Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Word War II

"Then I figured that saving my wicket was crucial in this match. So I played slowly and steadily... a few big hits in the slog overs... and that was it - won by 7 runs! Close one!" Viv exclaimed gleefully.

He was not narrating the outcome of the last cricket match he played. He was gloating over how he kicked my ass at Scrabble. Again.

Hmmph! As if I wasn't there.

Okay, firstly, there is no "again" because obviously he cheated the first time. We all know that. If there's any 'again', it's only after this: He cheated. Again.

So we're in the middle of the game (I'm winning. Obviously.) when he asks seriously, "Would you allow the word 'MUSLIM'?"

I furtively scan the Scrabble board, an action very helpful before answering any such 'loaded' question. There is no visible opportunity to make the word 'MUSLIM'.

So I give an objective answer, "Err... yeah, I guess so..."

"But it doesn't sound like a valid Scrabble word..." He ponders.

"Well, would you say the word 'CHRISTIAN' is a valid word?" I ask.

"Yeah, sure." He says.

"Well, there you go. Equality of religions and all that." I say wisely.


"But why are you asking?" I ask, still acting neutral.

"Because of..." he pauses to make the word 'JAIN'.

"...this." He completes his sentence.

"JAIN? Huh? Dude! That's not allowed!"

"Well, equality of religions and all that." He grins and merrily adds 24 points to his score.


His next word is 'BI'.

"What the...?!" I exclaim.

"What?" He asks innocently.

"That's not a word!"

"Of course it is."

"It's not! It's a prefix, not a word."

"It's a word!"

"Well, can you make a sentence with 'BI'?"

"Of course!"

"Not using it as a prefix, but as a word?"



"She's BI." He grins.



"That's nonsense!!!"

"It's not. Anyone would understand that."

"Well, I won't allow it."

"But Scrabulous does!"

I thunked my head on my hypothetical wall for telling him a few days ago about how riled up I was that Scrabulous allowed 'BI'.

Sheesh! :/

There was also this time he attempted to make the "word" - FLEXTHIZ for 87 points.

"What the heck is FLEXTHIZ????" I asked.

He rolled up his T-shirt sleeve, pointed to his biceps, grinned and said, "FLEXTHIZ."


Was it a mere coincidence that at the end of the game, I was left with only a 'U', which seemed to belong right under the 'F' on the board?

I may have been at a loss for words at Viv's shameless cheating, but my Scrabble letters sure knew how to speak for me.

And that's how he "won" by 7 runs... err... points.

This was just a league match, my friend. Wait till we get to the Word Cup Finals.

Then we'll see who does the slogging and who does the flogging. :/


Urv said...

If you go to the World cup finals, make sure u go to the 1983 one. 'VIV' would definitely be on the losing side then... :)

And I claim the cup. I mean Gold :D

BP said...

Silver... erm and may the best scrabbler win :P

Sanchit said...

And I like a true indian cricketer claim the first runner up title.. reach the final and loose it.. Silver...

Sanchit said...


Clueless said...

Hee. I really can't say much here, being the one who started the whole prefix madness with my 18-points-scoring "Ex". :P

And ha, it looks like Scrabble may take over Pictionary as the official blog game! :D

Amey said...

Well, if Muslim and Christian can work, Jain should. I would bow to Scrabulous for "bi". But I agree, Flexthiz is...

That said, everything is fair in and all that, you know ;)

Bivas said...

fingers crossed n waiting for the outcome of the third match... :-)
fir hum keh sakte hain ki ek baar ya do baar fluke tha but thrice on the losing side is...tch tch tch... ;-)
Smart work Viv!!! :D

nycbewda said...

Good luck bhai, I'm sure you will win the Word cup finals

NYCBewda oops Houston Bewda

Ranjini said...

*Felxthiz*...that is blatant cheating man!! how can u let this go?
Not done....usko dikha do ki bhai kaun hai :)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hahhaha... Sayesha haar gayi, Sayesha haar gayi, Sayesha haar gayi, Sayesha haar gayi!!


Tejal said...

All that matters, in the end, is
Viv won Viv won VIV WON!
yipppeeeee!!! :D :D :D
*whole bar erupts into applaud :P *
but er.. flexthiz? er..arent v gettin a wee bit too much here? :P

Stupidosaur said...

Ha Ha Ha Bhai, aap viv ko khopche mein leke kharcha pani de do!

I just searched 'FLEXTHIZ'. Not in any dictionary, not in any thesausrus, not in any library, but in the ultimate baap of em'all - GOOGLE!

And what do I get in the result?


And if I repeat the search with the omitted results included,

sayesha.blogspot.com and

Ha Ha Ha Ha I was ROFLOL. Rolling so much its a wonder how a hole did not get drilled on the floor!

Congratulate Viv for introducing the word in English language.

And Congratulations to you for being the frist one to put it on...hold your breath...THE WORLD WIDE WEB!

Too bad aap Viv ka Supari nahin de ya le sakte. The only oprtion is, agle Scrabble mein uska 'game' baja dalo!

Prats said...


Bhai, Word War -III to Nu-Clear hoga to aap bhi apne new rule banao aur clear kar do ki next war Bhai-ich jeetega....

some tuch suggestions for nu-clear rules-
1- 50 point bonus for any word made by bhai
2- 100 points bonus for any word made by bhai with vowels
3- 500 points for any words made by bhai without vowels


Sayesha said...

Hehehe! :P

Of course you'll support non-words, you're a Scrabulous fan! :P


Yeah man! You started it! :/

Sheesh! Support me, man!

Wait till I win! It's gonna be HUGE! :D

Thanks! :D

Precisely! :/


Aha! Aa gayi Prez Viv ko support karne! :/

//The only oprtion is, agle Scrabble mein uska 'game' baja dalo!

Yeahahaha! I like that! :D

Haha! You should release your own version of Scrabble! :D