Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back-handed methods

I saw this ad on a bus yesterday and thought it was kinda sick. I just found out that it won TODAY newspaper's 'Best ad of July' award.



Aathira said...

whoa! :O

Aathira said...

forgot to yell "Gold!!! :D" as is normal... ;)

Unknown said...

SILVER!!! Bade dinon ke baad! :D :D

The ad is sick btw.

S m i t h a said...

oye, whats so sick abt the ad? its sophisticated, subtle, suggestive and far less vulgar than "subjects broaching women rears are taboo" nonsense.

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

probably this recession has taken a hit on everyones brains!!!
such sick aD!!!

R said...

Oh my god. Crap. They tried to be smart with the suggestive. Oh no. They released it.

...but advertising is over for me! yay!

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

muhahaha! Here I am. 7th! :D bhel puri thaanga pls! ;)

Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

hahahaha seriously rotfl.. I can see Today's standard with this choice!! :D

Prasoon said...

If this is the best, am wondering how good others are..
Sick this is yes.

Revs said...

This is in terribly bad taste which isn't new considering some of the ads nowadays but winning a prize??
Yuck!! :-|
I used to love the Malaysia - Truly Asia ad!! :)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

I agree with Smitha - I don't find this vulgar or sick. Yeah so they're using the oldest method to sell stuff - sex. Considering what is already out there in other ads - I'd be at peace.

Now best ad - thats doubtful.

Sanchit said...

this is so aweosme...

Anonymous said...

aiyo! Its so sick!

Unknown said...

haha! what to say?!!

humblog said...

Its risque.

My favorite though goes something like this -

"Come Viagra - see the size of tallest erection by a man for his lady love."

Precious !

humblog said...

Now that I think about it this ad designer could be Benny Lava - "You need a bun to bite, Benny Lava."

Anusha said...

Thanks to Pizzadude, I'm now picturing them all butt-naked. No pun intended. :P

here i 'm said...

well...i don't find it sick...but yes it's definetly little 'panny' ad :P

Stupidosaur said...

Standards stooped so low? NIMBY!

scorpiogenius said...

Well, eyes of the beholder it is. I find the Ad really catchy, didn't mean exactly the butts. But ' sick ' is not the term you'd like to attribute to it.

In all fairness I find the ad colourful, attractive and you can look at it with a smile on your face.. You'd remember it was a Malaysian airliner ad as well. I wouldn't be embarassed if my teenage son is looking at it along with me though. In all honesty.

I can show you some really ' sick' ads from aamchi India. Interested? ;)

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... see what all they're doing since you left the country! :D

Yeah man. Welcome back! :)

#S m i t h a,
//"subjects broaching women rears are taboo" nonsense

Haha! I think I would have found it sick even if the 'backyards' in question belonged to men. :)

#santa fanta,
Yeah man... quoting from JBDY.. yeh sab kya ho raha hai beta Duryodhan?

Yeah, I think they meant it to be clever, but it got sick.


//If this is the best, am wondering how good others are..

You said it, my friend.

Oh yeah, the Malaysia - Truly Asia series was awesome... liked the tune too. :)

To each his/her own. :) Not grading it against other sick ads, but just looking at it by itself makes me sick. :)

Awesome? :| Sheesh! :)


Haha... nothing I guess. :)

//Now that I think about it this ad designer could be Benny Lava - "You need a bun to bite, Benny Lava."

Hahahaha! Sheesh! Poor Benny Lava is dragged everywhere! :D

HAHAHAHAHA! I can still remember his expression! Hahahahaha! :D

#here i'm,


To me, what makes a print ad good or bad is what the marriage of the text and picture finally produces. In this case, I felt it was a very bad match. :)

Man, I used to love the ads in India when I was growing up... but I heard some have gone crappy too. :(

Sandip Chaudhuri said...

Its ok, nothing great.
now if he ad was for Thailand, I would be um mystifying.

Stupidosaur said...

Beast Ad of July Award!

and the winner is...

Thousif Raza said...

that is kinda dumb, really nice find though

take care and keep writing.......

Paradox Philic said...

All i have to say is --- What were you thinking? Seriously!

rt said...

Bakwaas AD!!
Best Ad??????????????????????????? by which standard>

R said...

Happens a lot, man. Oh, the stuff I have seen in the last two years. Clients ask for the silliest things.. eugh.