Friday, April 10, 2009

Bumming around

Is it just me or did anyone else hear the words "Zara bum tu jhatak" in the Masakali song?


Anonymous said...

yeah! even I heard the same! made a step with my sister while choreographing this song as 'bum ko jhatak' but it seems to be 'zara par ko jhatak!"
I thought i was the only fool! err.. my sister was also there!

Anonymous said...


Urv said...

Chaandi meri :D

Waise toh I hear a lot of stuff like the one mentioned on the previous post par iss song mein maine kuch bhi ashleel nahi suna :P

~anu~ said...

aur kaansya padak mera! :)

maine bhi kuchh ashleel nahi suna!

(btw you see what you want to see :) ... you hear what you want to hear? ;) )

Anonymous said...

oye hoye, not new for you right...i rememeber your "do andhe match ke passes" wala post, lol!!!

ek saaf-suthre gaane, wo bhi mere favourite ke lyrics ka kabada nikal diya...
its "jara pankh jhatak, gayi dhool atak ..."

CodeSmith said...

It is "Zara Pankh Jhatak" (Masakali was the name of that Dove, referring Sonam symbolically).
Aap to Viv se bhi aage nikal gayi.
BTW, this should get entry in the "Misheard Lyrics turned Hilarious" list.

How do we know said...

oh we all heard it.. and more!

Prats said...

What that little pigeons had Bums. Come on Bhai, you not serious are you?

Abhishek Khanna said...

utna dhyan se nahi suna :O

A G said...
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A G said...

Lol,Viv influence showing big time !

I was listening to the lyrics too,but the lyrics,not modified ones!

also tagged you last month,but forgot to tell :D


appu said...

hee heee though i didnt hear it this way, i guess i prefer this one for the lil masakali

Amey said...

Dirty mind... it is "zara pankh jhatak". I mean, if the song refers to a pigeon, you can hardly see if it jhataks its bum, right?

Anonymous said...

A perfect entry for manbol. :)

Shanks_P said...

Zara Pankh Jhatak ? rite ?

Not at all gud at hindi but it sounds like that :)

rohit said...

did u not notice Amir Khan's bum bum bhole in Tare Zamin par, where he actually turns back and shows his bum.

Thousif Raza M.B said...

well i dint hear it like that, but as in a comment above u guys 'have to' recive and award(i.e u and ramya and her sis) :D

take care and keep writing

GG said...

UFFF You remind me of a college friend who unabashedly sings songs with silly lyrics!!

Zara pankh jhatak, gayee dhool atak aur lachak matak ke door bhatak....


Siya said...

I did too!! Hmph.

AMIT said...

Actually i do not understand some links only in this song.

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Sayesha said...

YEAY! I'm not the only one! *high-five (and gold) to Ramya*

Abbe! Ashleel? What's ashleel in this? This is as "shleel" as it can get, okay? Hmmph! :/

Kaansya padak? OMG I'm hearing the term after a decade I think! Last I heard it was when I was in school in India! :D

//maine bhi kuchh ashleel nahi suna! (btw you see what you want to see :) ... you hear what you want to hear? ;) )

Wohi toh! Urv Bhai ka toh dimaag hi ganda hai. Sab kuchh ashleel lagta hai! :D

#wishes galore,
LOL! And sorry for killing your favourite song. I get you can never listen to it the same way again, yeah? Muahahaha! :D

You bet! :D

#How do we know,
:D :D :D

Hahahaha! Go listen to it!

Suno jaakar! :D

#A G,
I know! Sab Viv ka kasoor hai! Apun ki koi galti nahin, apun toh bhola-bhala Bhai hai. :P
PS: I'll do the tag as the next post... on the lookout for a suitable artist right now. :)


Dirty mind? Isme dirty kya hai? Hmmmph! :/ Bum tu jhatak is a very common step in Bollywood dances okay? Family audience ke liye bhi appropriate! :P

Yeah I just went and read a couple of entries there... hilarious! :D

Yep! :)

YES! I'm glad someone else also noticed!!!!!!!! :O

Hahahaha! We're very creative people, you see. :D

Hahahahahaha! :D

ONE MORE! Yeay! Ramya, let's start a club!!! :D

Just google for the translation na! :)