Saturday, April 25, 2009

Word for word

There hasn't been a baby Aish post in the longest time. That is because that kid has grown into an evasive, nakhrewali woman of almost three who has learnt to haughtily toss her head and say an emphatic "NO!" when my sister passes her the phone and says, "Do you want to talk to Mausi?"

So last night, when my sister called, Aish was in the mood to talk. My sister had got her something called 'safety scissors' and apparently Aish was going all over the place merrily cutting up stuff.

My sister put me on speaker so Aish could hear me and I put her on speaker so Viv could hear her.

"Hi, Aishu baby!" I said.

"Hi Mausi!" She said.

"What are you doing, Aishu?"

"I'm cooking."

Obviously, she has yet to learn the difference between 'cutting' and 'cooking'.

"Hahahaha! You're cooking? What are you cooking, baby?"

"I'm cooking paper."

"You're cooking paper? You'll eat paper? Are you a cow?"


"You're not a cow? Then what are you?"

"Hmmm... chicken."

And then she ran away to "cook" more paper, leaving the three of us laughing helplessly.

Hmmm... Do you think she meant to say "chick" instead?


anand said...
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Sanket said...


Sanchit said...

i claim the unclaim gold bhai...
and yes, kids can be NOT kids at times.. hehehe

Prasoon said...

A conversation in English? How old is she?
I'm wondering how it'd all sound in a native language. Kids sound cuter when they're just learning stuff right? :)

Urv said...


Of course she meant chick. Aap uski mausi ho theri :P

@Sacnh: Damn you! I could have made a hat-trick of Golds :)

Swathy said...

arey wah bhai.. baby aish is of 3 years now..
n i agree..
i think she meant to say "chick" ..
if cutting s cooking then chicken s surely chick.. :P

Adorable Pancreas said...

Chick, I think. :)

Sanchit said...

@ urv


deluded said...


loved the post and the blog!

Thousif Raza M.B said...

thx for making my day(yet again ;))

maybe she meant to say chick, jingalaka mausi ;)......

take care and keep writing..........

ABHISHEK SiM said...

rofl - sweet niece... how old is she?

p.s.1: is there a funda behind the gold, silver and bronze in your comment section.

trash-u said...

hahaha.. she is sweet :)i cannt even imagine how much "cooking" she wud be doing all day !!

ramya said...

children are so cute! my nephew is only 8 months old, but he is a lovely boy! love to talk to him...though it is only one to hear him brrr-ing.. :D

Sayesha said...

Gaayab? Chole gechche? :D


Hehehehe... :P

She's turning 3 next month. Yeah, she speaks a bit of both. :)

Hehehe... thank you. :P

:D :D :D

#Adorable Pancreas,
Yeah! :)


Thank you. :)

Thanks for coming back. :)

She's going to be 3 next month. :)
PS: Yeah, the first commentator gets a (virtual) gold medal. I didn't come up with the system, the bewdas themselves did! :P

Hehehe... I bet all the curtains are 'cooked up'! :P

Hehehehe... when Aishu was 7 months old, I used to watch out for that baby gurgling sound... she made that sound whenever she was happy. Super adorable! :)

meenakshi said...

Chooooooooooooooo Chweeeeeeeeettttttttt of

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