Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Word War I

So Viv and I finally bought Scrabble. The last I'd played Scrabble was when I was a kid and Dad told my sister and me that Ludo was so out and Scrabble was so in. I'd been craving to play it for a while now, and adding Scrabulous on Facebook just didn't do it.

So last night, Viv and I sat down to play our first game. We were a bit shaky on the exact rules, but started playing anyway. It started off slow at first, and then I began to get in form. The difference between our scores started with a simple 8, and about half an hour later, I was at 282 while he was at 171.

"Muahahahaha!" I went, as I pitied the guy making words like 'DO', 'NO' and 'SO', scoring 4 points or so, while I made words that got me like 33 points at one go.

"HA HA HA HA!" Suddenly he screamed out.

"Poor guy has gone insane with grief." I said to myself.

"What happened? Did you get like all O's?" I grinned.

"HA HA HA HA!" He said again. "Time for my masterstroke!"

The next thing I know, the guy has made the word 'EXEMPT', which fortunately for him, due to the triple letter and triple word bonus points, earned him a whopping 75 points.

"I was saving up for this word. That's why I was making those two-letter words." He grinned.


Well, I was still leading and geared up to kick his ass.

"HA HA HA HA!" He started again.

"Sheesh! Now what??"

He took an 'S' and put it at the end of his 'EXEMPT'.

"HA HA HA HA! My second masterstroke!"

"Hey! Are you sure you can pluralise??" I asked.


I took out the rules sheet and found it.

Pluralisation is allowed.



"So how many points?"

"78. HA HA HA HA!"

"Okay fine."


So I lost. By 27 points.

This morning, as I stepped out after taking a bath, I saw him poring over the rules sheet.

"Guess what?" He said.

"What?" I said impatiently. I had an 8 am teleconference and I was rushing to go to work.

"If you pluralise a word, you don't get the bonus points."

"You mean... you mean like the triple letter and triple word and stuff?"

"Yeah." He grinned sheepishly.

"You mean...?!"

"Yeah." Still grinning.


Well, I had to rush off to work, but this was not over.

Prepare for Word War II, my friend!



shub said...

hahaha! :D I was yelling "How 78?!! you DON'T score bonus when you extend an existing word" in my head while reading the post :D
I wanna play too! waaaaah!

Sanchit said...

I missed playing scrabble too.. had a gala time last weekend playing at barista over coffee... bliss..
planning to buy one too

chirpy-paaro said...

heyyy...Silver is miine..
i m in the mddle of writing my new blog which is unbelievably on Scrabble...I got it last nite and played it with hubby...
So I will also have a blog on Word War... :)
Though in my case it was me who was cheating .. :)

BP said...

Yay another Scrabble fan! Let's play Scrabulous! ;)

Shweta said...

hehe if your scrabble sessions are going to be anything like your pictionary ones, I can't wait for more!

PizzaDude said...

Aha! Then next time we should play this. How about a round of editor+dictionary amma (long story why we call her that) Vs the eggs-traordinary duo ?

Amey said...

Hey, when you say you lost a match, the result is "locked". You should have checked the rules before ;)

On a totally unrelated note, I am testing my new bulletproof jacket :D

Urv said...

I for one have never ever played a game of Scrabble in my life :( 'Business' board game was my favorite... bachpan mein Business khela tha, aaj duniya mein sab Buzyness khelte hai...

Archana said...

Ah - all the bonus of triple words and double letters can be used exactly once only - so next time around you only count points for what you can see (a.k.a points on the letters themselves).

We used to play a __lot__ of scrabble when in grad school - which was when I realized what the actual rules were and why all our childhood scores had been so suspiciously high all the time :-D!

Preethi said...

bringing out the scrabble board now...had completely forgotten about it for a while there...
now it definitely seems like a another good way to spend a rainy evening indoors ;)

Iday said...

I'm more interested in knowing the long story behind "editor + dictionary amma"...

Like shweta says, if these sessions are gonna be like the pictionary ones - we'd all root for a million word wars ;)

PS: Nobody seems to appreciate Viv's honesty!

Tejal said...

Ofcourse we appreciate Viv's honesty..everybody does.. *looks threateningly at all other bewdas* Ahem. Don't we folks?

Vaijayanta Chattoraj said...

Nice Post Sayesha, we need more updates on your scrabble score sheet and we seriously need a scoresheet for the week, the month and the year, to see who is the ultimate winner among you two.


Nidhi said...

Hey Sayesha !

I ve been reading your blog from quite some time.

Couldn't stop laughing after reading your post, the same happened to me too 2 years back. I lost a game of Scrable (just cuz I wasn't aware of the rule about not scoring BONUS when an existing word is extended) The loser was supposed to treat the winner at TAJ and I ended up treating my friend at TAJ (which bombed my pocket badly )

Anyways, waiting for your new posts , which am sure would bring more smiles :)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...


Sayesha haar gayi, Sayesha haar gayi, Sayesha haar gayi,.... *clap-clap-clap*


Clueless said...

You lost only by 27 points after he illegally took 78?! That's awesome! Way to kick ass, woman! :D :D

PS: I kick ass too. :P

chanakya said...

Damn i never played scrabble.

Sunshine said...

Lol! Scrabble was our all time favourite family game @ home...

I've been reading your blog for a while - delurking finally! Love your writing!! :)

Have linked you - hope you dun mind! :)

Ashutosh Didwania said...

Awww..I miss my scrabble days!!!

t said...

Whats ZIIUC at the top right? Leftover alphabets?

I play Scrabble with my hubby regularly, and he comes up with words no one's ever heard of. When I protest, he opens the dictionary to show that it indeed exists, and in that pretext, checks out other words starting with that letter etc! Arrrrrr!