Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for quotes

The A-Z blog challenge has been a lot fun so far. I managed to pester quite a few friends into doing it this year. One of them even started a WhatsApp group with some of us. We are about two-thirds into the challenge, and I was just looking back at all our buzzing discussions about it. The urgency, the panic attacks, the post-posting discussions, the 'Halp! What should I write with this letter??' the 'I didn't know this about you!' the 'Yikes, it's 11:45 pm and I haven't posted', the number of times I went 'omg', etc. etc. I keep scrolling and reading and laughing and getting senti, and I thought I'd share some direct quotes about the blogathon that my friends and I have exchanged. Just so you guys get a peek at the madness that goes on behind the scenes of what might seem like smooth sailing.


Friend A - So I'm in for the blogathon! Just convinced Friend B to do it too.
Me - Hey, I thought I convinced her!
Friend A - Ok maybe it's you.
Me - Lol hahahaha. I wrote her a loooong email asking her to blog okayyyyy!
Friend A - Ok you win. Because I only WhatsApped her.
Friend A - Wait, you never wrote me a loooong email??? I'm mad now!


Friend C - Still wondering if I should do the A to Z blogathon...


Friend B - So glad you guys bugged me to do this.
Friend A - I can't decide which is more fun - writing the posts or reading others' posts!
Friend B - I want to slow down to re-read each post after April is done.
Me - We should do this twice a year!
Friend B - Hi MONICA!


Me - I'm having E jitters. I got nothing so far.
Friend A - Wait what? You're the organised one. I thought you'd have drafts lined up for the next 10 posts. I imagine you just waking up and hitting publish each morning.
Friend B - Or at least have ideas all listed out on an excel sheet.
Me - Nooooo omg! I'm dying.
Friend B - Yay, you're like us. :p


Me - Hey do you remember what I told you I shortlisted for my E post? Can't remember at all omg!
Friend C - Email.
Me - Ohhhhh right! But what about it ah?
Friend C - Lol. That you didn't say.
Me - Omg I'm dead.


Friend C - I still have to think of my H post.
Me - H is strangely difficult, isn't it?
Friend C - You should just say - H for husband. And link to his tag. 'Here you go, all the ridiculous amount of space he's occupied on this blog.'


Friend C - Do you have your I post planned out?
Me - *crying emoticon* Need to google first.
Friend C - Google what?!
Me - Google for words that start with I.


Friend B - My food posts will need at least 3 more posts to finish!
Friend A - That is cheating! You should write one Mahabharat food post and move on. Like Sayesha's Ramayan posts.
Friend B - People will TLDR and move on.
Me - What is TLDR?
Friend B - Too Long, Didn't Read.
Me - My first post was so long I didn't even bother to proofread it myself.


Friend B (on a sunday morning) - You girls still haven't posted? Haha. I can chill until then. :p
Me - Abbe sunday is off day. Don't scare me.
Friend B - Hahaha is it? Phew! Yay!!


Friend A (after we all got senti about missing one another) - We miss you too! But I'm glad we're doing this, on so many levels.
Friend B - This almost feels like we're sitting around a table and chatting.


Friend A and me (to friend D who did not take the challenge but wrote a guest post) - Why you do guest post for Friend B? Why you no do guest post for us??
Friend D - *gulp*


Friend C - Dude, I'm behind on everyone. Barely keeping up with myself. We're not even half-way through! *crying emoticon*
Me - I knowwww!
Friend C - Why are there SO MANY LETTERSSSSS??


Friend B (at 10:50 am) - O?
Friend A - Sayesha is all done. Sayesha, you make the rest of us look bad!
Me - Nooooo, I only do it in the morning because I have to get Xena ready and out, and gym and shower and blog and then start work by 10 maxxxx!
Friend A - Ok ok. Back to Friend B's question. O for?
Me - Orange? Ostracized? Ostrich? Ogre? Oh no? Offer? Oscars? Ooh la la? OJ? Om?
Friend A - Om Shanti Om.


Friend C (who is single) - If we do the challenge again next year, I'm banning Xena posts! She provides you with too much inspiration!
Me - Lollll. Well, I made her. Ahahahaha. You go make one too. Deepika Padukone says you can.



Anonymous said...

Haha, I'm shocked you didn't know the famous TL;DR (or 'teal deer', as we call it in some circles). They're basically what 90% of my posts are! :P

Keirthana said...

This was so much fun, to read what's breaking loose behind the screens :)

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Glad you are enjoying the Challenge so far!

Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
2015 A to Z of Vampires

Nilanjana Bose said...

Hi, Here from the A-Z, and that was a fun Q-post. And no I didn't TLDR :)

Best wishes for the rest of the challenge.

ZQ said...

Q is for the Quotidian effort to write blog articles.

Thanks for sharing! It is good to know that blog posts do not spring out fully formed from the forehead of Sayesha, but undergo the creative journey. :)

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! :D

Thanks. :)

I enjoyed it a lot, thank you! :)

Thank you! :)

If by 'creative' you mean 'chaotic'! :P