Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coffee ad-dict

And here comes one more!

I want the most out of my life. I expect even more from my coffee?

What the..?!


Raam Pyari said...


bad english :|

very uncool

Sid said...

Hehe, really funny ad. You there, bottle of coffee sitting on my kitchen counter, I want more from you, you hear me, MORE!
Almost sounds like a relationship. Who comes up with such stuff?

Meira said...

lol @ Sid.
But seriously! The coffee is good, btw.

nits said...

unclaimed gold... ha ha ha... first time gold medalist,...

Chaos said...

Yeh Silver humko dedo bhai....yeh silver humko dedo!!!! ha ha ha ha :P......(gabbar ishtyle)

isse kehte hain no context ads.....theres a plethora of these on tv here in india too.....alongside some really good ones. lol.

Sanchit said...

achchi to hai... :S

Aparna said...

Most probably the copy writer was sleeping when he was told the client's vision.

Push said...

IMO they wanted the viewers to decipher the code!!!!

~Lopa said...

I didnt get it :/

R said...

I'm amused - now that I am on a break from advertising ;) I am going to figure which agency did the hideous one though.

Nescafe Gold is gold, by the way.

Stupidosaur said...

Its ad for the manufacturer, not customers.

The lady wants 20% extra free.

Khud ka ad bhi nahin samajhte yeh log :P.

Thousif Raza said...

whats with you and the ad's haan. hmm another nice find though

take care and keep writing...........

crazy said...

Achi tho hai ... :-??
I Like.

Sayesha said...

#Raam Pyari,
Yeah, that too. :|

Aaaaarggghhhh, these ads drive me nuts!

Hehehe... I am clueless about coffee. :P


Itne saare bewde aur sirf ek gold? Bahut nainsafi hai... :D

Huh? You expect more from your coffee than you do from your life????

I doubt the client even had any vision... they probably just wanted to put Eunice Olsen (actress and Nominated Member of Parliament) on the ad. Didn't bother about how dumb this makes her look. :|

And the code is...? :P

Trust me, we're all wondering what the heck this means. How can you expect more from your coffee than from your life? :|

Since you took a break, the ads have gone crappy! Get back in the business I say! :)


Hehehe... bad ads annoy me. :P

//Achi tho hai ... :-??

You mean the girl no? :D

Stupidosaur said...

Bhai kya ho gaya hai aap ko?
Tisiya gaye kya? (30 =60/2)

Simple sa comment tha, mocking the ad. I was on your team this time.

Usually the ads are for customers. They give customers a message from the manufacturer.

Here its ulta. This Ad tells to the manufacturer that 'customer wants even more from the coffe'. So they better start packing "20 % extra coffe free!" wala offer.

Ab, jab itna meaningful ad bana hi dala yeh log ne, toh banate waqt implement bhi kyon nahin kar dala! De dena chahiye tha na 20 % free wala offer. Sales would rise! Thats
the whole purpose of ads anyways!

P.S.: Congrats for not understanding my upside down ulta pulta wala comment. You are hereby certified fit to stay out of the loony bin for a while at least!

Nagesh.MVS said...

Coffee is nice taste.

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