Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for mondegreen

Have you heard the song 'Lovely' from the movie 'Happy New Year'?

Much to my own disapproval, I listen to it a lot. It is indeed one of those songs where the lyrics make you want to punch something or someone. However, independent of your brain, your head keeps bobbing to the beat and you just keep listening to it. On loop. Kind of like 'Baby doll main sone di' and 'Chittiya kalaiyan ve' and 'Kaindi ponn ponn ponn'.

Recently, I saw this video by an RJ called Hoezaay, where he sheds some light on the opening lyrics of the 'Lovely' song. And I kid you not, it DOES sound like 'Have you shaved my toe, Ranbir?' The fact that it's a Deepika song just makes the whole thing even more hilarious. Every time I hear it, I burst into laughter. Ten years ago, I'd blogged about my list of misheard lyrics (or mondegreens, as someone enlightened me), but this beats everything. I don't hear it any other way anymore. To me, 'Lovely' will always be that song about Ranbir shaving Deepika's toe.

Turn on the speaker and check it out.


Pritam said...

This one is hilarious too!

mad hatter said...

THAT was the post that got me hooked to your blog :) Do i misremember from having read this elsewhere, or did you also have the translation "Onion of sesame" somewhere on your blog for "Kaand(h)e ka til"? (could even have been a commenter, can't remember now)

mad hatter said...

or, actually, Sesame of onion

humblog said...

My wife used this to think in "ude jab jab zulfain" that she says "us gaaoon ke suvvar pe bhi sadqe"

humblog said...

btw you Singaporeans are so smart...

Arun said...

Must rank among the funniest Mondegreens out there, LOL!

Sayesha said...

Thanks for sharing. Hilarious! :D

mad hatter,
LOL, must have been a commentator. I'd heard it as 'kaandhe qaatil' (killer shoulders). :P

PS: Cheryl really travelled around the world, didn't she?