Thursday, April 09, 2015

H is for headgear

Xena is rapidly turning into a headstrong little lady. She has very specific preferences in outfits and hair accessories and how her hair should be done for school, for the playground and for birthday parties. I miss the days when I could just make her wear anything and tie her hair any way I wanted and even carry out evil experiments with weird headgear. Muahahaha.

So I decided to do a photo post of all the random headgear that I made her sport when she was a baby.

By the way, there are some photos of her inside her incubator wearing REALLY oversized (read: regular baby sized) woollen hats, but I didn't include them because they're not for the faint-hearted. You don't want to see a baby in a glass box with needles and tubes all over.

This photo was taken after she was moved out of the NICU into the Special Care Nursery (which meant an open cot, yay!). I'd gone to visit her and immediately demanded to know why my baby was looking like Priyanka Chopra from Love Story 2050. The nurses said that it was one of those roll-up woollen hats that they made the babies wear to keep them warm. 

So I rolled it up and this is what I got. Hmm... Still can't decide which look is weirder. 

This was her very first hat that we bought. She wore it when she finally came home after two months in the hospital.

I tried many experiments with bibs. Here I was trying to make her look like an astronaut.

Same look, different bib. 

Objection, milord!

The farmer look

The bunny look

Okay, this was entirely my mom's doing!

As you can see, Xena thoroughly disapproved.

Then came the age of the fabric hairbands!

Hardly any hair, but a big hairband!

Seriously, Mama? Can you wait till my hair grows?

Gosh, there was even a hairband with nylon pigtails at one point!

The hair does look quite real, doesn't it?

But I think she was quite fed up of it. 

The towel headdress, before her first time at the pool...

...and after her bath.

Mama's favourite scarf!

Then came Christmas. Santa hat toh Banta hai. :P

Sheikh Hasina

This is a souvenir hat from Jurong Bird Park. 

And this is Viv's cricket cap.

Another cricket cap

Since she refused to eat anything, I decided to put her bowl to a better use. 

This is all Viv's doing. It's actually pants she's wearing on her head!

And this was right after her 1st birthday. I'd worn a pink salwar kameez and I put the dupatta over her for fun. She didn't seem to mind it though. 

So there we go, a compilation of evil mommmy's evil headgear on Xena aged 0-1. Of course, it's not that I stopped being evil after she turned 1, but I'm afraid this post can only be so long.


Keirthana said...

My my, I guess Xena would have wanted to be able to talk sooner to tell you to stop experimenting with her and start with your hair maybe :P All the clicks were super cute, I love the one with your fav scarf on her the most :)

Anonymous said...

Super cute she looks! I love the pic which you said was your mom's doing. :)
I also liked the nylon hair one. It does look real!!

Arun said...

H is for Hat-tipped for a great photo essay. :)

Liz said...

Aww, she is so gorgeous! I wonder whether she will grow up and adore hats, or grow up with a mysterious loathing for them, which she can't quite understand? Lol! ~Liz (My blog is at Blogger may take you to my defunct bblogger blog, although there are links there!)

Anonymous said...

Super cute baby. :) Just this morning, I was thinking about the time when I could dress up my little gal, just the way I wanted to too. Now, her pony tail has to be tied at exactly where she points to. :)

Xena is so very adorable in her hats. :)

Sayesha said...

Hahaha, that was the age when I could get away with stuff like this. Now? No chance!

Thanks! :D

Thank you! :)

She's 4 now and doesn't seem to be a big fan of hats! :(

//Now, her pony tail has to be tied at exactly where she points to. :)

I can totally identify with that!