Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Line maaroing then and now

So Viv calls me on my work phone and says, "Listen to this..."

The last he did this was in 2001, when I was doing my internship. And what had followed his "Listen to this..." was the song "I just called to say I love you..." (Don't laugh, we were young and foolish back then.)

So I was all geared up to listen to what he had to say this time (8 years later!) when I heard Rekha Bharadwaj whine, "Genda phool!"

What the..?!

"So?" He asked excitedly.

"What the...?!" was my response.

"Have you heard this song before?" He asked gleefully.

"Of course I have heard this song before, Viv. I have heard all songs before." I looked at my nails and coyly answered.

"Well, I just heard it for the first time!"


"It's funny."

"Funny? It's the worst song on the planet. I hate it. It's a stupid stupid song."

(I really do hate the song. Not as much as 'Dil dance maare' but still, a lot.)

"Yeah, I know." I could hear him grin.

"So you just wanted to play this stupid song for me on the phone?"


"Hahahaha! And that's all you wanted to say?"


"So I'll get back to work now?"





Prasanth said...


Sanchit said...


Sanchit said...

@ Viv

May the madness continue...

small_town girl said...

how can you hate that song? i love it! :-(

dharmu said...


landed here after a terrible long time. feels great to be back!!!

now, i have tons of your posts to read and catch up.

Jass said...

Haha! :)


vineet said...

genda fool is right at top in my list of great songs this year right after few songs from Gulal.

Listen to the lyrics again. A "genda" is a flower where all petals are flower in itself. So the lyricist is actually saying that every relation that the girl gets in post marriage is like a petal of genda which is a flower in itself.

VIDYA said...

Yay!I finally found someone who doesn't like the song...what a relief,sayesha...i was beginning to doubt my taste in music (shudder)

Nice post :0

iyer-the-gr8 said...

Maybe you start liking the song now - maybe even make it to the all time favorites list ... :)... just becasue ... :)

Tanuj Lakhina said...

That's a nice and romantic thing.Well kinda in a weird way.lol.

V said...

What does genda mean anyhow?

Stupidosaur said...

Try listening to it again and again, with different frames of mind each time. In one of them, you will be bowled over by the song!

Thats the genius of Rehman!

I hate all his songs the first time around (except maybe Roja songs)

I hated all of RDB, I hated Jai Ho.

But then suddenly, when least expected, the song hits you and you are hooked!

Also the quality of speakers matter a lot. Unless the rich sounds he really intended reaches you as intended, his songs often sound like noise.

I tried saying this honest theory when talking to ppl, but it seems to go above the head :P

Hope at least you got it here!
'Got it' does not mean 'agree to it', though the latter would be even better!

I am sure you are gonna soon be addicted to that song!

Jai Ho, which I initially hated, now produces totally heady emotions in me. Goosebumps, a tear in the corner, buzzing in the head n all!

Who knows what Genda may turn into for you!

Koi Pahailee said...

Hey I love that song

it has such a sensitive side to everything...in so simple words....

I have learned to love and embrace all new / strange / wierd susraalri relations...

and i can so relate to this song :)

TMaYaD said...

I didn't get it. :(

Sayesha said...


And it does... hehe! :)

#small town girl,
I find it whiny and annoying. :P

Harley dada aap??? Padhaaro padhaaro! :D :D

Bas? :P

Hehehe... it's the lyrics I hate the most about the song, followed by the way she sings it. The music is rocking. :)

Long-distance high-five! :D :D :D

Bleeaaaaaaaarrrggggghhhhhh! :P

Hahahahaha! :D

Marigold. Also rhinoceros. Hahahaha! :D

I still don't like Jai Ho either. Oscar or no Oscar. :)

#Koi Pahailee,
Hehehe... :)

The song or the post? Looking at the extreme reactions, I think the song has more meaning than the post. My post is just one of those 'aise hi' types. :)

TMaYaD said...

The post.
and I haven't heard the song and wouldn't understand even if I did. :D
May be that's why i'm missing something.

Aniruddha said...

Me too...didn't like the song...
btw nice way to frustao a gal...dnt mind but where does he get these ideas... :D

Iya said...

i love this song.. i don’t usually comment on ur blog, but today i had too.. listen to it again.. actually don’t, it doesn’t matter.. to each it own.. but i surely love it!!!

Dhriti said...

Even I find this song funny. :)

Urv said...

Yeah I hate that song. Its annoying. I too do not like Jai Ho. Does not sound like Rahman at all to me.

chirpy-paaro said...

Oh my god.... I love this song...I am crazy aboput it...
Its one of the traditional folk song of UP which has been a little filtered for the movie!!!

Its an absolute beautiful song!!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

@Viv:-I bow down to u...ur amazing:D

@Bhai:-Genda phool is a fun song:D...i totally love it:)..
and going by the comments...I totally hate Jai ho...wonder what were they thinking while giving away oscars this year:D

Prats said...

The song is awesome!!! What happened to your fantabulous taste in Music>>

cooldude said...

Nice gesture... You know after reading this post, I called my finace.. (although she stays on other side of planet and was in deep sleep ).

She just smiled at my phone call as I dont call at such times and went to sleep again.

Cheers to Viv,

Anonymous said...

He wanted to share something he liked, no? Awww :)

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... :P

All in that dimaag of his! :P


Good funny or bad funny? :)

Yeah I don't like Jai Ho either! :/

Hehehehehe! :P

#Santa fanta,

I refuse to like a song just because Rahman composed it! :D

Oh no, did you play 'Genda phool' for her?? :O

Thing is, he doesn't like it. He just found it funny and weird and he knew I'd hate it! :P

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha........
such a naughty VIv u have...............
I like it........

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Anonymous said...

i love the beats of the congs.. though u HATE dil dance maare and kushi se khud khushi kar le!

phatichar said...

dance pe chance??

oh well..nice post. :-)

cooldude said...

No I did not played "Genda fool" :).

Even a call was enough to make her day, will play "I just called to say I love you...." next time ;)

Divs said...

awww.. one sweet couple u r! :)

Raam Pyari said...

*** ka wat matlab?

verry cute, btw :)

rt said...

cant believe u dint like it...
anyways...there is a correction in what chirpy paaro has said..
its a folk song sung at marriages in chhatisgarh and u can also hear mention of raipur in it which is the capital city of the state...
its a cute song...though the movie dint have the setting for the song...anyways thats cute way of how viv called u up to make u listen to that...

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neeraj said...

Well if th two songs you mentioned in the post are on the "top" of you list, i wonder if you never heard,

1) "Leke tujhe jaoon dulhan, aanan faanan, aanan fanan"

2) "Hai huku hai huku hai hai
yeh ladki mere saamne, {congos being struck mercilessly}, mera dil
liye jaaye jaaye jaaye"

3) "gutar gutar"

; lol!

Anonymous said...


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