scene
  • why should i care what other people think
  • hbd sayesha
  • men give flowers rose white bucket
  • tujhye kya lagata is takiya par bethta h
  • whts aap shayri of gulam ali sahb
  • rohini in zindagi na milegi dobara
  • jab we met dialog in wriiten
  • apun ka status
Observation 5: Who is a millionaire? (Hint: Me)
And at some point, something special happened. Quite sneakily. In the last 5 years, the bar reached a million pageviews. And I had no clue. I noticed it only now. Thank you, bewdas! A big thanks to you for reading my Ramayan-Mahabharat posts in the TLDR age of 140 characters (for the record, I'm not on Twitter; I'm not capable of stopping at 140 characters), and a bigger thanks to those who actually make the effort to comment.

And a very very special shoutout to my veshti-wearing German bewdas. Danke!


Keirthana said...

I don't know about the Veshti but I think I can solve the mystery of Germany. A lot of people read blogs at work as a stress breaker (including me). And company servers, proxies route through a lot of places geographically. So even though I am in India, based on the server through which my web request is routed, I have seen that I am recorded as someone from US a lot of times. Maybe this is the case with Germany too.

Btw it was interesting to read your blog traffic stats :)

Vidya Hemraj said...

I for one can sincerely vouch for being a regular reader from Germany (but only since last December!). But I doubt I single handedly took the no. of views to this number ;-). By the way was hoping you would blog about 's-schedule' because I am so terribly impressed with your level of being organized :-). But the 'sacrifice' entry was so hilarious (Sorry!) that I forgot all about bugging you to do a blog post on your manicured schedule and high efficiency-productivity levels ;-)

Arun said...

Wishing you 23985789437 + 239842365 + 298472398423894 + infinity and back page hits!

R said...

I am sure i account for about a million views from UK ;)

Horizon said...

:) makes my day to ready your posts!

Ijji said...

no matter what the statistics say, Xena posts are my favorite :)

Deepa said...

I read your blog from Germany for years. But always a lurker. First comment now,. You write very well and I am a big fan! Deepa

Sayesha said...

Aha! That could explain it!

Hahaha thank you thank you! Yes, I will do a post on my schedule some day, too many requests on that already! :)

Thank you! Hope it's bigger than THE WALL! :P


Thank you. :)

Thank you. Mine too. :P

Thank you! :D
PS: Did you land here looking for 'veshti'?? :P